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Episode 58 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Wednesday, September 21st - 7PM CET to Friday, September 23rd - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Underlings of Underwing, Tiny Armies, Word Domination & Deck Quest.

Sad Kickstarter Story: None
RPG Spotlight: The Complete Rosloff Keep Campaign

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Miniature Related Projects:

Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes:
The Phalanx Consortium is ringing a range of 6 to 10mm scale cityscape terrain. It contains all kinds of differently sized futuristic city buildings, from small, low ones to the highest tower you can imagine. Bring your mech-based tabletop game to life with these good looking buildings. Pick whatever you want from this combination campaign!

Resin Ancient Ruins Wargaming Scenery:
Another very good-looking terrain range is coming from Worldsmith Industries: It’s a multipart Ancient ruins set and boy does it look good! The campaign offers everything to fill a 3 by 3 feet table with everything you’d need for a skirmish in what looks like the remains of ancient ROme or Greece. You can pick any part you want but the complete set amounts at 300 USD. NOte that it can only be shipped to the United States, which is sad, but good for my wallet.


Underlings of Underwing
The ‘Board game’ Underlings of Underwing is a game of Colour Theory and Dragons in which you infuse and hatch dragon eggs and become the greatest of Dragon Lord! A worker-placement game where you must gather the right kind of colour elements so you can gather your dragon and grow it into a Huge monster! Combine colours to make new ones and expand your options even further! I love the look of this game and backed it the second I saw it! Underlings of Underwing is 29 USD or 49 if you want it to ship with the deluxe playmat!

Card Games:

Tiny Armies
Card games next! Tiny Armies is a game where you’ll have to build your army, destroy your enemies but mostly have fun! Fill your player board with a well-balanced army and take on your opponent! I really like this one as well, it looks good and as far as I can see it should be fun! Tiny Armies is 5 CAD of a PnP or 19 CAD for the boxed copy.

Wizardy Playing Cards:
Wizardry playing cards is a set of originally 36 Harry-Potter inspired cards with which you can play a pumped up version of go fish! The cards are pretty well illustrated and probably a must for magic / Potter fans! The deck has been expanded to 54 cards already so go see if it’s for you! The Wizardry Deck is 20 USD.

Word Domination
Word Domination is an award-winning game of being a supervillain who must spell enormous words, steal artifacts, wielding devious powers & conquering the world! It looks like a very promising strategy AND word game with multiple ways of claiming your throne of Supervillainy! The game has raised over 100K already with over 2500 backers, so this one might be one NOT to miss out on! Word Domination is 30 USD.

RPG Spotlight: The Complete Rosloff Keep Campaign:
The complete Rosloff Keep Campaign is a mega-dungeon compiled from Folios 1 through 6 in 1st and 5th edition rules. Join the company of the Ivory Scimitar and take on the dangers of a ‘living’ dungeon in the hopes of finding the key to immortality. 6 gazetteers, 6 adventures, 6 mini-adventures and much, much more in a 128 page hardcover sourcebook! The COmplete Rosloff Keep Campaign is 25 USD for PDF or 50 for the hardcover version.

RPG related Projects:

Deck Quest
Deck Quest is an easy-to-learn, open-ended RPG card Game. flexible rules, adventures that unfold on the spot in a new take on the RPG genre, which can even surprise the GM becuse of the randomized decks! Deck Quest is 25 USD.
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