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So I have decided to run a solo campaign using the Platoon Forward book


This game is what I have been waiting for for years and years. Yes I love WW2 and yes I know other post WW2 games have come along but BA really worked for me and adding weird war stuff on top and then making the rules more fluid really just puts this system over the top.

I play a lot of Warmachine (Menoth) and have recently been playing Age of Sigmar (Warhammer Fantasy) and while both those systems are great in different ways, there is something about playing with models that look like they could be created today with modern tech that really grabs me and makes me squeal like a pig when my walker smashes a Panzer IV with its fists and immobilizes it, then rips its turret off.

Ok so anyway. I am building a late war German company with what I already have and preorders for all the neato genetic German units and then heavy walkers. I have not decided on a unit yet. Maybe a new SS unit will be formed.

They will be advancing from Poland back into Ukraine. In the rulebook the Soviets have taken Romania but were stopped at Hungry. Hitler wants to counter attack and will use all his goodies to push the front lines back into Ukraine.

The hitch in my plan is that no Soviet stuff has been released. But that is ok as I have a ton of painting to do anyway.

I will be using Platoon Forward and the Ostfront books to create a lengthy campaign that focuses on this Veteran SS unit and different Soviet units from Green to Veteran utilizing the best tech in 47 and 48.

Once I get up and running Ill post my sessions here and maybe even do a podcast on the solo aspect of this game and what I learn on running a long and drawn out campaign in K47. Man I cannot wait!!!! Common Warlord release those goodies!
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