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Here is a variant on Trederran Mission 1: Foothold's D6 war prep chart (d6 roll when finding a clue). Just to spice up the mission a little more.

D6 War Prep Chart

1. "Trederran Commando!"
Heroes are ambushed by 1 Trederran Legionnaire with following changes: Assualt. Melee 4+ Combat 3, Replace Darkstone Carbine with Trench Pistol (Range 5, Shots 1, Damage D6)

2. "Mutant Aliens!!!"
The Trederran forces are clearing out the mines, moving in behind an advancing wave of expendable Mutants.
Heroes are attacked by D3 Tredderan Mutants

3. "Tredderan Atmosphere"
Clouds of combusted darkstone blow through the mines, sucked in from the portals leading to Treddera.
All Heroes take corruption hits equal to the number of spaces the Posse marker has moved forward.

4. "Supply Crates"
Each Heroe may take a Strength 4+ test. If passed, gain 1 Whiskey, Bandage, Shatter Grenade, or Anti-rad Side bag token.

5. "Darkstone Munitions and alien fuel drums"
Place 1 crate&drum miniature on map tile following same rules as enemy placement. Then place radiation tokens on all spaces adjacent to the cover. Heroes may target barrels. When hit, on a roll of 4+ the barrels detonate and do 2D6 dmg to any adjacent models.
All heroes then take D6 corruption hits.

6. "Resolve"
Each Hero may heal D6 wounds/sanity (any mix) or recover a grit.

Calling out to anyone in the community with photoshop. I wanted to plug this into Sid's Custom Mission Template so it can be placed in the Tredderan Adventure book and put up in the files section, sadly I have no photoshop.
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