Bojan Prakljacic
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Across the river (prone to changes)

me, Bojan Prakljacic

Coming back from the market jolly peasants have to transport their goods over the river by a barge. But, they are confronted with a long lasting dilemma: how to put the goat, the cabbage and the wolf on the same boat, and will the wolf eat the goat, or will the goat eat the cabbage, or will the barge owner steal the goat while going across? Minimize your losses, or get back to your village empty handed...

Number of players: 4-6

Suggested play time: 15 - 20 min

List of components: (prone to changes)

36 goods cards
8 barge-master cards
8 event cards
1 folded rule book
6 player tokens in various colors
1 folded tile of a barge
12 grocery list cards (hidden win conditions, bonuses to final score)

game is in the Idea Phase (Private Playtesting. No publicly available printed components yet.)

Game rules are still in scribbles. No artwork yet (but I know how the overall look of the game should be, cartooney, stylish and light). Might add some components due to early wip stage.

The main idea is as follows:

Game is split in 2 phases: Market phase and Transport phase.

In Market phase players will draft goods from the available goods deck. When they acquire 8 goods cards they will go to Transport phase. Goods cards will have multiple use as long they are not placed on the barge. Once committed to the barge they will either go across or something will happen to it. Every goods card that players manage to ship across will became their points. The player with most points after 4 rounds of play is the winner (+bonuses from the grocery list).

Goods Cards are played face-down on the barge tile with player's tokens above them to know which goods belong to which player. When the shipping start, they will be turned over and affect each-other. How will that happen will also depend on the barge-master cards (played face up). It will be possible to bribe the barge-master before the trip using some goods cards from the hand (optional) which can affect how the barge-master will conduct during the trip across (he might turn a blind eye when your goat eats someones cabbage or he can decide to take someone's bag of tomatoes, give them to you and then lie that they fell into river during transport), also there might be some event that will help or hinder some players (optional content)

It is a simple and light game of hand management and card interactions, with some 'take that' options.

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