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Episode 59 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Tuesday, September 27th & Wednesday, September 28th

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Guardians' Chronicles: Clash of Heroes, Incantris & One Night Ultimate Alien.
Sad Kickstarter Story: Control Space
RPG Spotlight: s0urce c0de.

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Introduction Overview:
Alright, it was the weekend of my birthday and somehow that took 4 days to celebrate. So my apologies for not delivering a Final Roll on Friday and that there was no First Roll since last tuesday. I was planning on doing a First Roll yesterday but by the time I had completely written it, the clock said 2AM and I really needed to get some sleep. I will however release that First Roll later today (It’s written, Why not release it).

Anyway the format of the Final Roll has changed a little bit. I used to do all projects from Monday 7PM - Wednesday 7PM on a monday show but that will change to Tuesday midnight to Wednesday midnight. Still European times.

This gives me a little bit of leeway when it comes to releasing. I will include the few projects that were scheduled for ending between 7PM and Midnight today. Here goes!

Miniatures Related Projects:

Forest Goblins:
The forest goblins campaign for ‘War is Coming’ is coming along nicely! They’re still a little short on funding hanging around 85 percent as we speak, so if you need some goblins, get them here and help these guys out. You can get as much as you want, from a single raiding parties and 2 heroes to complete campaign armies, so check it out!


Guardians' Chronicles: Clash of Heroes
A pretty successful board game is ‘Guardian’s Chronicles - Clash of Heroes’ A Superhero miniature board game set in a crime filled city in need of heroes! 2 to 8 players battle in teams to defeat the System Generated Super Villain. I’m usually not the one for superhero stuff but the whole general style of this appealed to me. Clash of Heroes is 60 EUR for the base game, 80 for the game with the first expansion and the whole Universe pledge is 200 which will get you the earlier games as well!

Another board game with miniatures is ‘Incantris’, a game of magical battle where you control a team of three wizards who battle it out on a modular ‘Arena’ map. It seems like a pretty fun PvP battle game and with the wizard’s designer kit and extra terrain set, this could add proper replay value as well! Incantris is 49 USD or 69 with the aforementioned Wizard Design Kit. the Terrain set is an extra 19.

Card Games:

One Night Ultimate Alien

One Night Ultimate Alien is raising over 275K at the moment with still plenty time to go. The far-out sequel to One Night Ultimate Werewolf (Which I personally don’t know) is very successful and gives the guys / girls (I don’t know) at Bezier Games the possibility to publish the fourth installment in this series. A hidden role game with a pretty neat app that comes with it that will help and guide you through the game. One Night Ultimate Alien is 25 USD or 100 for a deluxe package.

Sad Kickstarter Story - Control Space:
The Sad Kickstarter story is about Control Space. I didn’t cover this in any first roll because of the time off, but looking at it it looks like a good ‘first-time’ attempt if that makes sense. It shows potential, but for a ‘modern’ kickstarter campaign it still lacks a certain ‘feel’. Alright, it’s said that most of the funding money will go to the artist to redo all the artwork, but having that done upfront (or at least some previews) might just be what the campaign is missing because I did have the feeling that there’s a good game inside, but for now (unless a 50+ percent miracle happens) no Controlling Space… And that’s sad.

RPG Spotlight - S0urce c0de:
The RPG Spotlight is on Source Code. a tabletop RPG where Sci-Fi Meets Fantasy and characters can do a multitude of thing, straying as far from combat as you can imagine. The game uses a varied dice system (from D4 to D20) but promises to be easy enough for beginners to join in easily as well as keep veterans happy. The game is 10 USD for a digital and 25 for a printed version. There’s also some bonus campaigns that you could add on for 20. RPG Spotlight: S0urce c0de.

RPG related projects:

The Chronicles of Aerthe:
The final project today is The Chronicles of Aerthe, a dark fantasy RPG set in a world that was ravaged by a magical event called ‘The Convergence’ and echoes of the world have collided with Aerthe. Explore Ancient ruins, travel to other realities and get involved with political & religious intrigues. It’s still a little short on money so go support it if you can! The Chronicles of Aerthe is a campaign with a lot of stuff, so check it out for yourself!
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