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Episode 68 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Tuesday, September 20th (since Sunday, September 18th).

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Race for the Kingdom, Saga of the Northmen, Planet Rush, Mystic ScROLLS & Über Epic.

(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

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Miniatures Related Projects:

Bombshell Babes III:
There’s a new Bombshell Babes campaign on Kickstarter, simply called Bombshell Babes III. Pick what you want from 6 initial sculpted babes, ranging from babes that remind me a lot of Charlie’s Angels to several more adventurous looking women. The campaign is already funded and the first stretch goal is nearly unlocked, so expect more and more babes to hit the shelf. The Bombshell babes are 8 USD each or pick the Bomb Level pledge for 50!
Ends 10-01


Race for the Kingdom
Boardgames! Race for the Kingdom Is a game of epic Angels, superpowers and strategy. A race to develop, expand or rapture god’s kingdom. You are an angel gifted with powerful unique abilities. Race around the earth to build and seek the Kingdom Come. Race for the Kingdom is 39 USD but is only available for Canada and the States.
Ends 10-20

Saga of the Northmen
Saga of the Northmenis a lightweight Dark Ages wargameof shifting Alliances and area control. Take your clan of Northmen to medieval europe and use your influence cards to get a firm place on the map. Trade, plunder and pillage for ultimate control and become the welthiest viking in Europe. Saga of the Northmen is 3 USD for a PnP or 39 USD for the boxed copy.
Ends 10-14 Pre

Planet Rush
Next, Planet Rush by Victory Point Games. The planet of Zenobia needs developing and it’s up to you whether you want that to be for potential colonists or maybe just to make you feel good. It’s a euro-style game of bidding, bluffing and profit-taking where you can take your corporate faction into space and into fame. Planet Rush is 29 USD
Ends 10-19 After

Moai Tectonic:
And the last board game is Moai Tectonic: a tile-laying game where you have to match up islands to gain villagers of one (or two) color(s). But there’s a lot of twists, because there’s always some special rules in effect, like sacrificing villagers for an advantage, which are drawn from a separate card deck. Be the first one to 15 villagers and win the game! Moai Tectonic is 7 GBP. You do need to supply the villager tokens and such yourself, but that’s why the game is so cheap (and you probably have like a gazillion wooden cubes lying around anyway).
Ends 10-19 After

Card games:

Lore - Fate’s Challenge:
Card Games! Lore - Fate’s Challenge is an easy to learn card game where you are one of Fate’s Muses and have only one goal: Create Lore! The game in essence is a set-collecting game (so there’s a little luck involved) but players decide themselves how big a luck factor is there! And then there’s battles with sorcery cards, Curses popping up… not your regular set-collection game. Lore - Fate’s Challenge is 5 USD for a PnP or 20 For the physical version.
Ends 10-19 Pre

Summon - Egyptian Heka:
Next, Summon - Egyptian Heka is a fast-paced and easy-to-play strategy card game where you compete to become the most powerful summoner in all of ancient egypt. Use the elements to your advantage to gather Life, which you can then use for summoning. Please the Egyptian Gods and Win Summon! It’s 160 HKD.
Ends 10-29

Mage Rage:
The Final Card game is Mage Rage, a Deck building game about Mages Raging, blasting magical spells at each other, trying to be victorious. Purchase spells with mana and they’ll be in your hand for the next turn. Battle it out and reduce your opponent’s life to zero and win! Mage Rage is 15 USD.
Ends 10-19 After

Dice Games:

Mystic ScROLLS
There’s a fast-paced Dice Game called Mystic ScRolls! Become a wizard and gain the knowledge from ancient scrolls. 44 custom dice are to be rolled in a real-time battle to match up for the spells on the table which can be claimed by the first one gathering the right ‘mana’. There’s Magic Flying everywhere! Mystic ScRolls is 23 GBP.
Ends 10-14 Pre

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

DonkeyCorn is a Dialogue-Inspiring game that aims to improve your relationship. Each card has an instruction on it which opens up a conversation between the two, which might (or might not) put your relationship in a better place. Talk, Feel Creative and take on different roles ranging from humorous to philosophical and at time.. Plain ridiculous. Find the DonKEY to your heart. DonkeyCorn is 27 EUR for the base set and 37 for the base + the expansion.
Ends 11-03

RPG related Projects:

Dungeons on Demand IV:
Dungeons on Demand 4 is a collection of 4 pre-made adventures for 5th edition. Each module contains a dungeon back story, Adventure hooks and quests, a hand-drawn map of the entire dungeon for the GM and much, MUCH more. Each Dungeon is only 5 USD!
Ends 10-14 Pre

Sky ov Crimson Flame:
Sky ov Crimson Flame (and that’s not a typo) is a new adventure compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG System. A 0-level adventure where you take control of a group of peasants in an attempt to unravel the mysterious disappearance of fellow villagers and (hopefully) stop a dark ritual that would bring doom to all of the land. Sky ov Crimson Flame is 5 USD for PDF and 10 for a printed copy.
Ends 10-19 Pre

Morningstar Starship Poster Map & Mini:
Ryan Wolffe brings a very detailed 24 by 36 inch map of a beautiful spaceship called the Morningstar. The ship is so big that it covers the whole of BOTH sides of the poster-map. There’s also a resin miniature of the ship available which you can use on any tabletop overview map. The Morningstar poster is 5 USD for digital, the miniature is 12, a printed poster is 22 or you can get two for a special price of 30 (since it’s so big!)
Ends 10-11

Empire’s Reign (Relaunch):
The relaunch of Empire’s Reign for the Ninja Crusade 2nd edition is on Kickstarter now. Expand the Ninja Crusade universe with new character types and new tactics to use in the shaolin wars. Thie over-the-top ninja-action expansion is 10 USD for the PDF and there’s a LOT of other options, including the original source-book so check it out for yourself!
Ends 10-09

Plight of the Tuatha Module Series:
The Plight of the Tuatha Module series is being converted to 5th Edition rules. The conversion covers 5 books which total in over 500 pages of material! If pathfinder isn’t your thing, but 5th is.. Check this one out! So many options to pledge for so no prices here.
Ends 10-20

The Final RPG is Arcana. An innovating Sci-Fi Fantasy RPG with a new ‘Forge your own Path’ System. A large selection of races, worlds, enemies and even different time eras (which change the available equipment. This projects seems to have so much new things implemented into it, you should check it out for yourself. The rulebook is 20 AUD for PDF or 30 if you want the Bestiary as well!
Ends 10-20

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Über Epic (Relaunch): relaunch
Uber Epic is being relaunched! It’s a social competitive battlefield strategy board game of attack, defense and revenge! Far into the distant near future, the universe has proven to be a huge disappointment. People are largely mediocre. Cheeseburgers are dry and flavorless. But, one remote planet may hold the key to epicness. Nay, make that UBER EPICNESS! As the general of your own rag-tag army of mercenaries, it's time to seize your destiny. I Love that piece of writing! I wish there was more graphics on the page so I could actually see what it was about, but the 1 minute 29 video looks pretty Well... Epic. Anyway, Uber Epic is 65 USD!

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