Charles Hasegawa
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I painted four villagers just for this encounter! Read about it here.

Castle Daereon
Encounter 1
After defeating Splig, Frederick was taken to see Baron Greigory. On the advice of the Baron, the heroes have set off down river to search for Sir Palamon - one of the Shadow Binders. As they approached Daerintown in the evening, they heard a strangled cry for help - the Overlord's forces were stealthily attacking the town, with the castle the next obvious target. The hero's guide informed them that there are four beacons in the village, which may alert the Castle of the pending danger.

No events during travel this time.

Setup is two open groups, which end up being the Flesh Moulders (by the river) and Barghests (in the cabin). In the next encounter, the Overlord is going to power up from any villagers killed in this encounter, so I need to limit the monster's access to them as much as possible. Pretty much doubt I can do much for the villager in the cabin (Vikings fan). That's ok, the Vike fans are lame.

All setup

First event out the gate is Pain Wave - all the heroes failed their test and suffered 2 wounds. Quellen uses Explosive Rune as an attack, killing one minion and heavily wounding the other Flesh Moulders. His follow-up attack takes out the master. The remaining minion attacks the villager and heals himself a bit. Avric moves up and then shows he too can do like the Flesh Moulders - he kills the remaining minion and heals himself a wound. The Vikings fan somehow manages only a single wound from the Barghest's onslaught (broom of shielding +5 ?). Thetherys moves up and uses her Greedy ability to search - and finds a stamina potion, so she uses her remaining Stamina to move next to the beacon. The villagers put aside their football loyalties and make a break for the gatehouse in the center of the map, opening all the doors.

That wasn't so bad.

Flesh Moulders reinforce (master). Global event - Accuracy (blue X counts as nada, not a miss). Tetherys gulps her stamina potion and then lights the first beacon and moves to protect the village people.

Not those village people.

The Flesh Moulder has nothing to do, so moves. Avric moves to the gatehouse and searches, also finding a stamina potion, but saves his for later. Apparently the Barghests were toying with their food as the Master Barghest leaps forward and gulps down the Vikings fan. Quellen runs into the gatehouse and lights the second of the beacons. The villagers shut the door behind the heroes and do their best to get out of the way.

Tetherys' Cloak of Updrafts really bothers Avric

New event is a global - Shiny. Search is worth an extra 25 gold! Quellen goes for another blast, but only gets a couple of minor wounds on the minion Barghests. The Flesh moulder again advances closer then heals a Barghest (wait, shouldn't that wound them? They are undead...). Thetherys expands some fatigue to move into range and light off the third beacon. Despite all of their best effort, the Barghests only manage to suck a single fatigue out of Tetherys. Avric elects to leave the gatehouse and puts a Barghest minion out of its misery. Green Bay Packer fan says, "screw you guys!" and slams the door shut behind the heroes.

A new global event replaces the the previous one - this one reflects a damage back on hereoes when they cause any. Avric elects to end this rather than keep on going. He starts exerting fatigue and gulps a potion along the way. He reaches the last beacon un-obstructed and lights it.

As the last beacon sputters to life, an answering light flares on the tall dark walls of Castle Daereon. The blare of crude war-horns fills the air and the Overlord's minions turn as one, abandoning the village to race towards the castle. The heroes follow after and ensure Sir Palamon survives the night.

Castle Daerion part 2
When the heroes reach Castle Daereon, they find the gates already torn assunder by a mighty Ettin. The castle's guards stuggled valiantly, but they were no match for the Overlord's assault. "The Black Night," one guard gasps, "Sir Alric is here!" Things may turn out for the best if the heroes can buy sir Palamon enough time to rally the reinforcements!

Setup for Encounter 2

The open group for the encounter is Flesh Moulders again. Our first event is a global that gives heroes disease if they fail a test after killing a monster. Using his hero ability, Quellen recovers some fatigue and uses that to fire off his Exploding Rune attack. He targets the master Flesh Moulder with an Arcane Bolt followup, but barely does any damage. Avric takes out the master and a minion Flesh Moulder and gets diseased for his effort. The Master Ettin moves in to beat on Sir Palamon and start his pounding. Tetherys use her throwing knives to eliminate the last Flesh Moulder and then rests to gain back her fatigue. Finally, the master Zombie immobilizes Sir Palamon and attacks, but the knight manages to hold of his slow attacker from hurting him further. The militia arrive and move up to defend their knight. Sir Palamon then manages to summon another militia. One down.

