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Subject: ideas for neuroshima hex expansion rss

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keith thompson
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It would be great if portal games could come out with another box set with new factions and a whole new board just like "babel 13" and "duel". There could be another story line to the saga

here's some of the fan creation faction's that i think would make a great addition to the Neuroshima hex! universe. (this is just my preference,its open for debate as all fans are welcome to share ideas and creations). I am a fan of Neuroshima hex! and I would like to see this game universe expand.

1)Ice warriors by Lien Rag (LienRag99) ( concept of putting the enemies tile face down when attacked by freezing ability. The army looks well balanced )may be there could be a back story to this faction such as a military research facility in the north pole conducting research in cryo-technology was unaffected by the war due to total isolation. Now they have join forces with "Outpost" to push back the "Moloch" threat

2)The Kurokage Clan by Dustin Crispo - Their origins are a mystery. Believed to have originated from Japan, a clan of cybernetic ninjas, attacking from the shadows only to vanish completely into thin air, leaving behind nothing but a little smoke and a lot of confusion. While members operating close to the HQ manage completely unnoticed. Without being seen the Kurokage clan have managed to extract poison from neojungle, but they believe that their greatest weapon of all is not the sword, or the shield or even the gun...It is the element of surprise. Their reasons for emerging now is to seek out new resources.

special ability SHADE- (moon symbol) your tile is blacked out from view of other players. You do this, by simply putting the tile on the board face down. It remains hidden until the start of the next battle, or unless an ability such as net or move becomes activated.

3)Xenomorphs by dexMilano- ( faction has two HQ's one when the queen is in the hive damage counter starts at 10 and the other when the queen is in fury where the damage counter drops to 4 )

-acid splat ability- when attacked enemy units receives a damage token as well

-facehugger insemination ability- enemy unit can be replaced with one of your own if successfully infected.

*due to franchising rights probably a rework of this faction is in order
to avoid any lawsuits

the back story to this faction could be something like this:

Area 51 was unaffected by the war. The "moloch" army tried to assimilate
new technology into their fold. little did they know that these extraterrestrials could not be controlled. Lead by a brood queen these creatures broke free from their captives and are on the loose. They have become a menace to everyone. Hives sprung up all over the continent.

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