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Episode 67 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Sunday, September 18th (since Thursday, September 15th).

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Rivals: Masters of the Deep - Wargame, The Icarus Project, Stellar Armada & Aventuria Adventure Card Game.

(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

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Introduction Overview

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Miniatures Related Projects:

Rivals: Masters of the Deep - Wargame:
Masters of the Deep is about the cutest wargame you’ll ever see! It is an adaptation of the ‘Rivals - Masters of the the Deep’ boardgame, which was on kickstarter some time ago. The campaign basically offers the board game with 55 tremendous miniatures and a separate rulebook to turn the game into a miniatures wargame. I can’t stress enough how much I want people to back this (which is selfish because I want more of those minis). The full pledge is 100 USD for the board game and rulebook, but if you already own a copy of ‘Rivals’, the rulebook is also available separately for 25.
Ends 10-15

Firefly Lasers Tabletop Terrain:
Firefly Lasers is bringing two pretty good looking sets of laser-cut MDF terrains sets: a Full Tavern kit and a Shanty kit, which comes with all kinds of smaller items. If you need some nice stuff on your tabletop, check this out. Both sets are 35 USD each or 60 for both.
Ends 10-14 Pre

The Icarus Project - Starter Sets:
Icarus Miniatures is bringing 2 starter sets for their 35mm scale Icarus Project tabletop skirmisher. The two factions available are Nexus and Alliance and both sets have some very good miniatures coming along with them, which you can buy separately for 6 GBP each or as those starter kits (which contain 5 minis each) for 28.
Ends 10-01

Halfling Wizards and Apprentices:
Midlam Miniatures comes with a range of 8 halfling wizards and apprentices. Pretty cool looking creatures these are! The halflings are 3 GBP each, but get cheaper if you order more with the whole set of eight running at 16.
Ends 10-16

Printable Future City Terrain:
There’s a pretty cool 28mm scale, 3d printable future city terrain range on Kickstarter now as well. Create a grimy looking city like you see in many a Sci-fi movie with your 3d printer and some paint. There’s several packages to choose from, so check it out for yourself!
Ends 10-17 Pre

Magic and Mineral Pools Terrain:
And finally there’s a campaign for handmade Magic and mineral pools for use with your RPG or wargame. I like these pools a lot, the magic ones have a unique quality to them and the mineral blue pools have a very real feel to them. All the pools are handmade and therefore unique in their appearance. The pools come in packs starting at 10 USD.
Ends 09-25


Alphagemz - Island of Adventura:
Boardgames then! First, Alphagemz - Island of Adventura, a war of words and wits for the whole family. It looks a bit like scrabble but with a lot of twists and turns because instead of the simple blocks you use in scrabble you use gem-cards which all have special abilities on them. Defeat the darkness that threatens Adventura! Alphagemz is 35 USD or 50 with the first expansion.
Ends 10-15

Stellar Armada
Stellar Armada is a 1 Dollar micro board game of space combat where the creators eliminated all the hex-space manoeuvring and the focus is solely on combat. Take your spaceship to the limit and beyond and make sure you’re the only one left in space. As said stellar armada is 1 USD for the standard edition, but there’s also a 5 USD deluxe version!
Ends 10-14 Pre

Wopono is a crazy board game about creating a very wacky story about an alien family landing here on earth. A colorful storytelling game where the only limit is you! The Wopono starter set is 26 EUR but there are a lot of things to be unlocked to expand the Wopono universe some more.
Ends 10-16

Card games:

Mars 4:45:
Moving over to card games! Mars 4:45 is a race to establish the first colony on the red planet. You are a mission controller (like for NASA or something) trying to construct all the modules necessary to build yourself a neat little space colony. Are you the first one on Mars? Mars 4:45 is 20 USD.
Ends 10-15

Aventuria Adventure Card Game
Aventuria is an adventure card game in the world of the Dark Eye which you can play both cooperatively and competitively. Be prepared for treacherous monsters, exciting adventures and ill-humoured friends challenging you to duel in a fast-paced character-based game. It also features pretty stunning artwork! Aventuria is 10 EUR for a PnP or 44 for the boxed game. You can also get a full package with all the expansions for 99.
Ends 10-15

F Life:
F Life is a card game about adulthood. Buy Stuff, Get Fired, Contract an STD, eat a sandwich… and Die. The goal of the game is simply to stay alive and go through all the shit life can throw at you for as long as you can.. Before you die. F Life is 25 USD or 32 if you want the horrible Offensive and Illegal Expansion as well!
Ends 10-20

Epic PVP: Magic:
Epic PVP: Magic is a Player Vs Player Magic battle like none before (ok, well maybe Epic PVP: Fantasy, with which it is 100% compatible). Pick a Magic Race and a Magic Class and battle it out with your friends. Fast and furious combat where fun is the Main word! Epic PVP: Magic is 52 USD or if you want the first game Epic PVP fantasy as well it’s 111, but that pledge is only available in the states.
Ends 10-15

Family Plot:
And the final card game is Family Plot. a devious card game where you strive to build your ideal family while trying to prevent other players from killing off your family members one by one. Build your complete family tree and win the game, but of course… Not that easy. Family Plot is 25 USD.
Ends 10-15

RPG Related Projects:

Sun Spots:
First, Sun Spots. A Horror RPG scenario set in 1920’s New England. It was written for the Call of Cthulhu system. Ancient Magic, Unbridled ambition and a new take on an Old God! Sun spots is 10 USD for Digital, 30 for a softcover and 70 for a Deluxe hardcover version.
Ends 10-09

Valor: Villains, Creatures and Foes:
Villains, Creatures and Foes is an Expansion to Valor: the Heroic Roleplaying System. Over 150 new enemies for you to implement into your game as well as rules to design your own. This supplement can be yours for 15 USD digital, 30 if you want the original valor book in PDF as well, 35 for a hardcover version of the expansion or 75 for both books in hardcover editions.
Ends 10-15

The Realms of Rothaen:
And the final RPG is The Realms of Rothaen. A dark pulp setting with modern story elements that is compatible with the Dungeon World System. It’s a Big, very ambitious project of which parts can be yours from 15 USD and Up!
Ends 10-16

Inheritance is a RPG about claiming what’s rightfully yours. It tells the tale of two families coming to terms with forgiveness, debt, religion, law and death. A Powerful drama in three acts which is always unique to the players and their actions. A viking tale for your tabletop which uses player booklets and a deck of cards for the players, which are used to play out all the scenes and stories. Inheritance is 25 for a digital copy and 65 for a paper version.
Ends 10-03 Pre

Boards and Bits Traveler:
There’s one more project I want to mention. It’s not a game, it’s a traveling bag in which you can store up to 20 games. Normally I wouldn’t cover it, because well… It’s not a game, but the creator Steve asked me if I could cover it and since I’m not a bad guy, Why the hell not! Leave the boxes at home, put the boards in the bag, put the bits in smaller bags (which also go in the big traveller bag and you can take more games with you on your holidays then you’d ever imagined. The Boards and Bits traveler bag is 119 USD.
Ends 10-14 After

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