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Subject: Iron Worked for me rss

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Niclas Matikainen
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After burning our brains with a game of Ricochet Robots (landslide loss for me…) we decided to have a go at Dominion, going for cards from Intrigue and Alchemy:
Bridge, Ironworks, Masquerade, Minion, Pawn, Torturer.
Apothecary, Herbalist, Transmute, Vineyard.

Having a thing for curses, I set my sights on Torturer, but decided against this once I noted the two available trashers.
Plan B was Vineyard. I was a bit worried that the lack of a Village card would make this too slow, but the extra buy from Bridge made the idea seem plausible at least. Plan B it was.

I built my engine with Ironworks, Minion and Pawn. This worked decently, but it was slow. Way to slow, since I also needed Potions to get Vineyards. In the end, I only managed to get 1 Vineyard for 4 points, tying that with my brother, while David got 5 for his.

The latter had started out really hot, mainly by using Apothecaries, and got two early Provinces. Those clogged his deck though, which was enough for my brother to catch up thanks to his own Minions and Pawns.

While I did manage to squeeze out two Provinces myself, I started to aim at Duchies, as it looked like we might have a three pile ending.

And then, I lucked out.

I got a hand that would result in 5 coins, or 6 if I used my Ironworks to get a Silver. Getting a Silver and a Gold was awfully tempting. But I instead decided to gamble, getting myself an Estate, and thus allowing myself to draw a card.
I drew a Gold!
Two turns later, I ended up in the same situation and again went for the Estate gamble. I got another Gold!

Next, David bought the last Province, ending the game with all three players at 4 each. Which meant I won at 42 points because of those Duchies I picked up mid game.
Pure luck if you ask me, but my opponents kindly claimed that it was brilliant to gamble with Ironworks.

After this, we quickly agreed to have another game, keeping Intrigue, but replacing Alchemy with Guilds:
Bridge, Duke, Mining Village, Secret Chamber, Shanty Town, Trading Post, Tribute.
Candlestick Maker, Herald, Taxman.

All three players built their deck around a combination of Bridge, Mining Village, and Candlestick Maker. Victory would go to whoever used the remaining cards best.

Sort of.

Not wanting to be a Village idiot, I was a bit slow on the draw with that card. To slow, as it would turn out. My deck would’ve been a lot stronger with one or two extra Mining Villages.
Also, I clumsily misunderstood Taxman, not realizing that the upgraded Treasure would go to the top of the deck, and not my hand.
Both of my opponents used the Trading Post instead, and that turned out to be a lot more efficient.

Finally, the luck from the previous game would turn around this time. Mid game, I played a Tribute, with David sitting to my left. He drew two Provinces. Really good for him, and quite the disaster for me.
Also, Taxman rarelly did anything to my opponents.

Speaking of David, he has been known to fall into the Village idiot trap a few times, but this time he had just the right amount of Mining Villages in his deck. A timely trashing of one such card gave him an extra Province in the end game.

Meanwhile, my brother supplemented his deck with some Shanty Towns. This worked fairly well, as he ended up with four Provinces. One ahead of me, to be precise. The one I was unable to get due to my slow deck, which in turn was the one David got from trashing his Mining Village. Giving him the win at five Provinces.

Finally, this was my tenth game of Dominion in my Random 10x10 Challenge, so I guess the grand daddy of the deck builders will rest for a while, as I still have 64 more sessions to go on that list. Or not. Can’t see myself turning down a game of Dominion...
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