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Subject: Scenario: Mr Sinister Releases a New Virus rss

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Corran Thorn
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In this scenario, Mister Sinister has engineered a new virus to toy with the human population of Earth. A quarter of the people in New York have already died painfully from fast-growing cancers and tumors. The initial autopsies revealed that the cancerous cells were actually genetically distinct from their corpses. Panic breaks out as the doctors performing the autopsies begin experiencing their own strange symptoms. Emergency Services abandon the City of New York, hoping to escape from the unknown virus.

Several “heroes” join the fight against the cancer-causing virus, as it has begun mutating in the wild. There are rumors that it has begun to affect mutants as well.

Ratings go from 0-7. 0 = Not at all. 7 = The most, ever.

Narrative (7/7)
Entertaining (4/7)
Overall Quality (6/7)

Mastermind: Mister Sinister
Scheme: The Legacy Virus
Layout: Hero placemat and SHIELD Support decks.
Suggested Villains: Phalanx, Marauders, Maximum Carnage
Suggested Heroes: Doctor Octopus, Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Forge, Deadpool (or other)
Marvel Legendary Base
Marvel Legendary Villains
Paint The Town Red – Expansion
Dark City – Expansion
Below is my own playthrough of the scenario with two teams. The Blue Team, led by Iron Man and Mr Fantastic, tried to use acceptable techniques to stop and destroy the virus. The other team, the Red Team, tended to use less acceptable techniques.

Teams begin researching the virus as SHIELD implores them to begin working immediately. The virus mutates and begins spreading airborne. Several computer labs are setup in preparation for a huge research effort. SHIELD watches as Dr Octopus administers a very early retroviral concoction to one of the Marauders, and it fails spectacularly, eliminating the villain’s immunity and speeding up the growth of the cancer.

Red Team: Mister Sinister captures a Public Speaker to begin spreading propaganda about his new “medicine.” 3 SAs recruit Dr Octopus to begin researching the new virus.
Blue Team: Both players gain a wound from the virus as it spreads airborne. 3 SAs recruit Mr Fantastic to begin massive data mining around the virus to determine a vector or cause.
Red Team: Scalphunter enters the sewers. SAs approve Dr Octopus to begin crazy experiments with virus victims for the good of all.
Blue Team: Demogoblin enters the city with a bystander. SAs call in Iron Man to begin development of a large Arc Reactor to provide more energy to Mr Fantastic’s computers.
Red Team: Virus strikes again, but Dr Octopus’ crazed experiments pay off and he is able to counter the symptoms long enough to avoid further weakening. On the R team, Iron Man’s Reactor with MF’s data mining efforts also pay off as they begin identifying specific proteins at work in many of the victims’ blood samples. Dr Octopus and two STs find Scalphunter in the Bank and he attempts to administrative a very experimental antidote. The antidote fails and Scalphunter dies a gruesome and gory death. Forge appears suddenly and begins setting up further computer labs to continue researching the virus.
Blue Team: Both players feel dizzy as Vertigo enters the city, or is it a new symptom from the virus?
The virus continues mutating as the Blue team struggles to keep up. Mister Fantastic’s research fails to predict an upcoming symptom and claims he needs more computer power. SHIELD continues helping Doc Ock to administer failed retrovirals. Phalanx begins appearing and taking hostages.

