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Yosef Bender

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ALL Actions

All models are allowed 2 actions per turn, unlike standard rules all actions can be used twice Per turn with the second action of the same kind having a penalty. This rules speed up the time in a game.


on the first movement action models can move up to their full movement stat, if their second action is made move models movement up to 1/2 of their movement speed. (standard rule)

Cast Spell
Wizards and apprentices, can cast as there first or second action a spell. If a spellcaster chooses he could cast 2 spells. using both actions to cast the second cast adds a +1 to difficulty of cast as

The action of firing a missile weapon, See shoot modification chart. Second shoot action is called hasty shot. – 1

Crossbows have much greater penetration even though their range is reduced to 18 inches when a cross bow hits regardless of armor protection they do of minimal damage of 2 they require a action to reload so can only fire once per turn, if they do not move or fight as their second action. Alabaster's have a range of 30 ’ and fire a spear like shaft that will always if successful hit , do a minimum of 4 damage regardless of armor. Reload take a full 2 Actions .

Reload crossbows require as an action to reload alabaster require an entire two actions to reload.

Overwatch. Instead of the models firing their missile weapons the model can be placed on overwatch, Model must be above ground level to qualify which allows the model to fire upon the opponent’s movement action when they come into line of sight of the model on overwatch. If put on overwatch as the first action of the shooter model then the model can fire twice on opponent’s turn and chooses which targets in LOS it fires upon.

Attack (fight)

On the first fight action it can includes a charge up to full movement to get into base to base combat with enemy model the charge gains a +2 to fight stat. if already in base to base contact model doing first fight action gains +1 bonus to fight stat. Note: if a model takes a full movement action to charge attack followed by a second charge they can only move ½ there move. if a attack is the second charge attack action model dose not gain a bonus. If model is already in base to base contact with enemy as a second fight action is a -1 to fight stat.

Guard duty
A model in your warband can as an action be put in guard duty. The model can pace a 5’’ space. Any line of sight that model can see in the 5” inch zone are is conceded guarded. Place model in middle and guard tokens 2” on either side of the model to show guarded area.
Guarded models react to any models they see in their line of sight in 360 direction of that guarded area on the opposing players turn.
Guard if not surprised can Sound the alarm which will allow models not in line of sight in your warband to move toward that area. (See line of sight rule) A model in guard duty can Counter attack if attacked when put on guard as a second action if a first action he can counter attack two times to separate attacks .

Body Guard

If the model is a body guard it will be within 2” of the model it is guarding. That soldier will always move between a opposing warband attack on attackers turn to defend the model he is guarding. Body guard is put on body guard as his final action only, all movement actions of the person he is guarding now becomes his movement actions. He may shoot if he has shooting ability as one of those actions in less the person he is guarding moves as both of their actions. Regardless of what direction the guarded model is attacked from the bodyguard model is immediately placed in front of his guarded model in base to base contact with the attacking model, and the original target is free to suport in battle or retreat without penalty.

Coup de grace Action

a model that has been knocked unconscious to health zero can be beheaded to ensure his death this requires a complete turn (two actions) from the opposing war band model. There are no additional experience points or rewards for this sadistic act. Only restore life spell can bring a beheaded soul back into their body, sometimes hero's must die !

Taking prisoners Action
In a campaign prisoners can be taken when the model is reduced to 4 health points or lower, they are subdued as one action
D20 + fight roll vs D20+ fight if win the roll the model is captured no damage is dealt either way in this action. For every health point lower than 4 subtract -1 from their fight stat
at zero no roll is necessary but ½ movement encumbrance penalty applies, to the guy carrying the unconscious model.
Captured models must be escorted by another model off the board to be considered imprisoned. The model is to weak to resist but if the model escorting the prisoner is attacked the wounded model may also fight standard penalties for wounded -2 fight.

