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Episode 56 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Friday, September 16th - 7PM CET to Monday, September 19th - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Pentaquark & Gnomi.

Sad Kickstarter Story: Swords & Sails
RPG Spotlight: Invisible Sun

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Miniatures Related Projects:

Base Boss:
The big base campaign from Reaper Miniatures is ending in Sunday. If you need any kind of bases for whatever miniatures you have laying around, this is the place to be! Basically any shape and size is available so check it out! The bases come in pre-assorted packs or you can pick whatever you want from the page, so check it out for yourself!

TrueTiles Dungeon Expansions:
TrueTiles Designs is bringing 3d-printable modular Dungeon Tiles that are perfect for 25, 28 and 32mm scale Fantasy Role Playing Games. There’s three sets available: The base set, which is made up out of ‘regular’ dungeon tiles, a chasms set (with a pretty neat drawbridge) and a water set, which are dungeon Floor tiles adjacent to water. The tiles are all with low walls so you can easily take control of whatever is on the board (there are some higher special walls available as well, for instance with a torch or trap hanging from it. Anyway, the base set is 8 USD, the chasm and water expansions are 16 combined and get it all for 24!

Board Games:

The Great Apes Survival Game:
Board Games! In The Great Apes Survival Game Featuring Dr. Jane Goodall you are a group of rangers trying to protect the Great Apes from a group of poachers. Get the apes to the sanctuary to guarantee their safety. I’m not quite sure where I know Jane Goodall from, but the name rings a very vague bell somewhere. Anyway, You can save these apes for 25 USD.

Card Games:

Pentaquark is finishing off it’s short, but very successful campaign. I’m stealing this quote just as I did in the First Roll, but you are trying to give science a helping hand by collecting the 5 quarks that form this particle at the detector of a massive particle collider. So… if that’s your thing, Pentaquark is 3 USD for a PnP or 10 for a physical copy of this single player game.

Sad Kickstarter Story - Swords and Sails:
The Sad Kickstarter story this time is about Swords and Sails. A game where you get to rewrite History in the year 1000 of Our Lord. It’s a classic conquest and diplomacy game about leading your armies through medieval europe, by land or sea. I very much like the look of this game, it’s completely drawn out in the medieval style you’d see in (very) Old books from a time no one could really write (or read for that matter). Add a beautiful metal coin collection to be added-on and I really don’t see why this wouldn’t fund, i just really don’t. But for now, no medieval battlefield… and that’s sad.

RPG Spotlight - Invisible Sun:
Happier things then, the RPG Spotlight. Invisible sun is closing in on the 600K marker and why shouldn’t it. Never in the time I’ve been doing this have I seen such an elaborately set-up RPG. So much high quality components in a black box that is taken straight from the game. There’s just so much to this campaign that I really don’t know where to start. A game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets and magic which is played both at the table and away from it. See, what does that even mean? You should check it out for yourself, 1700+ backers can’t be wrong! Invisible sun is not cheap though, as you’d might expect, pledges start at 197USD

RPG related Projects:

Holy Crap - The Great Sects Change Operation:
Holy Crap - The Great Sects Change Operation (watch out how you pronounce that) is a crazy looking RPG where (and it gets crazier) Gadabout Credulous Schmeckle explores Oith’s various religions in an exciting and hilarious book for the Low Life RPG (which uses the Savage World System). It’s 15 USD for digital and 40 for a printed copy.

King of Storms:
King of Storms is having a very successful campaign as well. It’s a new approach to GMless gaming. Take control of your descendant from the God’s and claim your place as the one who will become the King of Storms. Digital pledges start at 9 USD.

Mutant Manual:
Mutant Manual is a Poly-System Source Book about… Mutants! Surprise! It give you rules to create mutant characters for 5 different systems, so if you’d ever need one in whatever modern / sci-fi setting you’re playing, this might be the one for you! It still needs a little funding though, so go support it! The 290-page book is 15 USD for PDF, 30 in B&W softcover, 50 as a full color softcover or 60 if you want the premium hardback.

Hunter’s Mark:
Hunter’s Mark is a adventure / source book for 5th edition. New rules for monsters, crafting, gear, basically all you need to run a party of Hunters with an over-arching storyline to boot! There’s several different pledge levels available so check it out for yourself.

The Dark Hold Goblin Adventures:
Dark Hold Goblin Adventures is a settings-book for Savage Worlds where you use goblins as characters. Should be Good! The campaign also offers miniatures to be used with the game and they look very nice. The book is 10 USD for digital, 15 for print and pledges with minis come after that.

Villains & Vigilantes 3.0 - Mighty Protectors:
Mighty Protectors is the new 3rd Edition of Jeff Dee & Jack Herman’s classic Superhero RPG. Enough Said. 15 USD for digital, 30 for softcover and 55 for a hardcover version.

Expansion, Reprints, Relaunches and Upgrades:

Gnomi (Relaunch):
The relaunch of Gnomi is successful! The games about gnomes and mushrooms, which you can play anywhere well made it this time and good for the people at Poppy Jasper Games! Steal Mushrooms from other players and use the Gnomes special powers to influence the game. Gnomi is 4 USD for a PnP or 15 for the physical game.
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