Red Team: Virus does mutate again and the Blue Team gains a wound. SAs ask Forge to head into the sewers to look for villains. Dr Octopus finds the villain Vertigo in the sewers helping to spread the virus and administers another failed antidote with the help of 3 STs.
Blue Team: Phalanx(1) reveals itself in the sewers as well. Forge begins helping Mr Fantastic with his computer setup as well.
Red Team: Phalanx(1) captures a bystander. After a Forge computer upgrade, Dr Octopus continues researching and is able to begin even more crazed experiments.
Blue Team: Carrion appears in the sewers as Demogoblin makes it onto the rooftops. Iron Man attacks Phalanx with a ST at the water processing plant, rescuing a bystander. More of Mr Fantastic’s research pays off and they’re able to procure even more resources.
Red Team: Phalanx(2) appears. Deadpool joins the team and begins making puns about Dr Octopus.
Blue Team: Phalanx(3) appears. Maria Hill takes more interest in the virus and looks for more people to help fight it.
Red Team: Demogoblin appears and captures another bystander in the sewers. Demogoblin makes his way onto a bridge, continuing to feed of the chaos and sickness of the virus. Forge and Doc Oct enter the Water Processing plant and makes their way into the sewers. They take out Phalanx and Demogoblin using a series of traps and further experiments. A SA is lost in the activity, but they do discover some interesting facts about the virus and its nano-engineering capabilities. Dr Octopus begins upgrading his octo-suit with this new technology.
Blue Team: Phalanx(4) reinfects the sewers. Iron Man begins research on the quantum properties of the virus. Is the Phalanx and the Technarchy involved with the creation of the virus?
Red Team: Mister Sinister captures another bystander in preparation for the next stage of the virus. Deadpool and Doc Oc test another antidote on the Phalanx(3), but Deadpool kills it before Doc can discover anything. They try again in the sewers, but Deadpool “accidentally” slices that one to shreds too. Deadpool asks if they can try again later.
Blue Team: Blockbuster enters the city, Demogoblin continues to keep the bridge closed to prevent people from evacuating. Iron Man attacks Carron and Blockbuster using a plan devised with Mr Fantastic and Forge, but the computer system was damaged and the research on the quantum properties of the virus were lost. Carrion was hurt but survives due to the computer malfunction. Mr Fantastic discovers further applilcations for his research into the virus and his sponsors reward the project with even more resources.
Red Team: Scalphunter captures two bystanders. Doc Ock’s nano-upgrades to the biomechanical suit pay off. Forge discovers the location of Mister Sinister’s lab and they attack along with 2 STs. This plays along with Mister Sinister’s plans and he captures one of the STs as he evacuates to another lab. He does lose two of his research subjects during the attack though.
Blue Team: From his new lab, Mister Sinister captures another research subject. Mister Fantastic’s loses several sponsors as they lose faith in his ability to succeed. Maria Hill and Forge push forward with new computer projects to fuel the research.
Red Team: Shriek appears. Doc Ock traps Carrion in the streets and just squeezes him to death with his eight tentacles. He laughs maniacally as Carrion’s life drains from his body. “Nothing to feast on this time…heeheeheee!”
Blue Team: More dizziness, as the heroes continue to struggle to defeat the ever-evolving virus and Mister Sinister evil plan.
Red Team: Chimera appears, but she is weakened by the virus as well. Deadpool is handed a new antidote and he goes to the bar and beats a bunch of guys up, and asks for Mister Sinister’s lab. Deadpool finds the lab and trashes it, rescuing two bystanders. The bystander runs back to his news agency and alerts them to what happened. Doc Oct hears the news report, and tries to find Mister Sinister’s new lab, but discovers Vertigo and Chimera at the water plant instead. Deadpool brings back a lab report detailing the genetics of the next strain of Mister sinister’s virus.
Blue Team: Phalanx appears again. Iron Man and an army of STs take out Scalphunter in the streets, rescuing two hostages.
Red Team: Virus mutates, but Doc Oct and Mr Fantastic continue to stay ahead of the symptoms. An ST finds a Phalanx unit stuck in Forge’s trap in the Sewers and easily dispatches it. Iron Man develops a new Repulsor Ray.
Blue Team: Phalanx appears again in the Sewers. Mr Fantastic momentarily loses control of his body as the virus affects his ability to maintain stretchy cohesion.
Red Team: Mister Sinister captures two bystanders leaving a concert outside his lab and begins testing on the next strain. ST takes out another Phalanx in Forge’s trap. Deadpool and Forge capture Shriek so that Doc Ock can test another crazy retrovirus drug. It doesn’t go as planned, and a mutated strain affects Mr Fantastic again.
Blue Team: Mister Sinister captures a paramedic to help further his research. Riots break out as the virus continues spreading and power outages become frequent at the labs. Forge and Iron Man take out Demogoblin on the bridge, allowing people to evacuate again, but a ST is lost to a pumpkin bomb explosion.
Red Team: New virus released from Mister Sinister’s lab, but the symptoms were counteracted by quick thinking from Blue Team’s Forge. Red Team was weakened as Iron Man could not stop it with his new repulsor rays. Forge takes a look at them and makes them stronger through unknown means. Deadpool already knew about the next lab and tweets about it. Iron Man uses the new rays to attack Mister Sinister and trashes the lab down to slag. Mr Sinister quickly leaves, though is heavily wounded. A bystander walks to him after being led telepathically.
Blue Team: Carrion appears. Forge talks to Maria Hill about some computer operations as Deadpool goofs around. Several of them are still recovering from the latest virus symptoms.
Red Team: Phalanx appears and Carrion continues spreading the virus in the water processing plant. Doctor Ock starts another crazy experiment.
Blue Team: Another new strain is released, and Blue Team is not able to counter the new symptoms. Red Team’s Doc Oc finds plenty of resources and the crazy experiments yield several new retroviruses able to counter the new strains’ effects. Deadpool is able to take out Carrion. SHIELD’s Maria Hill gets further involved in finding more resources. This team is hurting from the new strains.
Red Team: A Deadpool doppelganger appears. Forge is able to eliminate a computer system slowdown by rebooting it. Doctor Octopus continues his experiments, testing it on Phalanx, then Deadpool wipes out the Doppelganger of himself. The doppelganger revealed the location of the last lab, and Deadpool and Doctor Octopus set out to destroy this last one. They easily destroy the lab, and Mr Sinister is isolated from any of his henchmen. He is captured as he tries to escape this fourth lab.
Blue Team: Iron Man, Forge, and Mister Fantastic take custody of the prisoner Mister Sinister. They devise a holding cell for Mr Sinister and place him inside. The cell is driven by an AI and is constantly changing to prevent escape. He is not allowed any access to guards or medical tools.
Blue Team: 19 points. 2 bystanders rescued, and Mr Sinister defeated once during Final Showdown. 2 wounds from the virus.
Red Team: 60 points. Multiple bystanders rescued, and 4 hits to Mr Sinister. 2 wounds.
Only 6/12 virus strains were released. Only 50% close to losing. Not close at all.
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