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Saint Charles
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Starting a new big box/cycle with my One Deck to Take Them All On! Visit the geeklist for all other quests' session reports to this point.

Intruders in Chetwood

The ranger, Iarion, loudly bursts into Elrond's main dining hall. He blathers on and on about how the Orcs have been gathering in greater number than before, a great Orc War Party has been spotted heading for Bree-land blah, blah blah. Elrond and Glorfindel both set their forks down simultaneously, stand up and head for the door. Since returning from their glorious (if not somewhat confusing) exploits in Dunland, the elven duo have been itching for some action. Let's go hunt some orcs.

sideboard in:
2 Boromir
1 Warden of Healing
sideboard out:
1 O Elbereth! Gilthonial!
1 Power of Orthanc
1 Will of the West


Turn 1 (18 threat - 0 progress)
Iarion leads the Elf-lords to the already-fading orc tracks. Elrond slips Vilya on his finger; Glorfindel places the Light of Valinor around his neck. If they are to catch up with the Orc War Party, there is a great amount of Rugged Country to be covered before getting to the Border of Breeland.
(- progress, +3 threat)

Gleowine, cutting-edge minstrel extraordinaire, joins the Resourceful heroes, ready to live-tweet their exploits as they happen.

Turn 2 (23t - 0p)
Arwen and a Northern Tracker have joined up. #StrengthInNumbers
We're now Lost in the Wilderness after Iarion mistook rabbit tracks for orc tracks. #YouHadOneJobToDo

Back on track; can see Orc War Party way off in distance. #RunForestRun

Turn 3 (25t - 0p)
Filthy rich dwarven Miner is now running with our hunting party. Wonder if Armani makes a pickaxe? #MiddleWorldProblems
An Angmar Marauder just dropped out from a tree above us. The orcs are leaving rear guards to make our pursuit difficult. #F

Glorfindel took a glancing blow from the Marauder, but everyone is pushing on the trail as fast as possible. #Undeterred

Turn 4 (27t - 0p)
Stargazer from Rivendell showed up. Having her will help Elrond a ton. #PrecisionVilya
Asfaloth, with a Warden of Healing in tow, have joined the group. #MrEdLover

A second Marauder appeared out of nowhere. Both hit Glorfindel. So much blood. Warden is working as fast as possible. #MakeItStop

Turn 5 (29t - 0p)
Gildor's here. He's pushing the party to go even faster than before. #TaskMaster
An Angmar Orc ambushed us but only carried off the Miner and his wealth. #DumbDwarf

Despite moving as fast as possible, the two Angmar Marauders still nip at our heels constantly. Glorfindel's looking bad, but the Warden is doing all he can. #HowLongCanATweetReallyBeBeforeItsNotATweet

Turn 6 (32t - 0p)
Gondorian stud Boromir is here, along with another scruffy Northern Tracker. #SuperBlocker
I was watching Boromir's hair flowing in the wind and walked straight into an Orc Ambush. #WorthIt

Boromir single-handedly fights off the 3 attackers; Warden is telling him to take it easy. The whole party takes down one Marauder while still chasing down the main orc party. #BoromirForPrez

Turn 7 (32t - 6p)
The Bree-land-folk better be grateful that we're chasing after these orcs; this is some really Rugged Country. #Exhausted

Boromir once again beautifully defends against all oncomers. Elrond cuts down an Orc while Glorfindel dispatches a Marauder. #PowerElves

Turn 8 (34t - 6p)
We've caught up with the Orc War Party! Seems that our trek has not been in vain! #Success

Boromir beautifully defends against a random Angmar Orc as Elrond runs the orc through. #Graceful
The entirety of the Orc War Party charges us as the Angmar Orc's body hits the ground. Seems like they're really angry and
The Orc War Party tramples Gleowine to death, mid-tweet. Elrond, Glorfindel, Boromir, and Iarion rise up to avenge their poor defenseless minstrel and drive the War Party into the ground.

Turn 9 (32t - 10p)
Vilya calls forth mighty Beorn, mere moments too late to save poor Gleowine. The party finishes their journey to Chetwood with Surprising Speed, nothing too tough that would Test our heroes' Will.
(+20p, complete stage 1)


The design team did a good job with this scenario; you definitely feel like you're on the run, getting sidetracked, but ultimately chasing down a big enemy that eventually needs to be dealt with. The Northern Trackers were amazing as usual and made it so that I could really focus my attention to the growing number of enemies building up in the staging area (and therefore hurting my threat). If this is an indication of the quality of quests to come, I'm very excited to be starting this box/cycle!

Final Score

= 32 + 0 + 0 - 20
= 12
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Hans Seu L'eaux
United States
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I really like the first two quests in the box, I love adventuring in Bree-land. The third quest is... Different. A lot harder I thought.
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