Jørgen K. Engen
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I am currently planning out an exciting expansion pack for the Game of Thrones board game.

For you to have some short info about it, it's suppose to be a four player version using the whole map of the original game. The game will be played with a two minute hourglass, and only two available order tokens per order (2 support, 2 raid, 2 defense etc.), except from march, where one of them is the starred ones.

The house cards are brand new, but we will find some of the house cards familier with the originals. At the same time I am interesting in hearing your opinion on some potential house card abilities. Will they be overpowered, or maybe make an unbalance in the game? Should the wording be different? Any comments or critics will be very much appreciated.

Here are four of the ideas to house card abilities I have in mind:

1) If you win this battle, you may remove one of your opponents power token from any vacated area on the map.
2) If you attack and win this battle you may immediately put any available order in the conquered area
3) If you are defending and lose this battle, your opponents attacking troops are immediately destroyed, leaving the embattled area empty
4) If you win this battle, immediately increase one position on the supply track

I will probably continue using this thread for future discussion towards my expansion pack.
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Jørgen K. Engen
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I am terribly sorry, but this thread was supposed to be in the variant forum. If any admins or moderators can move it, that would be great.
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Philip Lodge
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A similar thread was brought up some months back, here were my thoughts, ideas...

Forced support... "Any support tokens in surrounding areas of a house not in this combat must aid you in this combat". Possibly a good one for one of Daenerys, she's always getting people to fight for her. Could add "discard 2 power tokens". Another version "Any surrounding support tokens of the house your not attacking, must aid you in this combat" Now it's attack only or make it defence only.

Stealing fleet... "If you win this combat any ships not saved by fortification icons become yours and must comply to army supply limits." Another for Daenerys, she should have a dragon card too.

Cards matched... "The combat strength of this card matches that of your opponents" Could make it "When attacking"/"When defending"/"If supported" etc. Depending on character theme.

Retreating... "if you lose this combat you retreating units aren't routed and may fight as normal if attacked again this round"

Current mechanics are...
Text effect to gain Swords/Forts
+ modifier to card combat strength
+ modifier to 'specific' unit type
+ modifier to defence order
+ modifier to march order
- modifier to opponents Card
- modifier to opponents 'specific' Units
- modifier to opponents order march/defence
Cancel card
Change card
Regain cards
Cards Combat Strength Matched
Upgrade unit
Gain Unit
Steal Units
Sacrifice Unit
Immediately destroy unit
Units are safe, not killed
Gain Power
Spend Power for text effect
Adjust Influence track
Adjust supply track
Prevent movement into area
keep march order token
Retreated not routed
Choose losers retreat area
Remove an opponents order token
Remove an opponents adjacent/anywhere power token
Wildlings Attack

It's just a matter of thinking of existing mechanics in the game, that haven't been used in a card before, that can be manipulated by card. And, adding/wording them to suit a characters theme.

Here's some more...
Combat strength equals position on supply.
Combat strength equals stars on kings court track.
If attacking add stars on kings court track to combat strength.
If defending add stars on kings court to combat strength.
Win this combat increase supply.
Win this combat use opponents order token, if any.
Immediately or after combat, change/replace any 1 of your orders.
Increase combat strength for each power token spent.

Wildlings attack... A good one for Starks, Jon Snow. "If you lose this combat, the wildlings attack, all other players must use power to defeat the attack or face the consequences of the card" Possibly OP if the track is high, could give it a fixed power attack instead of using the Wildling track.

Last Stand... Immediately Sacrifice a footmen to double card combat strength.

I could do this all day but that's possibly enough for now.
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Sir Zeliec
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Aspmyra wrote:

3) If you are defending and lose this battle, your opponents attacking troops are immediately destroyed, leaving the embattled area empty

Who would want to attack against that ? OP... Imagine loosing 2 knights and SE or w/e just because an All win card was drawn? Would make sense if equal amount of troops are destroyed on both sides
eg. If you are defending and loose, all your defending troops are casualties and your opponent takes equal amount of casualties.

The only possible card to leave no prisoners would be something like - 0CS- if you win this combat, you gain skulls equal to the amount of troops your opponent had in the area.

That would make sense, obviously you destroyed somebody with a 0... TBH Ser Gregor doesn't have that huge success rate of killing and he is 3

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Martin Hall
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0 - strength house card with ability
"Opponents house card counts as 0 strength with no forts or swords and its text as blank"
Always takes effect prior to other house card.

Not over powered, but makes guessing right card to play very interesting.

BTW the card which destroys opponent's victorious troops is massively over powered. I would suggest that at most it should be something like
"If you lose this combat, you may sacrifice units that could otherwise retreat [e.g. no SE, no routed troops, no troops without valid retreat space] - for each unit so sacrificed you may remove an attacking unit of equal or lesser value. If no attacking units remain, the area is unoccupied"

So defender with only Footmen could not do this effectively if attacked by Kn and SE.
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An-Lun Chin
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0 or 1 printed combat strength:
"Immediately hold this combat and continue resolving the rest Marching orders on the board in turn. Finish resolving this combat AFTER all Marching orders on the board are resolved and re-count combat strength provided by attacking, defending, and granted supporting units (DO NOT granting support again). If other players' units march to the embattled area, resolve the candidate battles in turns of their marching orders after resolving this combat."

This text ability will create many complicated but interesting conditions:
1) If other players try to terminate your Support order by attacking it, you may use this ability to hold that Support orders during this round.
2) If other players try to stop your Marching order by attacking it, you may use this ability to resolve your Marching order normally, or even avoid this combat entirely by marching all your units away.
3) You and your allies may reinforce units joining this combat by resolving other Marching orders, moving units into the embattled and supporting areas. Your opponent and his allies may also do it.

This kind of text ability may not provide much advantage if the player does not think really smart. I believe that for smart players, this ability is very OP and can entirely change the game especially in round 10.

But instead of creating interesting text abilities, I would rather come out more text abilities that is more faithful to the characters and the story. For example, I think only Tyrion Lannister is qualified to have this text ability, like what he did in Battle of the Blackwater.
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