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Subject: Order and Orders rss

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Uwe Heilmann
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Hi from Germany,

adding more and more game system elements (e.g. the Anti-Civilian units) makes each game play more challenging and colorful.

Here is another story of DotZ,

Day 1

0200 - The battle for Farmingdale had begun.
0230 - Zeds captured the Chromo Technics lab.

Disaster at the Lab

0300 - E.S. Lawrence joined the defenders’ force!
„It was close, but we could avoid a massive explosion at the last moment.“ Area 51 continued to work.
0400 – Barricades were completed at Lefty’s Pass and East Irek.

Fast Zeds

0530 – St.Thomas under attack! The Zeds were repulsed, few losses for the defenders. „We stay! Got that?! We stay!“
0600 – Mr. Johnson arrived at the Lucky Strike Mine. „Plenty of good stuff here.“
0700 – Barricades completed at Ingeburg and St.Thomas.
Wilson was sent down to the Security Guard post.
S. Bigelow entered the labs of Area 51.
0730 – Outbreak! In the Mountains and Suburbs.
0830 – Barricades completed at the Farmingdale bridge.
Area 51 copied a strange radio call: „Art at 7.“

Super Zeds gone mad

Another strange radio call: „Humans! Stop your useless attempts to prevent the inevitable! I’m in control now! Hahahaaaa!“
Outbreak! In the Tunnel.
0930 – Attack against St.Thomas. Repulsed again. „Bastards! Try again! We’ll split your empty skulls.“
Attack against Lefty’s Pass. A boulder trap killed half the undead force as it approached the village. But there were still too many Zeds left. Lefty’s Pass was lost. Chaos reigned.
East Irek threatened! After a brutal fight the second village fell.
1030 – The Zeds mob in the Mountains continued to advance. Mr. Johnson was in command of the defenders then. „They shall not pass!“ And the Zeds didn’t. Brave Mr. Johnson was taken to the hospital, bleeding.
Fighting at the university. The defenders were caught by surprise. E.S. Lawrence covered the retreat, but only very few made it to Beauxville.
A large undead force assembled west of St.Thomas.
„I told you, all you misfits will perish!“ Dr. Marteuse showed up at the Lucky Strike mine.
1130 – A.J. Clarke and her team arrived at the mine. „We’ll find, fix, and capture this mad scientist before his insanity could spawn more chaos.“ But the attempt to arrest him failed. „Hahahaaaa!“ „He must have used one of those rotten secret paths.“
Audrey ordered her team into firing positions. „Fire by volleys!“ The result of this gunfire attack was devastating. The team discipline, the dozen HK416 shredded the enemy in the nearby village. „Lefty’s Pass is turned into a cemetery of hell.“
E.S. Lawrence achieved a similar result after directing a furious gunfire attack against the Zeds roaming the compound.
1400 – S. Bigelow achieved some progress in Area 51.
1430 – Audrey and her team entered Lefty’s Pass. „Let’s place some booby traps here. Would provide the next wave a warm welcome.“
1600 – Order was restored in the Mountain village.
Outbreak! In the Forest ... Oozers, their stench was unbearable.


1700 – Hundreds of Zeds attacked St.Thomas. Their first assault was beaten back.
1800 – Renewed attack. „They broke the line! Retreat!“ St.Thomas had to be given up.
1830 – The Zeds relentlessly attacked the Farm. The few sentries there fought to the last man.
The militia unit at the Mine was reinforced.
Pickles remained unnoticed by the merciless undead horde. They continued to march towards Farmingdale. But the brave and cunning dog barked and distracted the enemy successfully so their forward move never happened. The refugees were safe ... for the moment.
Attack against Ingeburg. Despite the barricades and the rather strong militia unit, the Zeds managed to storm this village.
1930 – The gruesome ranks of death moved on. Open fighting on the Highway. A few militia men could be saved and transported to the hospital. The villagers of Ingeburg were gone.


Outbreak! Iron Zeds on the Highway. To make matters even worse, the Iron Zeds were also produding a horrible stench.
2030 – E.S. Lawrence calmly watched as the undead reoccupied the university.
2100 – The Zeds assaulted the Nuclear Plant. The sentries kept their fire until the very last moment. The murderous gunfire blasted the enemy into heaps of really dead corpses.
The Zeds left the burning Farm and this time they were not distracted. No one of the refugees survived.
As the Zeds stormed Lefty’s Pass, they suffered heavy losses as the demolitiion charges went off. „Kill’em! Kill’em!“ Audrey’s team butchered what was left of the attackers. Audrey WIA.

On the right track?

