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Jay Wrobel
United States
Dist of Columbia
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Hey all, I am very excited for GC2. I really think GC1 is one of the best 1 on many games (like Descent or Imperial Assault) and am looking forward to the PvPvE (like Arcadia Quest) style of play...and even better being able to choose between the 2. I know there were some GC1 fulfillment issues but I am confident in Red Joker to not only make good on his GC1 backers (kudos to him) but to boldly add new game play and a series of minor stretch goals as the campaign progresses. I am proud to be a backer!

Given the translation to English, I know a number of clarifying questions are floating around and I thought I'd start a thread for The Red Joker to get needed feedback on the rules.

1. Wounds and Power Cards. In the GC2 rulebook under Weakness Cards it says, 'As new power cards can only be drawn after ALL the cards in your hand have been played, the Weakness cards have to be played eventually.' Under Power Cards it says 'If, at the start of a round, a player has no more Power their Hand, they must take all the cards from their discard pile into Hand.' Some clarification would be to say:

1. Wounds are not Power Cards (in box in Power Card section)
2. You must play at least 1 Power Card/turn (in Power Card section)
3. Redraw if no Power Cards in Hand (may have Wounds in Hand)
4. Note: Weakness Card is a Power Card

2. Team-Up. The Team-Up cards/discard are separate from the main Hero cards/discard.

3. Board Traps. In GC2, do the GC1 Board traps take effect? Does this happen automatically or is there some mechanic?

4. Weakness. Clarify when Weakness cards take effect. Should add something like when a Weakness Card is revealed, its effects take effect immediately and last the entire turn.

5. Game Round. Clarify that cards played face down in Strategy.

6. Activation. Clarify events in clarification
- when a Weakness card is flipped, clarify healing happens when flipped
- Secret Techniques take effect immediately and last the entire Turn

7. End of Game. When a hero is knocked out which side adds the Knocked Out Hero's card? If the owner's team, why would they get credit for the KOed Hero in the scoring Phase (the example shows 1 big and 1 small, the small being an Out Hero)?

8. Resolve the Attack. GC2 rulebook says 'if the attack does not eliminate the target, the attacker can push the target back into an adjacent space.' Clarify if:
- does the attack need to cause a Damage?
- Is it space or Area?
- if adjacent spaces are filled, what happens?

9. KOed Hero. If a side has less heroes than the other side, does the player with less Heroes get anything when missing the activation (in GC1, the villian player draws 1 Event card if not able to activate a unit)
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Jason Beighel
United States
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I'd like to see some terminology cleaned up.

In the rule book movement is described by areas and spaces. Some character powers powers (like Adam Spell's Esoteric precision card) refer to gameboards. Then on the Menace Sheet "09 Death From Above" it says when the robots explode it attacks everyone in their zone. I just assumed Zone was an area.

On the hero cards (such as Sergeant Freedom's Incredible Charisma card) it says "may take back one if their discarded cards". However, on Doktor Skarov's Red Alert Event card it says to "Draw 2 event cards". Since all event cards are in your hand I figured these were the same, but I'm not certain of that.

Edit: Found out what the draw event cards is about. The supervillain has a hand of cards he works from, so drawing cards builds up this hand. I got confused by the setup picture that didn't show a draw pile.
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