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Subject: MFL Week 2 Highlights: Part 1 rss

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This is a highlight reel. Thus, it only makes mention of big plays, as well as providing a general recap.

Omegas defeat Bighorns 28-21

The Bighorns should have won this game. Keen had two touchdown catches for 135 yards, including an impressive play in which he stiff armed the defender at the Omegas 30, granting him the touchdown. Neither side was really playing much defense. But then all hell broke loose. With four minutes total in the second half including timeouts, the score was 21-21. The Bighorns set up in a Trips formation. First card Nailem picks up a block, allowing Manly to throw a screen to David at +3. But he rolls snake eyes. Marvin intercepts it! Touchdown Omegas! Next play Manly sets up his offense in the same formation, which is a favorite of the Bighorns (but it works better when the ball is spotted on either side I found). He runs the same play! Partial success this time. And by pure coincidence, Marvin was activated first. The Omegas coach was running a zone, not expecting the screen again. But Marvin rushes in to make the tackle.

Remember my predictions? That there would be at least 35 points scored and that the first team to make a mistake would lose? Yeah, I was right.

Phil Manly: 4/5, 200 yards, 2 TD, INT
Kerry Keen: 160 rec. yards, TD
Terry David: 80 rush yards, TD

Andy Fortune: 6/6, 190 yards, 3 TD
Dick Erickson: 50 rush yards, 20 rec. yards
Harold Marvin: 120 rec. yards, TD, INT+return TD

Eagles trounce Monsters 21-14

7-0 Monsters, first half.

The Regals drop back for a pass. Blitz! QBEagles makes his signature read and is forced to throw it! He goes deep to Mack Koi! Catch! Touchdown Regals! 55 yd touchdown pass over center. The coverage on Koi was totally blown, especially considering they knew the QB Read was coming.

Monsters ball.

They decide to pass the ball, a short little pass to Payday. But there's a reason that the Monsters don't pass. The throw goes a little too deep, and is picked off by the Regals! Down at the monsters 35. QBEagles runs it in next play.

14-7 Regals, Regals ball

This time the blitz doesn't come on the pass, allowing QBEagles plenty of time in the pocket. He airs it out! Caught by Koi! Touchdown Regals!

Quentin Bartholomew Eagles: 2/2, 135 yards, 2 TD, 60 rush, TD

Mack Koi: 135 rec. yards, 2 TD


Critics of the Regals cited their apparent lack of passing ability. Those critics have been silenced. QBEagles demonstrated a mastery of the pocket, and it was only the sheer amount of time the Monsters burned on offense that kept them from scoring more.

As the Monsters slip to 0-2, their coach is definitely in the hot seat moving forward. But I would kick the defensive coordinator out first. This monsters D is virtually nonexistent. I mean, it helps when you have a blitzer on your squad to play a team WITHOUT QBRead, but they still need a lot of work.

Sushi slip past Warriors 17-14

2nd and 95

Marina is really backed up. He decides to hit Super out of the backfield on what I call a "Route Screen" at +3. Success! Super breaks one tackle, then two, three! Touchdown Sushi! The Warriors go down 7-0.

Next play.

Handoff to Knockowski. He takes it to the thirty, run blocks, fails! But nobody makes a move to tackle him, worrying about the low percentage play. He tries to run block again! Fails! He falls over. No yards gained, as he kept getting pushed back by the Sushi defense.

A couple plays later

3rd and 50

Baby, over center, hits Black! Excellent pocket protection leads to the first score of the game for the Warriors.

With one minute left in the half, the score is 7-7. Sushi have the ball on the Warriors 20. They elect to play it safe and kick the field goal. 10-7 Sushi.

Warriors march down the field and get a TD.

Three minutes left, no timeouts left for either team. Sushi down 14-10.

1st down Sushi.

Blitz comes.... Sacked by Black! Off of only one card, the Warriors chain together a crazy sack for 15 yards that runs the clock down hard.

Only one minute left in the game. Marina throws it directly to Super, who's split wide. He breaks one, two tackles! He could make it! Breaks third tackle! Touchdown Sushi!

