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Subject: The Battle of Crecy 1346 (100 years war) rss

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mark selleck
Alice Springs
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Ok so I have now played through a few of the scenarios from the core game and now I have decided to try something out from the 100 years war expansion. I will start with the Battle of Crecy and I have posted this in the core game forum as I’m not too sure how active the expansion ones are since the game is OOP now.

So with this battle we get to see the English with the long bow and we get to see a new unit type, the Arbalest which the French will be controlling. Also we will be using the Medieval lore rules plus the green infantry units for both side are affected by the frightened rule.
The English receive a command of 6 cards and occupy some good defensive terrain with their archer heavy force.

The French have a command of 5 cards and control a large mixed army with infantry, ranged units and cavalry though they have some high ground they will need to push the English off and they will have to approach through open terrain to get there.

Both sides need to capture 6 banners to claim victory.

The Battle of Crecy, August 26, 1346

Turn 1 (English)
From their position on the high ground the English see the large French army arrayed before them, an order is issue, Green Banners! The long bow men in the front ranks bring down a hail of arrows onto the French flanks. The French regular infantry on both flanks suffer casualties with the infantry on the right pulling back as well.
Draw 2 cards and keep Ambush

Turn 1 (French)
The French see the importance of getting across the open ground as fast as they can and issue Blue Banners. The French front left and centre start advancing forward with some regular cavalry movng up to support.
Take 3 lore

Turn 2 (English)
Seeing the French move on their right the English issue advance to their right flank. Some heavy cavalry moves up on the far right for some support and the long bow men send some more arrows the Frenchs way. The regular infantry on the French left take some heavy losses but they hold fast.
Take 2 lore.

Turn 2 (French)
The French now continue and order an attack in the centre the regular cavalry and infantry rush up the arches on the high ground. Before they go into action the arbalests release their deadly bolts causing losses amongst the arches. The infantry and cavalry fishing off the remainder before the cavalry continue their pursuit but are repulsed by more arches on the hill.
Draw 1 card (mass speed) take 1 lore.

Turn 3 (English)
The English answer the French push with an attack on their right. Some regular infantry move up to the front line with arches in the face of the French cavalry while arches pull back on their mighty bows. The arrows and infantry take their toll on the cavalry and due to the arrows and steep incline the cavalry are unable to counter effectively.
Take 2 lore

Turn 3 (French)
The French continue the melee with an attack on their left. This time the depleted cavalry is sent around to see what damage it can inflict on the English heavies. Some regular infantry move up to shield the weakened infantry behind them and engage the arches. The cavalry punch above their weight and inflict serious damage on the heavies while some light casualties are suffered by both sides in front of the high ground.
Draw 1 card (Evade) and take 1 lore.

Turn 4 (English)
The English now counter attack with the heavy cavalry running down the French cavalry but then are pushed back by the crossbows. The English Infantry and arches are able to destroy some French foot in front of their position.
Draw 1 card (bonus attack) take 1 lore.

Turn 4 (French)
The French now start moving units up from all over the line with a forward order. Some regular infantry and crossbows advance on the right while the heavy cavalry move up in the centre. On the left the French continue to shield their weak units and are unable to cause any real damage with the crossbow.
Take 2 lore.

Turn 5 (English)
The English keep the melee on their right going with an attack order. The heavy cavalry charge back in and cause losses on the crossbow men while the English long bows finish them off.
Draw 2 cards(keep bless and discard bonus attack)

Turn 5 (French)
The French now bring their cavalry out to play and order a mounted charge. The regular cavalry move into the centre of the field while the heavies charge at the English lines. The English seeing the charge ambush the charge on their far right with their own cavalry but only cause slight loss and in turn succumb to the French charge. The French pursue and cause more losses on the English arches on the far flank. In the centre the other heavy cavalry crash into the regulars on the high ground who only suffer lightly.
Draw 1 card (Agility) take 1 lore.

Turn 6 (English)
The English now also order a mounted charge while they still have a cavalry unit on the field. The regular cavalry charge into the French heavies and push them back also causing losses. But the English are in turn forced to retreat with light casualties.
Take 2 lore.

Turn 6 (French)
The French now counter attack and turn this into an epic cavalry fight. Some heavy cavaly mae their way around the English right flank and attack the arches but only cause light damage. The rest of the French cavalry force charge into the centre with the English cavalry being attacked from all sides. The English are able to push back one attack and then a second taking casualties in the process before succumbing to the heavies. The severely weakened heavers pursue up the hill and crash into a unit of regular foot destroying them in the process.
Draw 1 card (sneak attack, discard agility) take 1 lore

Turn 7 (English)
The English right is now becoming desperate, they order an advance and the arches fire at point blank into the heavy cavalry behind their lines. They play bless and the first unit of archers are able to de-saddle all the riders. The second unit target a weak regular unit and finish them off to somewhat stabilise the right.
Take 2 lore

Turn 7 (French)
The French now play an attack in the centre and move all their cavalry to the high ground on the English right to try and collapse that flank. The heavy cavalry make short work of the lone archer out on the far flank while the second unit of archers doesn’t have much of a chance being surround by all the cavalry and nowhere to run. In the end the English right flank is destroyed and the English army have no choice but to retire from the field.

French victory 6 - 5

Well a pretty close one here, I was thinking it looked like the English were going to take this. Both sides had some frustrating turns as well as some good ones. In the end being able to bring up all the French cavalry from the rear proved to be decisive on the English right.
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Pete Belli
United States
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"If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."
Another fine article.
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