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Subject: Blundering Through, Wrap-up and VP rss

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Will Pearson
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Completing Research:

Axis: Espionage (6), Adv. Subs (12), 2*L.Ships (6), Torps. (4).

+3 Naval BoP due to research.

Allies: Espionage (8), French BB (6), L.Ships (10).

+1 Naval BoP due to research.

Russia: CovOps (6), 2*Armour (9).

Final BoP Shift: Naval -3 -> -2, overall +2 -> +3.

Victory Levels:

Support levels: Axis 9 Allies 12 Russia -2
Factories: Axis -2 Allies 0 Russia -3
BoP: Axis 3 Allies 0 Russia 0
Aggressions: Axis 7 Allies 0 Russia 0
Trade Pacts: Axis 4 Allies 6 Russia 0
DoW: Axis -1 Allies 0 Russia 0
NSP: Axis 0 Allies 0 Russia 0
Russian Arm: Axis 0 Allies 0 Russia 4

Totals: Axis 20 Allies 18 Russia -1

Axis win a Marginal Victory.


So compared to the historical situation the war started a few months earlier, with Germany deciding to forgo a pact with the Soviets given how weak they were, leave Poland for later and head West.

Civil Wars: Spain's ran from Fall '35 to Winter '38, compared to Summer '36 to Spring '39 historically, so a year earlier and slightly longer, but Franco still won. Greece came to the brink rather than starting after the war, and war started in Yugoslavia just prior to the war here, rather than the country collapsing in the 40's.

Aggressions: Germany remilitarised the Rhineland in Summer '36, so slightly later. Anschluss occurred in Winter '38, half a year after the historical result. Germany annexed all of Czechoslovakia at once next turn in Spring '39 due to a massive Allied blunder, vs. Fall '38 for the Sudentenland, but matching the historical outcome overall.

Italy were just plain crap in this game, invading Ethiopia almost three years later than historically (Summer '38 vs. Fall '35), and barely even having time to start on Albania (Spring '39 IRL).


There's been a lot of changes to the GS-AWAW Conversion rules, including some very recently from the WBC convention. I'll have to give them a look over before going through that step. But FWIW a standalone game of GS would end here, albeit played a lot quicker (and better)...
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