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Subject: Outnumbered and overrun rss

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Jeroen Timmermans
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We played a quick game of ZBP last night, at least, we thought we did. We ended up taking 3,5 hours on a six tile board. We took a simple approach, 6 tiles layed out so that the streets connects, randomly distributed the objectives, put down an exit marker, a few spawntokens and off we went.

Now the start was very gentle, we made our way into one of the vaults early on and equipped Baldric with the Inferno-spell we found. Meanwhile, Anne, Nelly and Clovis found armor and weapons that would help us along the way. High fives all around, not a care in the world and then the Abomination spawned. We had no torch, no dragonbile, so our primary goal was to keep moving and searching, hoping to find bile and a torch. When we finally did find it, we tossed it to the place the abomination would be moving to in the next zombie phase and he did. And then he got an extra activation, making him step out of the puddle of bile.

Thankfully, Silas the elf had found Repulse and cast it on the Abomination, pushing it back into the bile. Samson tossed the torch into the bile, lighting the abomination and 8 zombies up. The 13XP pushed him into the orange danger level, which provided us with our next problem, since most heroes were barely yellow and the elf was still in blue. We started to focus on the objectives again, getting everyone to that orange level and we were really well underway when another abomination spawned.

3 objectives left, and the abomination on our trail, we decided to make a dash for it, don't focus on the abom, move, search and get those markers. Clovis got into the orange dangerlevel and we decide the free melee action was best for him, as he was equipped with two dual wield swords and plate armor, we decided to keep him between the group and the majority of the zombies. Walkers were all out, so every walker-spawn was an extra activation and they got around FAST. Two rounds, they got 3 extra activations. Clovis got in, started to chop them up, and any zombies that didn't get sliced up chomped on this armor during zombie activation.

Silas meanwhile managed to pick off most zombies from a distance, while Baldric concerned himself with a group of Fatties that blocked our way. It's amazing how they are imposing early in the game, but how confident you can get at destroying them once you get that Inferno spell. Unfortunatly, we had one bad roll, all four dice rolled 2s or 3s, so it got a little tense there, but Samson quickly moved in and took care of the last few with his dual hammers.

once the path was cleared, we got everyone together, Silas and Baldric were on ranged duty to keep the zombies at bay so the melee-fighters could move towards the final objective token. We got the token, and then realized that the entire zombie horde was standing between us and the exit. Instead of going through them, we lured them away. We moved towards a building with a vault-door, killed the zombies inside and waited for the zombie horde to be close enough to us. Once they were at the doorstep, we moved through the vault and emerged on the other side of the town. We moved towards the exit-zone, with runners hot on our tails. We pulled 2 extra activations on them which put them in our zone. Samson and Clovis sacrificed their turn to eliminate the runners and the others could move towards the exit and the next turn we managed to escape.

It was a narrow game, with several moments where we thought we were dead, but we pulled through and managed to survive. We thought it would be a quick 90 minute game, but due to shifting tactics, lot's of extra activations and an abomination early on, we ended up playing for 3,5 hours. We had loads of fun, though, especially once the board started to become a little more crowded with zombies.

We only used the core box on this one, our next game will feature the Zombie Bosses and Crowz as well, looking forward to seeing how we'll fare against those!
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