2130 – The refugees from Lefty’s Pass arrived at the Campground.
Outbreak! In the Mountains.
The refugees bickered about what to do next.
2200 – A much larger horde of Zeds than before attacked Lefty’s Pass. The defenders had to evade back to the Mine. Audrey WIA again, but she still fought most efficiently in the rearguard: Half the attackers were eliminated.
Dr. Marteuse unleashed chaos right between the two locations of the Security Guards.
Counter-attack by gunfire. „Lefty’s Pass clear of enemy.“
2300 – Progress at Area 51. „But it is still a long way to go.“
Barricades completed at Beauxville.
0000 – Horatius attacked the Zeds in the Forest much too close to Farmingdale. He left no survivors.

Day 2

0100 – N. Towers appeared in the Mountains.
0130 – The still bickering refugees actually moved back towards their village.

Overall Situation

East Irek: Zeds, chaos
University: Zeds, chaos
Beauxville: E.S. Lawrence, militia, villagers, barricades
Farmingdale Bridge: Militia, sentries, barricades
Suburbia: empty

St. Thomas: Chaos
Farm: Pickles, chaos
Mall District: empty

Lefty’s Pass: Barricades, chaos
Lucky Strike Mine: A.J. Clarke, militia
Campground: Sentries
East Side: empty

Ingeburg: Chaos
Nuclear Power Plant: Sentries
Downtown: Sentries

Chromo Technics Lab: Chaos
Dr.Marteuse’s Office: Chaos
Security Guard Post: Wilson, guard
Town Center Basement: Guard

Town Center: 2 Militia units
Hospital: Mr. Johnson, militia
Area 51: S. Bigelow
Research Level: 3
Supply: 5

Infection Level: 0
Chaos Intensity: 9
#(Zeds units): 10

Time: 0130 (2nd day)

A hero arrives

0130 – „I’ll flood this area with my minions.“
0330 – Beauxville under attack. Lawrence’s team defeated the attackers.
Oozers entered St.Thomas.
0400 – This is BWC. I’m on the highway, south of Ingeburg. Ready to join you guys. A lot of stuff in my truck.
Pickles found and ate PICKLES. The Oozers became his target. St.Thomas was free of enemies again; the brave dog was treated like a true hero at the hospital.
VFW Local 12 advanced into the Farm area.
0500 – Three cheers to the wizards of Area 51. A militia unit thought to be destroyed could be revived (at least a few members).
Audrey and her team was flown be heli News-12 to Beauxville. Right after landing, the team opened fire at the mob in the university. Hundreds of Zeds were mowed down. The HK416s had spoken again.

Oh, that’s bad.

Dr.Marteuse achieved a dark success: A Zeds unit showed up right in front of the Town Center Basement. Including a Zeds leader!

(The game system is really sinister sometimes.)

0530 – The stinking Iron Zeds advanced into the devastated Ingeburg.
Another mob captured Lefty’s Pass again.
„Now witness the destruction of Farmingdale! Hahahaaaa!“
0630 – A new attack against Beauxville; Audrey was wounded right at the beginning and the defense collapsed.
0730 – The attackers regrouped and continued their advance. Bloody fighting in the suburbs! House to house, alley to alley. The losses of the undead mounted. They finally broke. Audrey was wounded again, but she caught victory from the jaws of defeat.

(The game could have been lost here if Audrey had become KIA.)

The Zeds were reinforced at Beauxville.
The Mine was swept by a huge Zeds mob. The few defenders never had a chance and were instantly annihilated.
At the same time the Nuclear Plant was assaulted. The sentries proved their firepower again and cut down all attackers.
„Art to 9.“
The „stench“ attack of the Iron Zeds came next. There were no survivors at the power plant.
Heavy fire eliminated the Zeds destroying Beauxville.
0830 – Barricades were placed in the suburbs right east of Beauxville.
Mr. Johnson and Pickles reported „back for duty“.
The nearly dead Audrey was transported to the hospital.
Captain Piazza achieved a miracle: precise sniper fire destroyed half the stinking Iron Zeds.
0900 – N. Towers entered Lefty’s Pass.
0930 – Surprise attack at the Farm. The Local-12 suffered heavily but drove the tremendous enemy force back into St.Thomas.
1030 – Order was restored at Lefty’s Pass and the Farm.

