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I had a few rules questions after my first game and found them answered on the forum, as thankfully Jake hangs around However they are in 10 threads so thought I would pull them together into a single place for future new players.

Hopefully Jeff doesn't mind as this is totally unofficial - please just let me know if anything is incorrect!

When you draw a Yellow/Income and Black/Debt cube triggering the Early Repayments result, can you spend those cubes? And if you do, do you avoid the cuts that the Black/Debt cube would have caused? AND
If I draw a yellow cube and a cube of another colour, then use the yellow cube to fund or bank, do I still do the event?

The sequence of events is:
- Resolve Event
- Perform Cuts
- Optionally Fund Institutions or Bank in Treasury

If you choose to take the Early Repayment option, then you Spend the yellow cube to Remove the black cube, which results in neither cube remaining in the Current box... so no cuts but no funding/treasury.

If you choose not to take the Early Repayment option, then both cubes remain in the Current box. So you have to perform cuts, then in the Fund step you fund an institution or bank the yellow.

Can I use the "Early Repayments" option and use a yellow cube from the treasury for the repayments, and then use the yellow cube I just drew to fund an institution?


Can I pay a loan to remove a black debt cube from the current area before the effect kicks in? Say I draw double debt cubes and I have two yellow income cubes in the treasury, can I get rid of those debt cubes?

Once you've drawn your event, that event happens whatever else you do.

So, for example - if you draw two black cubes and then immediately remove one of them and two money using the "Pay Loan" action, then:
- You still perform the Economic Downturn event, because you still drew the two cubes and you always perform an event every draw.
- After the event, you have a single black cube in your current area, so you must perform cuts (!) - probably because you've just blown a load of money on paying off debt early despite the economic downturn.

However, if you drew a black and a red, giving you the "Political Corruption" event, and immediately used two money to remove the black cube, then:
- You still perform the action, and reduce Popularity by one
- After the event, you have a single red in your current area and no black, so you don't perform any cuts.

Is the scenario "Economic Crash" just the same as the base game?


May I spend a yellow income cube I have in the treasury to fund an institution?

No, you can't. You can spend the yellow income cubes from treasury only for events.

Is there a limit to how many times I can perform an action?

No, however an action cannot prevent an event from occuring

When using Welfare State to cancel events, does it take one Welfare cube or two?
Can the drawn Welfare cube be Spent to cancel Welfare Cheats?

It only takes one cube to cancel an event, but you can only store two Welfare cubes in your treasury at any one time, and it must be spent from your treasury.

As designed, welfare cubes must be in the treasury before the event was drawn to be used on that event. The general rule is that once the draw is made, the cubes should stay in current until the event is resolved, and then you can do whatever you like with them if you have the opportunity.

But realistically, the cost for cancelling the event is that you Spend the welfare cube, meaning it's gone from your budget bag. So can be house ruled.
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