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Episode 57 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Monday, September 19th - 7PM CET to Wednesday, September 21th - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Under My Bed.

Sad Kickstarter Story: Manaforge
RPG Spotlight: Lotus Dimension

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Miniatures Related projects:

Draconian Team:
The Draconian fantasy football team from Willy miniatures is getting funded… as usual. All the stretch goals are unlocked so you get the most bang for your buck as well. I’m kind of curious what the next team will be, because well.. There’s probably going to be one. The whole team is 75 EUR which includes worldwide shipping.

Hidden Forest Terrain:
If you’re into Guildball or Warmachine MK3, HiddenForestGaming is bringing a couple of 2D gaming obstacles for your tabletop games. Rough Ground, Fast Ground, Obstructions, Trenches, Forests… you name it, it’s there. There’s a lot of options so for pricing you’ll have to check out the campaign yourself.

Halfling Skeletons:
The campaign for the very cool-looking halfling skeleton archers is doing very well, raising its funding target tenfold! Cute isn’t the right word, but they sort of are! They’re 30 USD for 6, 40 for ten, 60 for 20 and so on. If you get the 60 USD pledge or higher, three of the ‘regular’ archers will be replaced by a Musician, Standard Bearer and a very cool Champion (which sits on another halfling’s neck to appear taller… he has issues, I presume…)

Card games:

Under My Bed
Card games then. Under My Bed is a very cute, pay-what-you-want, bluffing and deduction microgame about a kid in a monster costume trying to figure out which monster is underneath the bed. Ask strategic questions (which can only be used once) to either figure out which monster is under the bed or which player is the kid. Monsters can only tell the truth, the kid however can lie as much as he wants. Under My Bed is whatever you think it’s worth! Also US backers can add 5 USD for a deluxe version of the game, which adds another 3 unique monsters.

Cat Clash:
Cat Clash is a dice-rolling, card-clashing, cat-herding game about cats. Alleycats, Farm cats, Fancy Cats, Monster cats, ninja cats… You name it! Hard as much cats as you can and defend them with your life (or protection cards to be more precise) and try to sabotage your opponents. Cat Clash is 25 USD.

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Cards of Liberty:
Cards of Liberty is a Cards against Humanity variant about the history of the United States and its founding fathers and that includes Benjamin Franklin’s letter about flatulence. Cards of Liberty is 15 USD for a PDF version of 200 cards, 20 for 350 digital cards and 30 for the full 400 card deck in physical form.

Sad Kickstarter Story - Manaforge
The Sad Kickstarter Story is about Manaforge. A Dice rolling, resource management, equipment crafting game about the magical artifacts that are scattered around the world, but no one knows where they come from. You own a magic shop where you try to sell your newly crafted magic items and try to make a living. It sounds like fun and looks very good but they probably encounter something a lot of projects have found to be their deathbed: custom dice. They just make everything incredibly expensive! A game which doesn’t have THAT many components simply can’t cost 49 USD, 69 if you calculate international shipping. I wish I would have had the time to play the Tabletopia demo of the game so I could actually say something useful about whether it would be worth it or not but as it looks it may be a little too expensive for my taste. So no magical crafting… And that’s sad.

RPG Spotlight - Lotus Dimension:
The RPG spotlight is shining on Lotus Dimension. A game with its roots in traditional RPGs but every conflict should be solved in a non-violent way. Scripted Quests will take you to a futuristic world where there’s portals to other ones where you’ll have to explore the realms, solving all problems by telling a great non-violent story. Try causing as little harm as possible and keep your karma right on track. RPG spotlight: Lotus Dimension! It’s 25 USD for the Starter Set or 60 for the starter set and 3 expansions.

RPG Related Projects:

The Domes of Ishaq Zahur:
The Domes of Ishaq Zahur is a classic adventure dungeon setting with devilish puzzles, challenging encounters and a Dynamic story for 5th edition and Pathfinder. There are plans to turn it into a complete adventure path but for now they’ll probably have to do with just getting the basics funded, but that’s a good start, isn’t it? The Domes of Ishaq Zahur is 15 USD for Digital.

American Sunset:
And finally today, American Sunset. A RPG set in a fictional post-Civil War Wild West created by High Stakes Press. It features a simple and flexible system that still contains enough depth to satisfy the more experienced players. It tries to blend the fictional Western genre with the true history of the American West! American Sunset is 8 USD for a digital copy or 25 for a physical one.
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