Overall Situation

East Irek: Chaos
University: Zeds, chaos
Beauxville: Chaos
Farmingdale Bridge: Militia, sentries, barricades
Suburbia: empty

St. Thomas: Zeds mob, chaos
Farm: VFW Local-12
Mall District: empty

Lefty’s Pass: N. Towers
Lucky Strike Mine: Zeds mob, chaos
Campground: Sentries
East Side: empty

Ingeburg: Chaos
Nuclear Power Plant: empty
Downtown: Sentries

Chromo Technics Lab: Zeds, chaos
Dr.Marteuse’s Office: Chaos
Security Guard Post: Wilson, guard
Town Center Basement: Guard

Town Center: E.S. Lawrence, Mr. Johnson, Pickles, 3 Militia units
Hospital: A.J. Clarke, militia
Area 51: S. Bigelow
Research Level: 3
Supply: 0

Infection Level: 10
Chaos Intensity: 8
#(Zeds units): 14

Time: 1030 (2nd day)

Mountain Night Assault

1100 – The Plaid Coalition entered East Irek. „The cause requires more supporters.“ A huge Zeds mob was activated in the Mountains. They promptly started to move towards Lefty’s Pass.
1130 – A small Zeds unit took posession of Beauxville again.
The refugees of Lefty’s Pass never had a chance ... countless Zeds caught up with them ...
Outbreak! Zed-hemoths in the Mountains.
1200 – The cemetery of St.Thomas opened the graves. „Nothing can stop my plans.“
1230 – A terrible Zeds mob including the Oozers stormed the Farm. The VFW Local 12 perished, but the Farm was kept empty of enemies.
Another Zeds mob assaulted Lefty’s Pass. There was just 1 defender. N. Towers fought a desperate delaying skirmish and could escpae to the Mine. But once there she had to fight again. MIA.
Captain Piazza’s accurate sniper fire further reduced the number of Zeds at the Nuclear Plant.
1330 – E.S. Lawrence decimated the undead at St.Thomas by murderous gunfire.
Another success at Area 51.
Rumors regarding strange activities at St.Thomas. „It’s the end of the world.“

Villagers form fire brigades

1400 – Refugees made it to the bridge.
Outbreak! More Zeds in the Forest.
1500 – Unleashed by Dr.Marteuse himself a strong Zeds unit charged the Town Center Basement. The Security unit fought like lions. „Undead forced back under heavy losses.“ „Here they come again!“
1600 – Second assault in the basement. „We forced them back again.“ But the Security unit was down to a few men. Dr.Marteuse was furious.

(The double activation could have been the end of the game.)

Out of nowhere, Zeds attacked the Security Guard Post. But the defenders were prepared! Only a few survivors routed into the catacombs. They tried another attack. The defenders suffered light casualties and this threat was gone.
Audrey and her team were ready to strike again.
1630 – The refugees arrived in Suburbia.
Red Zeds formed ranks at the Nuclear Plant.
1730 – Mass attack at the Farm. Fighting like a berserker, E.S. Lawrence destroyed nearly all enemies, a few Oozers kept control of St.Thomas.
More Zeds marched relentlessly through the Forest.
1830 – Renewed slaughter at the Farm. Lawrence’s team repulsed also this assault.
Fighting at the Campground. The Zeds suffered losses, but the Sentries were wiped out.
Civilians volunteered to join a militia unit.
1930 – Audrey’s team charged the vanguard of the undead in the Mountains.
Outbreak! Were-Zeds in the tunnel.
„Sammy! Crush those bastards in the tunnel!“ The girl and her team left Area 51 to fight the enemy directly.
The vanguard was destroyed.Audrey WIA. „Scratches!“
„Minions! Here you got reinforcement.“
Sammy charged into the enemy columns. The team suffered heavily. But this enemy was gone forever.
„Impossible! Impossible! Kill those girls!“
The mad doc retreated into his office.

(Again the game system was directing this activity. Eerie!)

The Zeds left the Campground and attacked Audrey’s team. „Retreat! Retreat für the East Side.“
2030 – Barricades built at the Farm.

(The Fire Brigades showed up at the most appropriate moment! 13 Chaos counters were placed on the game board.)

The rumours were correct. More Zeds showed up at the St.Thomas area. Five Zeds units assembled for the next attack.
„My minions! Cry Havoc!“
Marteuse also ordered a thorough regroup of his undead forces.

Overall Situation

East Irek: Plaid Coalition
University: Chaos
Beauxville: Chaos
Farmingdale Bridge: Militia, sentries, barricades
Suburbia: Refugees

St. Thomas: Zeds, chaos
Farm: E.S. Lawrence, Horatius, barricades
Mall District: empty

Lefty’s Pass: empty
Lucky Strike Mine: Zeds, chaos
Campground: Zeds, chaos
East Side: A.J. Clarke

Ingeburg: empty
Nuclear Power Plant: Zeds, chaos
Downtown: Captain Piazza, sentries

Chromo Technics Lab: Chaos
Dr.Marteuse’s Office: Dr. Marteuse, chaos
Security Guard Post: Wilson, guard
Town Center Basement: S. Bigelow, guard

Town Center: Mr. Johnson, Pickles, 3 militia units
Hospital: Militia
Area 51: empty
Research Level: 4
Supply: 7

Infection Level: 6
Chaos Intensity: 10
#(Zeds units): 20

Time: 2030 (2nd day)

2030 – A secret path entrance was detected at the university.

