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Subject: DWTK PBEM/PBF Game #1 -- The King is Dead - Turn 3 Summary rss

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David Kilpatrick
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Office: all full

Political Problems: none

Crown Events: Court Ball, King George’s support goes up 10. Court Ball attendance rolls:
a. Sir Jeffrey gains 2 PP +1DRM and a free counsel
b. Countess Elizabeth gained 1 PP +1DRM and a free counsel
c. Knight William gained 3 PP +1DRM and a free counsel
d. Knight Simon was ignored
e. Sir Malcolm was barely noticed
f. Lady Deborah's faction member Sir Charles (High Minister) was killed in a duel after being challenged by Lord Mortimer creating a vacant office. Lady Deborah played Treachery reducing Lord Mortimer's duel rating to 2, no player responses
Lord Mortimer died (roll of 4 for Sir Charles duel rating 6)
Sir Charles died (roll of 1 for Duke Marley duel rating 3-1=2)

Players BEFORE Jeffrey's turn but after the Court Ball.







Sir Jeffrey (Loyalty #14 Sir Richard, Opportunity Favour)

1. Made Prince Phillip a FARC using Royal Alignment event card
2. Successfully courted the favour of Prince Phillip using opportunity counter (+1 IP) and gained 3 IP (no player responses)
3. Recruited Sir Richard
4. Used free counsel to Propose a Royal Extravagance but the Monarch was displeased

Countess Elizabeth (Loyalty #24 Sir Charles, Opportunity Scandal)

1. Recruited Sir Charles (GM/players electing to ignore errata)
2. Made Sir Charles a Henchman using Henchmen event card
3. Used free counsel to Offer Gambling Advice and the Monarch's Pleasure Knew No Bounds to gain 5 PP, 3 IP, and a title increase to Marquise

Knight William (Loyalty #55 Archbishop, Opportunity Any Activity)

1. Recruited ArchBishop
2. Used "Any Activity" opportunity counter as Conduct An Assassination Attempt against Sir Charles, player responses:
a. Sir Jeffrey: Treachery -2
b. Marquise Elizabeth: Informer -2
c. Knight William: Assassination +2
d. Knight Simon: None
e. Sir Malcolm: None
f. Lady Deborah's: None
Assassination successful (modified roll of 10)
3. Used free counsel to offer Gambling Advice and the Monarch was pleased to gain 4 PP, 2 IP

Knight Simon (Loyalty #65 Baroness Melanie, Opportunity Duel)

1. Used "Duel" opportunity counter to have his henchman Earl Francis challenge Duke Marley (Minister of Justice), no player responses.
Duke Marley survived (roll of 5 for Earl Francis duel rating 2)
Earl Francis died (roll of 1 for Duke Marley duel rating 3)
2. As Monarch's Counsel offered Gambling Advice and the Monarch's Pleasure Knew No Bounds to gain 5 PP, 3 IP, and a title increase to Earl

Sir Malcolm (Loyalty #36 Lord Arthur, Opportunity +1 IP)

1. Recruited Lord Arthur
2. Rolled 12 on the Fashion Table to gain 5 PP, +1 DRM
3. Used Extra Activity event card to play Monarch's Counselor event card. Offered Gambling Advice and the Monarch's Pleasure Knew No Bounds to gain 5 PP, 3 IP, and a title increase to Knight

Lady Deborah (Loyalty #44 Duke Marley Minister of Justice, Opportunity +1 IP)

1. Recruited Duke Marley
2. Purchased a +1 DRM cost 2 IP, consulted Business Speculation Table cost 3 IP, rolled 10 to gain 20 IP and +1 DRM. Net gain of 15 IP
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Robert Manning
United States
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A few suggestions:

Under Court Ball, note that Lord Mortimer was the High Minister and was also killed creating a vacant office.

In each Player's section, perhaps also note the Loyalty Counter and Opportunity Counter drawn.

Under Sir Jeffrey's #4, the Counsel was not accepted: the next turn is not automatically a Court Ball.

Under Knight Simon's #1, the rolled 5 was against Earl Francis's duel rating of 2.

Under Knight Simon's #2, IP was repeated for both: it should be 5 PP & 3 IP.
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