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Subject: played the first scenario solo to refresh the rules rss

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peter cooman
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Good evening gentlemen,

With gaming pretty much on the backburner lately, while getting the house in better shape (used my annual vacation to do A LOT of garden work, and just had a completely new timber and roof done), it was time to make a comeback to celebrate the end of the house-jobs (for now that is) !

So i picked up my copy of dreadfleet, wich has been painted for a while now,but never saw the light of day afterwards.

Tried the first scenario to get the hang of it again, and hope to do another tomorrow. If all goes well, i'll see if we can get it played by our group as well.

Will not do a complete report, as i was too busy getting the rules right, but took some piccies for the ' atmosphere'. There are a lot of negative critiques about this game, but all that aside, it looks awesome! (i think the game is good fun by the way, as long as you don't expect a historical simulation of naval battles)

First scenario just puts two ships on the table, first one to get destroyed or have 8 damage cards to their ship loses)

Starting at opposite sides, the ships must navigate the obstacles to get to each other, So i dropped anchor in the midst with the 'Heldenhammer' (red sails) to force the enemy to take risk to get to me.The red mini in front of the other ship is a cog with an assasin on board sent out by the 'Heldenhammer'. (wich got shot point blank next turn after falling short by half an inch ;D ) A cog loaded with gunpowder had slammed into the 'Heldenhammer' just moments earlier, damaging the ship at the waterline, while killing the first mate and causing a chain reaction in one of the ships powder rooms. this meant that at the start of the turn on a D6 roll of 1 or 2, the ship would take an extra damage card untill repaired, the first mate was no longer available to take over when the captain got killed, and the broadside value suffered a -2 modifier.That lucky cog had dealt me 4 damage cards. (well, as lucky as you can call a small boat packed with gunpowder on a kamikaze mission ;D ;D ;D )

After a few broadsides by both sides, the 'Heldenhammer' rams the 'reaver', only to score one hit out of D6-1 hits. It loses the boarding action, only to be attacked by a leech wyrm afterwards, taking away it's last hull point. Victory to the undead 'reaver'

The decisive attack that won it for the 'reaver'

All in all an enjoyable game, look forward to playing out the next scenario!!
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gary rembo
United Kingdom
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I must admit I find the first scenario not a good example game as the bloody reaver has the ability to self heal and coupled with the repair order and the captains excellent command rating of 2+ The bloody reaver is a very tough ship to hurt in a one on one scenario.
I tend to choose two other ships for a first or learning game.
The bloody reaver needs to be ganged up on.
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