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Hello all,

Sorry, this might take a while :

I am looking to homebrew a game using components from games I basically never play and never will play.

They include :

Khrysos hunters
this would be the heart of the game - using the tiles mostly and the dice-as-pawn idea. Players in a room, trying to get treasures.

The card/tiles are actually good looking and modular, the free boards online bring variety, the characters have flavour, but the basic mechanic is imo completely unusable - your action points per turn are randmoly generated.

Cthulhu Dice
My first idea was to use the components from this one to bring additional stuff to KH, namely "horrors" (the green tokens) who would be generated to protect the treasures and attack the players following simple patterns (closest/most treasures). The cthulhu die was rolled each turn to determine the AI for this turn (spawn, attack, etc)

So I had this proto-thing going (I still have the .docx called "Hunters & Horrors" on my desktop). I tried a fixed clock where AP would ramp up for everyone as we went along, and different victory conditions (in the original game, play ends when someone hits a score threshold, and that never sits well with me. "I WIN !" - end of game.)

It never went anywhere. Timing was wonky, at first there were too many rules. Then I stripped it back, played it with my girlfriend, who didn't really enjoy it (and she plays everything from Deus/Orléans to Sushi Go and Abyss, etc ... Omnigamer with a good culture). I let the file untouched. It was fun to try.

Recently I found another game I basically never play (the game that made me think "Maybe I don't always agree with Tom Vasel" :3) : dice masters. I was just bored with it. She was bored with it.

And no one really wants to buy a basic set of YGO dice masters. But the basic dice look really cool.

So I thought maybe I could use them in this light pulp dungeon-crawly thing I tried to do last year.

Now I feel like i could happen : custom dice, dice allotation, different symbols on the dice basically representing different types of characters (fist/shield/bolt/mask), small dungeon rooms, there could be a nice little travel game there. But where to start ?

TLDR : are there any examples of pnp or homebrew games from here using bits and bobs of other games ? Any recommended methods ?
Or are there any games or resources that you suggest I turn to for inspiration ?

I know there is no magic formula but as this is my first sort of proto-project, I feel lost at sea and would appreciate any guidance - even if the rocks are jagged and the sirens carnivorous !

Thanks !

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