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The rich and powerful of the kingdom keep their wealth safe behind barred doors and armed guards, but you know a guy who's good with locks and another who's good with his fists. Or you know someone who can climb like a monkey, and someone else who could charm the fangs off a snake. How you do it is up to you. The important thing is that there's gold there for the taking, and you're going to take it all.

Assemble your crew. Make your plans. And make sure to keep a careful eye on everyone else, because everyone knows there's no such thing as honor among thieves.

In No Honor Among Thieves each player controls their own crew of thieves, trying to steal the most wealth from the rich and powerful of a fantasy city. To do that, players assign character cards from their crews to get past defense cards guarding the treasure on various objectives, each of which has multiple ways of getting past them. If you bypass every defense in one heist action, you get the treasure. Doing this by yourself may be difficult, so you have the opportunity to work together with other players to stage heists that neither of you could do alone.

Working together, however, opens up the possibility of betrayal. When the first betrayal happens, the nature of the game changes: the thieves' code of honor is broken, for all players and for the rest of the game. The Assassin starts killing other thieves, the Pickpocket begins stealing a cut of every successful heist, and the Fall Guy takes the blame as the game gets more dangerous for everyone.

If you want to, you can play the game cooperatively, taking heists with efficient plans and letting the best thief win. Or you can play it gang warfare style, and use every underhanded tactic you can get your hands on. Either way, at the end of the game, the criminal mastermind with the most coins (and bonus points from Hidden Agendas) wins.

Players: 3-6
Time: 90-120 minutes
Age: 13+

Base Pledge: $45
Shipping: Free in US and EU, $10 elsewhere. EU and US Friendly.

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Father Geek gave No Honor Among Thieves the Father Geek Seal of Approval, and called it "A game that starts off tense and only gets more tense as it continues."

Everything Board Games gave it 8 out of 10 Super Meeples, and said "The deception and backstabbing gets so deep and frequent that you forget who even started it in the first place."

Jonathan Liu of GeekDad said "If you like games that involve stabbing your friends in the back, this will be right up your alley."

Nick Meenachan of Board Game Brawl said, "If you like that pressure, if you like that nuance ... then you should definitely check out No Honor Among Thieves."

Steven Tudor of Polyhedron Collider called it "One of the best Kickstarter games I have reviewed this year", after live-tweeting a playthrough of the game at a game night with his crew earlier in the week.

Undead Viking called it "One of those wonderful, very very thematic euros" in his video overview.


Just now realized that I forgot to post this in the Press Release forum when it went live, so here I am with it now. At the time of this writing the campaign is currently 71% funded, with $20,027 raised out of $28,000. Check it out here.
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