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Episode 66 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Thursday, September 15th (since Monday, September 12th).

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Ray Master, The Refuge: A Race for Survival, Super Hack Override, Search and Survive, OutLawed!, Sagrada, Chimera Station, Ember: From the Ashes, Victoriana, Sea Turtle Scurry & PWNs: A Game of Strategic Mayhem.

(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

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Miniatures Related Projects:

Stonehaven’s Giants:
Stonehaven miniatures brings huge humanoids and Creatures for your RPG or tabletop wargames. A charming range of 65mm Giants, Elementals and Trolls, cast in urethane resin. These Big creatures are 15 USD each, but get cheaper when you buy more of them.
Ends 10-04

Axe and Brimstone:
Axe and Brimstone by Ganesha games is a campaign for the Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes system. It features a Campaign book, but also a complete range of miniatures to be used with this campaign consisting of a Possessed Warband and a Halfling Defender Warband. The warbands are 30 USD each and come with a PDF of the new campaign, but if you want it all (the 2 warbands, campaign book, the base game rules and a very good-looking 3x3” Grassland playmat) is 80 USD which includes worldwide shipping.
Ends 10-11

Forest Goblins:
Next, Shieldwolf Miniatures is bringing a range of funny looking forest goblins for their skirmisher ‘War is Coming’. I believe these were once part of a big campaign that was unsuccessful because of its sheer size, but being chopped up in smaller parts (with the other Shieldmaidens campaign being successful as well) it has a chance of appearing on your tabletop. The campaign has a lot of options to choose from so check it out for yourself.
Ends 09-28 After

Massive Zeppelin:
Crossover Miniatures is bringing a huge 28mm scale zeppelin made out of MDF. It’s a whopping 73 inches from bow to stern. I must say it is quite impressive with a seperate passenger section and cargo section which offers a very varied place to do battle in. The ship is 350 USD, but if you want a major centerpiece on your table… it’s worth it (to me).
Ends 10-05 Pre

Board Games:

Ray Master:
Board Games! First: Ray Master. Use the new redimensioning ray to prove you’re the best scientist in this original two player game. Improve your samples (or dice) for your new discovery but make sure the competition doesn’t sabotage you. Use unique mechanics on a so-called control panel and check the testing bank to see what your results are. Can you be the next Einstein? Ray Master is 23 EUR
Ends 10-04

The Refuge:
The Refuge is a 2 to 6 player strategy game where you have to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Get to the Refuge by using strategy, planning and educated guesses and be the only one that survives the brain-eater’s attack. The Refuge is 25 USD.
Ends 10-15

Card Games:

Super Hack Override:
Card Games then! Super Hack Override is a pocket-sized strategy card game where you have to outsmart your opponents, 90s Hacker Movie style! Show off your hacking skills by proxy swapping your way to becoming the Supreme Super Hacker. Super Hack Override is 10 USD.
Ends 10-14 Pre

Search and Survive:
A Zombie apocalypse deck building game comes in the form of Search and Survive. A cooperative game that features dice-rolling, card movement and a single currency: Combat!
A Grimy looking card game where you must take your character to the max to make sure you and your party stay alive. S&S is 40 USD.

Ends 10-14 After

Outlawed is a game of lying, bluffing and truth-telling in an anthropomorphic wild west. Play very good-looking outlaws, tell the truth or lie about which card you played and try to influence the table in such way that you can apprehend your played criminal. Outlawed is 15 USD.
Ends 10-08

Catch them if you can:
Next, Catch them if you can. Become an FBI agent to catch a notorious villain in this FBI crime drama role-playing card game. Try getting as much puzzle pieces (yes, literally puzzle pieces) as you can from the guy you’re after and apprehend your bad guy! It’s 20 USD.

Ends 10-25

Dice Games:

Sagrada is a beautiful game of dice drafting and window crafting. Try completing stained glass windows by getting the right dice in the right place and complete your objectives, either public or private. Sagrada is 35 USD for a standard version or 39 for a Kickstarter version. There’s also a very good-looking dice tower available but that will up your pledge by quite a bit.
Ends 10-09

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Assassins is a party card game full of secrets, deception and of course assassins. It’s a beautifully drawn ‘Werewolf’ alternative with a lot of new twists. Work together as either the King’s Loyal subjects or the assassins and don’t stop until all your opponents are hung from the gallows. Assassins is 5 USD for a PnP, 15 for a 25-card starter deck and 20 for a 52 card Premium deck.
Ends 10-14 Pre

