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Hey all!

I was twiddling my thumbs, wondering what to do this afternoon and decided to give this game a try.

I didn't need to print anything. Since I own a bunch of TCG cards from way back then, I just wrote in blank paper the leveling up box and effect for every card. Took me a while, but I had fun choosing possible candidates that would match the 'badassness' and effect of the '(Your Name Here) and the Argonauts' cards with their artwork.

Had fun.

Even thou luck is of most importance in the outcome of a leg of the adventure (a.k.a. dice rolling, card combination drawing), so are the decisions you make in each leg.
Choosing which card will you push your luck for or which you will not risk at all:


"But there's a level 6 Hydra next to it"


Also choosing not to fight a monster and sacrifice crew it's a valid strategy to secure a treasure or another fight, this at the same time makes the next adventure deck a bit easier (since those monsters won't level up).

This issue renders fighting (and your surviving crew) pointless at the final rounds.

Realizing this at the very first adventure, I came with a solution and implemented it right away into my gameplay. this are the two changes i'm proposing:

(1) If you manage to survive the adventure without casualties, you get One Heroic Deed. No man was harmed, you deserve it. thumbsup

Since this would lead to the possibility of getting more Heroic Deeds at the end of an Adventure (max 4 points), I balanced the Player's Card in this fashion:

(2) Adding the second Apollo's Blessing and the second Zeus' Blessing should cost 2 Heroic deeds instead of 1. meeple

This is because adding rule (1) could lead to a short easy game (blessings are op). But this too depends on luck and strategy (in one playthrough, I only manage to make all my crew survive twice)

That would be it, thanks for a good game.

Your face when you draw 'Sword of Peleus', 'Argo' and 'Hera's Blessing' in the first draw of your first adventure:

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