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Hi BGG! This game has been playtested to at least basic functionality, I hope, and I would love anyone out there to give it a go if they're in the mood! Any feedback/ideas would be greatly appreciated, especially in areas like
1. Rule followability
2. Functionality with many/few players
3. Game breaking strategies/interactions


Here's the pitch:

Players: 4-10
Length: 60 mins

Promcoming brings to live the murky, dog-eat-dog world of high school. The only things that matter in this world are your place in the Pecking Order – shown by where you’re sitting on the school bus game board – and the game currency of Kudos. The ultimate goal is to rise as high in the Pecking Order and accumulate as much Kudos as possible, before the final scores are revealed at Promcoming.

There are 10 actions available to anyone during their turn. Rising higher in the Pecking Order allows access to a greater range of actions on your turn. The actions themselves are also shifting in cost; every time one is used, it becomes the most expensive for subsequent players, while the others all become cheaper. So those at the top of the Pecking Order can play actions again and again, while those at the bottom must choose between the rejects.

The actions themselves allow you to accumulate Kudos, or rise in the Pecking Order. They all involve at least one other player, and most involve all other players, meaning that nobody is ever disengaged from the game. They’re designed to encourage the formation of strategic allowances; and the breaking of them at the right moment! You can spend kudos to play more expensive actions, or gamble it all during Revolution, the action that allows the Pecking Order to be completely redecided. Many actions, such as House Party, Witch Hunt, or Declare Love, feature devilish mini-mechanics with opportunities to support or betray other players, such as a Prisoner’s Dilemma mechanism in which you can cooperate with or betray your rivals.

The final twist in the game is Promcoming itself. The winners of the game are those with the highest combined Pecking Order and Kudos. However, you can’t win individually; you can only win as a couple, during Promcoming. You must select a date who selects you back, otherwise you will be stood up and unable to win. This means that a character who’s surged into the lead over the bodies of their fallen friends will be left high and dry in the final reckoning.

The game also features 2 expansions:

1.Gossip War: a deck of cards is available to draw and play, openly or in secret, on yourself and other players, leading to many entertaining effects. Some of these are real-world effects, for example a card that requires one player to address another by an honorific for the rest of the game, or pay a Kudos forfeit.

2. Bloodlust: Secret factions enter the game! The Werewolves and Vampires win the game if they expose their rival faction before Promcoming; the Mortals win if they can secure a date with a Werewolf or Vampire at Promcoming. More advanced secret roles such as the Hunter, the Snitch, and the Familiar allow for many permutations.

That link again:

Thanks everyone!
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