Ransomed (out of Game action)
As named models, champions and heroes are very valuable to the opposing war band ransomed can be set as follows. Your war band only gains the victory points if they're reduced to zero health. The trade-off is gaining additional revenue which sometimes is more important than XP . Note if you've captured all prisoners wounded may die in your captivity as they must roll on recovery chart before ransoms are set. O health level prisoners suffer a –3 to the roll do to the poor conditions of imprisonment.
Grunt ransom their hiring value (usually killed on the spot as they're not worth the effort) can convert to your warband on will roll of wizard vs will roll of target in postgame resolution. If carried off the board
Named Warrior x3 value in gold to their hiring value can convert with bribe x2 cost and successful will roll.
Champion warrior 4x their hiring value depending on their stats cannot be bribed
Hero 4x their value and usually a magic item as part of the exchange.
Prisoners can be exchanged for as an out of game actions.
Any items on a captured model are part of the spoils of war
Ransomed or returned prisoners must recuperate from their time in captivity and are out of action next game.

Hide Action

In the vast ruins Frostgrave one can choose to boldly fight opposing war bands or quietly duck in to a shadowed corner to hide from their enemy. There are plenty of places to hide in the vast ruins.
Rules for hiding:
Any model that is not in line of sight to the opposing war band as an action can choose to hide. Hiding must take place in appropriate terrain like buildings, under stairwells, anywhere that a person would naturally hide, obviously open streets would not be an appropriate place to hide. Once hidden replace the model with a small marker token placed the model off board with the corresponding token number in the event you are hiding several models.

Rules of invisibility apply, with the exception that the model cannot move. Once it shoots, cast a spell, moves or attacks the token is replaced with the model and it is revealed again.

Any opposing war band passing within attacking range of the model will be surprised if attacked see rules of surprised.

Search Action
Search is a action you can search for the following: a hidden person, a trap, or a hidden treasure. It is assumed that you are searching for all 3 at the same time
Search is a D 20 add will stat to roll
A. Model can search in 8’’ line of sight from model 360 degree (no moment on this action)
B. Or moment forward ½ move and search a 90 degrees ether side search pattern.
D20 roll difficulty’s:
Hidden treasure reveled on 11>
Hidden trap reveled on 12 >
Hidden person reveled on 13 >
Thieves, Treasure hunters, Rangers, and trackers add a +2 to the difficulty roll of opponent’s search if they are hiding.
Rangers and spellcaster gain a -2 to the difficulty roll when searching for hidden models
Trackers and war dogs gain a - 4 to the difficulty when searching for hidden models.
Treasure hunters gain a -3 to difficulty when searching for hidden treasure or traps.
Thieves gain a -2 to difficulty in looking for treasure or soldiers or traps .
If the hiding place is discovered immediately replace the token with the model. If a trap is discovered reveal trap card. If hidden treasure place treasure token on board.

Disarm Trap
As an action a trap that has been discovered, or is obvious to the can be disarmed as an action
A D20 roll of 14> to safely disarm trap, failure model disarming take damage, some traps have an area effect that can also damage models . See traps for how much damage.
Thief's and rangers gain +3 to roll
Treasure hunters + 5 to roll

Magic action
like Drink Potion, read scroll activate magic item ect this requires an action during models turn. Second same action has no penalty.

Carry Treasure

Carrying treasure caused the model to move at ½ movement per move action and fight at a -1 fight .also exchanging an item between models is an action

Special actions some scenarios require you to use up an action like opening a large iron door, or solving a puzzle. The actions required will be specified in the scenario.
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Yosef Bender

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the shoot action has been modified to -2 on second shot. shoot become more powerful in this set of rules its important to have lots of terrain so that there is not clear lines of sight so shooting does not dominate the game, but the having 2 actions cuts time and makes where you can have two games in the time it takes to play one. we played about 2 dozen games with the standard rules and only a few with these house rules as we wanted to take new wizards for this set of r
ules anyone that try them love feed back
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Yosef Bender

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Actually, after having played several games this rule set. It doesn't seem to alter the luck factor as much as I anticipated, the biggest benefit is the games are shorter because of the Model being able to make 2 actions Like drink a potion and shoot,
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