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Take Down the Eldrazi Ruiner!

The rulebook scenario, Take Down the Eldrazi Ruiner! Offers both a 1 vs 2 player or 1 vs 3 player mode. I played the four-player version solitaire. The Ruiner had to destroy all three Planeswalkers or hold out for 28 turns. If the Ruiner was destroyed, the Planeswalkers would secure a victory.

The choosen three planeswalkers and their squads were as follows:
White Planeswalker Gideon accompanied by Kor Hookmasters and Rhox Veterans

Red Chandra Nalaar with Blazing Firecats and Flamewing Phoenixes

Black Liliana Vess surrounded by Blighted Reavers and Skirsdag Cultists

The stage was set and the combatants were ready...

The Ruiner summoned his Scions

And the Ruiner set off towards Liliana.

With Scions closing in on Liliana, she responded by summoning her Blighted Reavers.

Chandra had taken the small plateau. The Ruiner wanted a planeswalker, any planeswalker to die and it's current position in the water left it at the height-advantaged Reavers, so it took three disengagement swipes from them (receiving two hits) in order to reach Chandra and began the beatdown.

Eventually, white's Rhox Veterans moved up the field and secured the +1 Power glyph. Liliana summoned her Skirsdag Cultists.
The Scions had taken a beating and were summoned up again by the Ruiner. Here the tentacled terrors stared down ferocious firecats.

It was pretty much on the plateau the Ruiner remained.
Too many squads keeping the purple pursuer tied down to do much more than battle on.
Each round the Ruiner's tentacles smacked adjacent figures for one damage.

The planeswalkers feared not only for the realm, but for their own safety. Perhaps they should have let sleeping dogs lie...

Liliana was wounded, but was also giving as good as she got.

The Reavers' Necrotic Stench wafted around the battlefield weakening both foe and ally.

Battles were well fought, life teetering on the reliance of defense rolls.

The planeswalkers prevailed and delivered enough damage to defeat the Eldrazi!

Nice work, Walkers!

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