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Yosef Bender

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This is more than just the standard spreadsheet. I have had programmed all sorts of cool macros and sound effects>
for example: when you go to the spell worksheet you can copy and paste the spells cells over to the Wizard "in game" worksheet to make a custom list for your spell casteres. Whenever you press on the spell icon you hear the spellcaster casts a spell then it rolls a D20 compares it against the difficulty of the spell and if successful, the computer plays a success spell sound effect and if a failure. It plays a fail sound. Also, when you transfer over to the apprentice slots . Be sure to copy the spell difficulty cell below the cell You're pasting in it will automatically add +2 to the difficulty of the roll. You do have to manually add difficulty to the wizards spell difficulty based on what Wizard you have, but once it's done it's there to stay.

You can also put in the stats for fight, shoot and will and it will give you the results through sounds or verbal explanation.Keeps track of experience points, and gold a vault for magic items pretty much everything you need to do to keep the data of your game. I create a separate spreadsheet for each of my wizards

All the monsters (with sounds) , magic items,potions,scrolls, spells, from the first three supplements and main book are in the spreadsheet with a pic and notes explaining you can make random monster lists for encounters, there's a roller for random monsters where they appear on the board. There is a way to keep up maintenance on your war band, there are several house rules that are programmed into the spreadsheet . If they're not applicable to your rule set just ignore. my house rules can be found here:

I plan on continuing to refine the program I'm using a guy in Pakistan to program the macros , Have already spent a couple hundred dollars and countless hours. So if you want to donate and keep the work going just think of it like you're buying me a cup of coffee to say thanks. send $3.50 or more through pay pal to and please everybody give me feedback, ideas I want to keep making this awesome ! anyone that want to help I welcome.this is for the community
I couldn't figure out how to upload the file folder to boardgamegeek so

Here is the one drive link .!AnJq9EtpEG7JhOZqgNlZ6Acd6xI83w

This is my personal one drive. Please do not upload to it, just download

It's best to create a folder called Frostgrave program and load the subfolders into that folder

Then open up the most current version go to the last work sheet called "folder path" and put in the pathway to that fostgrave program folder/
save and then enable macros. I'm hoping to get a screen video capture program (any recommendations) so I can make some training videos. There are still places that you had to manually cut and paste some places have automatic transfer buttons. IMPORTANT always have a safe backup copy that you don't use in case you mess something up, because it's an ecell program that you control. It's real easy to do the wrong thing and screw up the programming.
looking forward to comments and feed back, I tried to add comments in cells to help explain things ,

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