Stan Marina: 3/3, 220 yards.
Mark Super: 160 rec. yards, 2 TD, 30 rush

Tom Baby: 3/4, 120 yards, 2 TD
Rock Knockowski: 40 rush yards
Troy Black: 80 rec. yards, TD

Ankhs edge past Gorillas 24-21

Not much you need to know for this one. The score speaks for itself. This was a shootout, and the Ankhs just managed the clock better. The Gorillas hit up four different receivers on screens over the course of the day, and the Ankhs passing game actually went pretty well considering Trailer on the other side of the ball. Both sides fumbled the ball once: The Ankhs did it first, then the Gorillas on the next play.

21-21, 2:00 left, Ankhs ball

The blitz comes hard to start the play, forcing Two to take a handoff, instead of running his outlet route. He has to get out of bounds. And he does. At the Gorillas thirty. A fifty yard gain for the running back!

Zephyrs sets up to kick the field goal to win the game. And it's..... Good! The Ankhs win!

Elliot Manly: 7/7, 220 yards, 3 TD
Larry Trailer: 150 rec. yards, 2 TD, sack

Andrew Zephyrs: 3/3, 140 yards, 2 TD
Mack Two: 150 rush yards, TD

Last one for this grouping.

Tridents upset Kittens 21-7

The first play of the game is a handoff to Edwards, who runs a sweep left for a seemingly effortless TD. He is just on fire! Last game remember he had 135 yards and the Tridents' only touchdown. The Kittens go on offense next. Remember they've only run one offensive play this season. Fast forward to 2nd and 50 on this drive. The Kittens decide to pass on this down. You might wonder why bother, but the Kittens coach really wants to make sure that Danders faces an honest defense. But the Tridents were ready. What was intended to be a run stop D was turned around into a hard blitz. Danders had two receivers get out quite a distance, but both were covered. Danders wasn't expecting the blitz, and ends up taking a sack of five yards.

Fast forward to 4th and 35. The Tridents D is holding up against a legend. And once again, they were ready for the run. Danders is forced outside, and what should have been an easy juke turns into him getting pushed out of bounds! A gain of only ten, and the first down for the Tridents!

Danders is furious, and comes screaming in, and he hits Iota super hard on first down. And Iota fumbles it! Edwards recovers, takes it around the other side, and he fumbles it! Money eventually stops the rogue ball. No gain on the play.

Two minutes left in the first half, both sides are already out of timeouts. Iota intends to throw a short pass to Edwards, but she is flushed out of the pocket. And she keeps it! The Kittens D runs her down, but hasn't tackled her yet!

The situation looks like this. It's on the sideline, Tridents are the "O" s and are heading down the screen. Iota is the O in the second row, first column. Edwards is the other O. The bottom X is 62 and the top is 58.


Iota makes a daring move. She decides to move forward two on her activation rather than going out of bounds at the 50. This is risky because if she is tackled the half is over. But the Kittens miss the tackle! She's at the 30! The 20! Touchdown Tridents!!!

14-0 at the half. More of the same follows, Edwards picks up another 80 yard TD run, Danders throws for a 10 yard loss on first down.

3rd and 50 (right now it is still 14-0, Edwards will score next drive.)

#58 breaks free from coverage! He's wide open standing in the endzone! Danders sends it deep! Touchdown!

Harry Danders: 90 rush, 2/2, 40 yards, pass TD

George Edwards: 160 rush, 2 TD

Mary Iota: 0/0, 75 rush, TD

Interesting takeaways:

Danders passed the ball more times than the Tridents. Which is to say that Iota didn't pass once all game. Let's ride the Edwards hype train!

Edwards now averages 147.5 yards and 1.5 TDs per game. He averages close to 50 yards a carry. AFC MVP anyone?

While Danders's stats look okay, remember he only averaged a pathetic 22.5 yards per carry this game, and a mediocre 34 yards per carry on the season. It's less talent on his part at this point and more that the Kittens run the ball a LOT. If you spend three stars on a running back, you have to expect better.

The Tridents forced the first turnover on downs this season. It took till halfway into week 2 for any team to accomplish. Interestingly enough, the Chefs forced the second on Ryan Hammer and Rattlers less than an hour after.

This was a 7 on 7 game. You know, where defense is supposed to be impossible!

Hope you enjoyed!

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