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Subject: TMNT Pizza Power rules rss

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Toby Wardman
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Each player picks a corner space on the game board from which to start and places his or her pawn there.

Turn over the top four "bad guy" cards and place them in the quadrante of teh game board which has a boarder that matches the color of the cardss. Finally, deal each player three "good guy" cards.

Be the first player to win three battles on the game board in order to go to the Technodrome and battle to recover the secret Mutogen. The first player to win this final battle wins!

Players travel the game path by rolling the die and moving the appropriate number of spaces. A player may move in any direction on a turn but may not change direction in the same turn.

Players must try to win battles as they travel the path. Battles occur when players land on FIGHT spaces. A FIGHT space allows a player to do battle with an evil character whose card is in a quadrant adjacent to that FIGHT space.

The "bad guy" cards are coded 1, 2 or 3. The "good guy" cards are codded 2 or 3. If a "good guy" card has a number on it the same or greater than the number on the "bad guy" card, they may do battle.

To battle, place your "good guy" card on top of the "bad guy" card which you are going to fight. Roll the dice to determine the "Victory Number" for the battle. To win the battle, you must match the "Victory Number". Your number of roll attempts depends on the number coded onto your "good guy" card in the battle. (Example, If you have a "good guy" with level 2, you have 2 rolls to get the "Victory Number")

If you succeed, you win the battle. Take the "bad guy" card you defeated and the "good guy" card and keep them in front of you the rest of the game.

If you fail, you will lose the "good guy" card you were battling with. It is placed at the bottom of the "good guy" card deck.

In order to win the game, you must have collected three different "bad guys" cards (for ex- It's acceptable to have a yellow Punk, yellow Krang, and Purple Krang card) by defeating them in battle. You must also collect 4 different 'good guy" cards. Once you have the cards, you will travel to the Technodrome (via sewer travel) by coming up through one of the 4 sewers surrounding it. The sewer you use must be uncovered.

To defeat the Technodrome, you must beat the roll number of a different player (who will roll against you for the "bad guys" team). The player has to beat the "bad guys" roller 3 times to win the game. The player has 5 rolls to get higher numbers than the "bad guys" do on their rolls. Defeat the Technodrome to win the game!


When a player lands on a this tile, they may do battle with any "bad guy" cards in the adjacent quadrant. If a player has no "good guys", no battle takes place. The player can continue to battle against different "bad guys" until they lose.


Players draw the top card of the "bad guy" deck and place it face up in the matching color quadrant. There is no limit to the number of "bad guy" cards placed in any quadrant.


Players draw the top card of the "good guy" deck and place it in front of them.


A player landing on this tile must roll the 4-sided die. If the die lands on 1, 2 or 3, the player will be able to go anywhere on the game board except another Pizza tile.


If a player lands on a sewer space with a sewer cover on it, it is treat as a regular space with no further instruction. To remove the cover and travel through other uncovered sewers, a player must land on the Move Sewer Cover tile.
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United States
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did someone need a copy of these?
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Erica Hart
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Thanks for posting this!
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