Wine - The Card Game:
Next, ‘Wine - the Card game’. A micro-party game about poison and deception. Try to poison all your friends and be the last one alive in this game that could be played in minutes. Wine the card game is 3 USD for a PnP and 10 for a physical copy, which comes in a nice linen bag.
Ends 10-11

War and Pieces:
And there’s War and Pieces. A family friendly party game where you stack your bricks into stable structures and then use a catapult to tear the other player’s walls down. It’s a pretty cool-looking game dripped in a cute sauce of roman chibis, i like it! War and Pieces is 55 USD for a two player version or 85 for a 4 player version.
Ends 10-14 Pre

RPG Related Projects:

Interface Zero:
Interface Zero 2.0 is a Cyberpunk action adventure for Pathfinder. 15 USD for a PDF or 40 for printed copies.
Ends 10-12 Pre

Trinity of Awesome:
Trinity of Awesome are three short scenarios for Old School RPG’s by Venger Satanis. Prepare yourself for some serious sleaze. 3 USD for all three stories and you can add all other VS works as well.
Ends 10-03 Pre

Deadlands - Good Intentions:
Deadlands - Good Intentions is the fourth plot point campaign for Deadlands Reloaded featuring Dr. Darius Hellstromme and the City o’Gloom. It’s 20 USD for PDF and 35 for Print.
Ends 09-30 Pre

Deadlands Classic - 20th Anniversary Edition.
Talking about Deadlands, the campaign for the Deadlands 20th Anniversary edition Core book for Savage Worlds is running as well, offering a full-color hardcover as well as a Collector’s Box set. You can combine this campaign with the Good Intentions campaign to get a superpack that will keep you occupied for quite some time. It’s 25 USD for PDF, 55 for Print and there’s a lot of pledges above that.
Ends 09-30 Pre

Beneath the Inverted Church:
And finally: Beneath the Inverted Church. A serialized, mature tabletop RPG for almost any system. A lot of messed up stuff in this one, which you should check out for yourself if it’s your thing! It’s 15 USD for the 125-page book.
Ends 10-14 After

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches and Upgrades:

The Devil’s Run - Hell’s Highway:
Word Forge Games is bringing The Devil’s Run - Hell’s Highway. A stand-alone expansion to the hard-hitting vehicular combat game: Devil’s Run - Route 666 which introduces a LOT of new stuff to the game! It looks very good and I kind of want them to take a lot of my money but I should probably get the base game first… The expansion is 40 GBP.
Ends 10-03 After

Chimera Station (Deluxe Edition):
Tasty Minstrel Games is back, doing what they do best: Pick a good little game and pimp it to the max! This time it’s Mark Major’s Chimera Station, a new twist on the Worker Placement genre where you have five turns to build yourself an awesome space station which would be impossible with ‘standard’ aliens, but fortunately you’ve got the tools to.. Let’s say ‘Make ‘em better’. Chimera Station is 45 USD for the standard version or 60 for the deluxe version, which comes with metal coins (and we all love metal coins!).
Ends 10-08

Ember - From the Ashes:
One of my favorite games right now, Ember is getting an expansion called From the Ashes. New Cards, Elemental Gods, Artifacts, tutors and a whole new endgame brings new life to this summoning card game. I was gonna do a Final Judgement Review of Ember and maybe I still should write one, because this game is very, very good and I’m curious about what the expansion will bring. The From the Ashes expansion is 10 GBP or combine it with the core game for 24.
Ends 10-10 Pre

Victoriana (Relaunch):
Victoriana is being relaunched. The cooperative of intrigue and investigation where you play famous characters from Victorian literature and history trying to prevent a conspiracy that threatens Queen and Country is back on kickstarter and it’s almost funded already. The game is 49 USD or 69 with both extras.
Ends 10-13

Sea Turtle Scurry (Relaunch):
Another relaunch is for Sea Turtle Scurry. A Game about little turtles trying to make it to the sea just after they’re born. Lay tiles, play cards and race to the ocean! It’s 9 USd for a PnP or 39 for the boxed version.
Ends 10-04

PWNS (Relaunch):
PWNS is back on Kickstarter as well. the game of strategic mayhem (which is a bit of a paradox) where you play cards to influence the battlefield in front of you and make sure you have the most victory points when the first player loses all his or her pawns. PWNS is 5 USD for a PnP or 27 for a boxed copy.
Ends 10-14 Pre

Helheim RPG - Yggdrasil Burning:
And finally, the Helheim RPG - Yggdrasil Burning is also being relaunched. Lead a force to explore the Nine Realms as one of three archetypes and shape the destiny of the world as you know it. I have an interview coming up with its designer Nat Skinner soon, so watch out for that! Helheim is 20 USd for digital and 50 for printed copies.
Ends 10-16

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