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Subject: DoD / WiFFE combined game report #2 rss

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Simon Nicholls
United Kingdom
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Our players:

Germany Andy P (AndyP)
Japan, Italy Greg (jes nogger)

CW Laurence (laxyboy)
USA, France, Nat China Simon (nailsworthnobby)

USSR, Com China Andy W

To date: Italy is at war with Ethiopia, Japan has declared limited war on China.

Mar/Apr 1936

Many bid points are invested in the political bidding process but Germany is top of the list again (helped by the bonus for being in first place the previous turn). Adolf signs a deal with Rumania for its last oil, which means no one is going to sign any more trade deals this turn as this is an international political option and when it’s gone it’s gone. However, due to some aggressive bidding, the CW and France are high enough up the political order to have another go at setting up a treaty and this time they manage to do so. This is welcomed by quite a few of the European minor countries, and Yugoslavia is activated to get it to creep toward the Democrats.

However it does add US entry chits to the CW pool but fortunately Russia (with Andy W now arrived off the plane) gets to shoot a few generals and purges the general staff which has the opposite effect. It also frees up his hand for aggressive action in the following turns which is very common in DoD as the Soviet player usually has some time to mess about before the Fascists come knocking. It seems likely that our Soviet player is working on the basis that Germany will be cautious in this game. Japan lurches right as Tojo takes over, and the US just fail to negotiate a treaty with China (political affairs end before China get to respond).

Generally the weather is bad all over, so a small number of ships float around but no action. Greg continues to move his Italian troops towards Addis Ababa. The Ethiopians continue to hunker down and spend their time practicing for their upcoming gig –

Train to Skaville
Chicke chicke chicke
Beep Beep
Train to Skaville

May/Jun 1936

In what is already becoming rather tedious, the Germans are up first again for political action and (again playing the Minor Economic Agreement international option) sign up some Swedish ore. The CW are next and sign a pact with Belgium which prevents the unfortunate situation where the Germans can declare war on and conquer Belgium and be all along the French northern border without the Democrats being able to declare war (happened once, never again). Then the French and Japanese pick up some bid points. With a lack of played options making the chances look favourable, the US offer a pact to China, passes the end of turn roll and a level one treaty is signed. In response, Italy gears up early (at huge cost) – mostly investing it in white stallions and braid.

The Fascists are up and Italy chooses to play a combined action with their merry oil dependent units. ½ an oil goes immediately (with the balance going at the end of the turn if Greg doesn’t use it). The ground strikes go in against the Ethiopians in Addis and the HQ is flipped. The attack is launched at +6 and 11 is rolled. One unit lost on each side and the Ethiopians remain in control.

After several impulses of nothing much, Japan declares limited war against China (Option JA6), walks ashore south of Shanghai and destroys a corps outside Peking. And then the Communists pass and roll to finish the turn. As it transpired, this was probably the most effective Chinese action in the whole war of resistance. However this is a very early declaration and, as we will see, will have a noticeable effect on US Entry (and an even more dramatic effect on the Chinese). Anyway, we have a proper war, which is important when you are playing a wargame, n’est pas?

A couple of questions regarding the latest rules –
• Is the only restriction of being at limited war the limit on using combined actions or are there other effects?
• Partisans in Africa? Which countries are possible? There are no partisan numbers in most countries but the partisan table refers to any African minor countries.

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