A Flesh Moulder master joins the party. The new event is a new global - Infectious. All conditions on an attacker are transfered to the defender. Quellen uses his heroic power to rush into the throne room and... search. He gleefully pockets a health potion. Alric Farrow turns the corner and bears down on Sir Palamon. Avric is still diseased and advances, but he too stops his movement to search. He finds nothing! The Ettin hits and then tries to throw Palamon, but is unable to get a good grip on him. Tetherys uses a double move to try and join the fray. The Flesh moulder moves into position, but is unable to land a blow. The zombie gets in a small swipe on Palamon. The milita are moving into the throne room and since Sir Palamon can't move, he manages to summon another milita. Two down.

Another Flesh Moulder has joined the party. It is getting crowded in here, but I like the odds so far. The new global event is "Unwelcome" and has to do with doors - there are no doors, so nobody cares. Quellen moves up and goes for another blast. 4 hearts + 2 pierce! Alric gets right in the face of Palamon and starts swinging. Tetherys slides over to Palamon's side and uses Dirty Tricks to injury and stun Alric. The Ettin's attack is blocked, but he picks up and throws Palamon into the labratory and away from his defenders. Avric takes out the master Flesh Moulder to avoid as much healing on Alric as he can. The minion Flesh Moulder hits Palamon for a little and backs off. The master Zombie immobilizes Avric and then whacks him one. Sir Palamon again summons a militia. Three down, two more needed.

Master Flesh Moulder reinforcement appears next to Palamon. The new event is a hero event! Global event that when a monster suffers any amount of damage, monsters within 2 spaces suffer 1 damage. Quellen takes a momenet to use his belt to cure Avric of his disease and then fires an Arcane Bolt off at Alric (miss). Alric moves over to where Palamon was thrown and drops the hammer. Palamon is down to 14 life. Avric can't move and is unable to damage the master Zombie at all. The Ettin is confused (as am I). He threw Palamon where he can't get to him due to the other guys in the room. He has reach and tries a swipe at Avric, but misses, then moves to close in on another target. Tetherys tries to take advantage of the Ettin getting in close, but only manages a single point of damage on the brute. The new master Flesh Moulder heals Alric a bit then hits Palamon. His minion tacks on another. He's down to 12 now. The zombie wants a piece of Palamon, but can't quite manage a hit. The Militia take out the Zombie and then start in on Alric and the Ettin. A little splash damage on the Flesh Moulders is a nice bonus. Palamon is trapped where he's at, but summons another militia. Four of five summoned.

Another Flesh Moulder enters play. The new event takes away my great event and gives monsters the ability to fly. Avric is blocked off from Alric, so moves up to the Ettin and takes a swipe. Alric swipes at Palamon - he's down to 10 life now. Its going to be close. Tetherys is poking the Ettin with the pointy end, but only lands a point of damage - still more life left in the brute. The brute gets off a monster hit for 8, but Avric rolls double three on the shield and is happy to go home with two damage. The enraged Ettin picks him up and tosses him away for another though. Quellen uses Runic Knowledge and his Arcane Bolt to end the Ettin threat. The Flesh Moulders heal Alric and take Palamon down a hair to 9 life. Palamon moves and then... summons the last militia for the hero win.

Suddenly there is a crash and a dozen armored soldiers burst into the keep, driving the Overlord's forces back. "Thank you heroes," says Sir Palamon, leaning on his sword. "I fear that an evil I defeated long ago stirs once more. Dragonlord Gryorn must not be allowed to return!" The old man lifts his sword and sighs through his ash-gray mustache. "My sword was not equal to the task. Come, as we must return to Arbynn, and the Barons"
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Fox Reinard
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Tatsu wrote:
The Flesh moulder again advances closer then heals a Barghest (wait, shouldn't that wound them? They are undead...).

Flesh Moulders don't use holy power to heal. They heal by transforming the flesh, repairing damage done to the body by magically changing it.

How they heal Wraiths and Shades, that's what I want to know.
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Kristabelle Du Bast
United Kingdom
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Very nice read, thank you. And the village people extra is cool!
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