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Subject: Border War - Turn 9 rss

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Douglas Bush
United States
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The Indians have taken the lead and will get an initiative turn to try to keep the counter-attack going strong...

Border War Turn 9

Weather Phase
Die roll of 9 means the storms will continue. I've never played a Next War game with weather this bad, although here I think it actually helps the weaker side in the air since combats are less deadly.

Initiative Phase
ROI got 10VP on the last turn, which was contested, so they get an initiative turn. They were the 2nd player last turn, so this is one of those rare times a player can get a "double move" with consecutive move/attack cycles.

Electronic Detect
Indians roll well and get 2 HQs detected. Paks don't get any.

1st SOF
Indians are down to just 2 teams. They do two high risk interdiction raids in the mountains, hoping to cut off supplies to the Pakistani and Chinese troops trying to break into the valley. One team fails and is eliminated, but the other one scores a big "2 Interdiction" on the critical road on the south side of the valley, which will block Chinese supplies for two turns.

Air Phase
Indians throw in the kitchen sink in an attempt to get back some control of the air that will allow the Russians in Kashmir to get supplies in via airborne supply. 8 Indian units go in the box. The Paks and Chinese took a lot of abort results last turn and a lot of the Pakistan units can't fly in the storms, so they can only put 5 squadrons in.

Results are almost bloodless due to the weather mods. Indians do send home one Chinese squadron on an abort result. The Chinese return the favor sending 2 Indian units to Abort. Final count is India/Russia 6 to Pakistan/China 4. The 3:2 ratio is just enough for Indian "Advantage". AWACS down 1 to +3 Pakistan/China.

2nd SOF
Chinese and Pakistani SOF teams have all been wiped out.

1st Strike
Both sides have just one missile point and aim them at enemy airbases. The Indian missile hits home with an "X" result for +2VP, and take out a Pakistani squadron with the collateral roll for another +2VP. Pakistani missile misses. Later, both sides trade artillery (HQ) barrages, with the Pakistanis scoring a couple hits on the stubborn defenders of Sunderbani in the Jammu highlands, and the Indians hit the two Pakistani divisions holding onto Trikuta Nagar (adjacent to the city of Jammu).

1st Supply
I continue to test the limits of the "Out of Supply" counter mix due to the bad weather and the terrain in Kashmir. The Indian SOF raid that interdicted the main road into the valley puts the two lead Chinese brigades trying to take Baramulla out of supply. With air superiority, the Russians are finally able to supply one airborne division in Kashmir through the airbase at Srinagar.

Initiative Moves/Combats
The Indian counter-attack on the left flank continues to smash the out of supply Pakistani defenders. However, bad dice reduce the effect of three attacks by the Indian XII and XXI corps, but they still cause 3 step losses while only taking one in return.

The Indians do better in the center sector of the front and up in Kashmir. They attack Trikuta Nagar (3315) heavily, with two HQs and an artillery brigade supporting the infantry/armor assault. They can only get to a 7 column attack, but strong air support and good dice get them a -/2R result. The Pakistanis retreat back toward the border.

In Kashmir the Russian paratroopers are now in supply and cooperate with the Indian 28th Mountain Division to push back the Chinese airborne division HQ on the south side of the valley. It's a strong attack on the 13 column that eliminates the Chinese airborne HQ on a step loss and failure to retreat.

Elite React Movement
With the supply situation as it is, the Chinese and Pakistanis don't have any units to move.

Exploit Moves/Combats
The Indians continue the three corps counter attack on the left flank. This time the dice are with them and they eliminate five Pakistani steps and a pair of reduced divisions (plus a brigade) for +7VP. This includes retaking the city of Abohar (1417).

In Kashmir the Russians and Indian mountain units keep rolling, this time trying to take out what is left of the Chinese 43rd airborne division that's been threatening Srinagar for several turns. Both sides put in the best air they have, which ends up negating each other. The dice are on the Indian side again though and they manage to eliminate another airborne division HQ since it couldn't retreat over the river to its rear. A reduced PRC airborne brigade is able to retreat over the river, so it avoids elimination, for now.

React Combat
The Pakistanis and Chinese aren't in a position to attack in many places, but hope to crack two stubborn hexes. They attack in Sunderbani (3611) with two Pakistani divisions and two Chinese airborne brigades. It's only a 7 column attack in the highland terrain, and a middling roll results in a muddled 1/1 result. In Kashmir they take yet another shot at Baramula. All the attacking units are out of supply and the 8 column attack fails, although a Russian brigade is eliminated for +1VP.

2nd Strike
Both sides are running out of ammo and the weather makes air strikes almost impossible, so not any action.

2nd Supply
No changes

Basic Movement/Combat
Indian left flank push continues, but the Pakistanis have been wiped out or run away, so only one Pakistani HQ is trapped on the wrong side of a canal and is wiped out on a 13 column attack. The three Indian corps have now almost entirely cleared the Pakistani Army from the area south of Amritsar:

Pakistanis and Chinese lick their wounds and only make slight adjustments to their lines, while also looking for the nuclear launch codes...

Reorganization Phase
Indians get +10VP for recapturing numerous cities and towns this phase. Chinese get back a town in Kashmir they retreated into for a couple VP.

Not much for both sides at this point, except for 1 missile point and a few replacement points.

Victory Phase
India/Russia 78 + 29 = 107
Pakistan/China 69 + 7 = 72

The 35 point difference is enough for an automatic victory roll, but the roll isn't low enough so the game continues.

Overview of the three sectors:

In the south (left flank on the map) the Indians are in full on pursuit mode. In the center they have finally retaken Trikuta Nagar and now threaten to invade Pakistan near Sialkot. In Kashmir they remain almost surrounded, but now have a decent size pocket and the Pakistani/Chinese units have major supply problems.

And then... the VP difference also allows the Pakistan side to roll for nuclear weapons release. They do, and they get the release. Next turn should be fun.
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