Zak Eidsvoog
United States
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Hi! I'm looking for playtesters for my game 3lementalist.

3lementalist is an elemental-magic-themed, combo-driven, mainly 1-on-1 card game (although there are rules for 3 and 4 players) where players combo together effects in order to score lots of points quickly, deal lots of damage to their opponents and/or keep the game going until the end of the 6th round when they can score bonus points. On the surface, the game seems like a straightforward battling card game, but the fact that players can win by scoring points and/or by dealing damage - coupled with the fact that each card can be played in multiple ways - means that decisions are a lot deeper than they first appear.

3lementalist is played over the course of 6 rounds (or fewer if players are able to score enough points or eliminate all of their opponents). Each round, players simultaneously choose a card from their hands and decide which of the two effects on the card they'd like to use (each card has two possible effects to choose from). Among other things, card effects will give you:
- Attacks to throw against your opponent
- Points to add to your own score
- Helpful elementals that will defend you and are worth points if you can keep them alive until the end of the game
- Energy that will allow you to play even more powerful cards later

Players win by:
- Scoring 10 or more points by the end of the 6th round
- Dealing enough damage to eliminate all of their opponents
- Having the highest score at the end of the 6th round (after factoring in bonus points for remaining elementals and negative points for missing life)

There are also special cards that allow players to win the game in different ways if the circumstances are right. See rules in link for detailed description of how to play.

Rules and PNP files here!
Playtesting Feedback Survey

Please let me know if you'd be interested in printing and playtesting the game (or just go for it!). I have a couple of variants/expansions in the works that add more layers onto the game (new kinds of cards, new element types, specialized elementals, alternate ways to play) but for the moment I'm focusing on fine tuning the base version of the game and making sure it holds up to blind playtesting. There's a link in the PNP files to a google survey (copied above) I'm using to collect playtester feedback.

Any feedback here or via the playtester survey are greatly appreciated! Also, let me know if you have any questions for me.

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