Nervous Breakdown

2100 – Refugees arrived safe at camp.
Outbreak! On the highway.
„Forward! Minions, forward!“
2200 – Attack against the East Side. Brutal fighting. The defenders were forced back into the Town Center.
The Farm under attack again. The overwhelming odds left the few defenders no option but to retreat under heavy losses.

(13 Chaos counters placed now on the game board.)

2300 – „Chaaaarge!“ Audrey’s team had to destroy the Zeds that had captured the East Side. Totally surprised by this maneuver, the Red Zeds were cut to pieces right away.
0100 (3rd day) – Barricades built on the Forest track.
0200 – S. Bigelow restored a bit of order in the tunnel exit area.
Another secret path entrance was detected in Beauxville.

Death Trap

Outbreak! in the Forest.
„We get valuable data in that mad doctor’s office. This would greatly help our wizards in Area 51.“
0300 – A small force of Zeds attacked the East Side. Audrey allowed no one to pass.
„From now on my minions will not move one step away from your rotten whole you call Farmingdale.“
A few oozers and a large Zeds unit stormed the barricade blocking the Forest track. Lawrence and her team applied all their battle skills, the oozers were annihilated, the Zeds unit suffered severe losses, but the brave defenders had to retreat. Dr.Marteuse’s „motivation“ seemed to work.
Carter was still blocked on the Highway. „I won’t make it thru three of their lines, seriously.“
Piazza destroyed the stinking Iron Zeds. „Well done!“
Accurate gun fire finally eliminated the remnants of the battered Zeds unit in the Forest.
0430 – E.S. Lawrence was back at the Farm, a burning gate to hell. The Zeds instantly counter-attacked.
0530 – Another bloody skirmish, and the defenders had to retreat again. „They really are vicious now.“
Audrey shot down quite a few of the Zeds-hemoths. „Hard to miss those fearsome creatures.“
Pickles performed miracles and found heaps of ammo. „Good dog.“
This allowed Audrey to finish off the giant Zeds.
S. Bigelow finally restored full order at the Tunnel exit.

Disaster at the Lab

All Out Effort

0700 – Zeds attacked the Plaid Coalition in the streets of East Irek. As the latter was forced back, it had ti battle a Zeds mob. The unit reformed far away from Farmingdale in the suburbs.
Outbreak! In the suburbs.
0830 – Next attack against the Eat Side. The attackers were wiped out, Audrey WIA.
„Art at 12.“
A Plague of Lawyers started to harass Audrey’s team.
0930 – BW Carter crashed into the Z Party. „Stop supporting the wrong guys, you idiots.“ Carter’s attemptshort-lived. He was killed once his truck was forced to stop.
1000 – Audrey left the East Side and promptly ambushed. „Back you bastards!“

All Out Effort

Outbreak! In the Tunnel.
More Red Zeds were reported at East Irek.
1100 – A Zeds mob launched another attack against Audrey and her team. „Retreat!“ The defenders were back at the East Side. „They will assault soon.“
And they did!
1200 – The relentless mob pushed forward, ignoring own losses. Audrey and her then tiny team had to take the final defense position in the Town Center. The leader was severely wounded. But once everyone was in position (on the roofs), they started to gun down the enemy. Hundreds of Zeds were killed. Horatius charged the enemy left in the East Side. More Zeds were killed, but the brave animal had to retire to the Town Center, too, WIA.
1300 – Six Zeds units advanced through the suburbs.
1330 – The undead left the Farm and assaulted E.S. Lawrence’s team. They were no mathc for the then battle-hardened veterans.
1400 – „Forward to the Farm“, Lawrence ordered.
Red Zeds at the Mine. Ambush at the Farm. The losses of the Zeds were appalling, but their master’s evil spirit drove them forward. Bad news from Area 51: A whole test series ended as a costly failure. „Back to square 1, guys.“
Audrey killed all enemis still romaing the East Side, and her team entered the devastated location. Horatius was brought to the hospital. S. Bigelow excelled in the labs! Two developments at once.
1500 – Lawrence eliminated the enemy at the Farm. „There must be thousands of those corpses here now.“

Chaos Everywhere

The situation finally collapsed. Order could no longer be kept anywhere. The defenders dispersed and the Zeds took possesion of the Farmingdale area or what was left of it.

(5 Chaos counters had to be placed, but only 2 were available. A sudden death. Another game lost.)

But the story continues.
Enter the evil heroes.


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