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Episode 69 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Tuesday, September 27th (since Sunday, September 25th).

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Druids, Zupper Dolls, War Titans: Invaders Must Die!, Walk the Plank!, Zomburbs, La Cosa Nostra, MathTornado, Court of Kings & The Zombie Squad.

(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

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Introduction Overview:

Ok, so I dropped the First Roll episode I wanted to do yesterday. It was 18 pages long and would’ve taken about 25 minutes to listen. With the speed I talk, nobody is waiting for that, not you, not me. I couldn’t listen to myself for that long. It was a shame though, there were some very cool projects in there. But life goes on, I hope I see those projects in a month. I will put a facebook posts and the usual tweets out for those projects so you can still find them. So these are the projects since last time I checked on Sunday.

Also, my voice is a mess!

Miniature Related Projects:

Global Conflict:
First, there is a range of 32mm scale modern warfare soldiers called Global Conflict. There are 3 core box sets: An infantry box, a transport box and an Armored Unit box which contains some hefty tanks. The infantry set is 85 EUR, the transport set is 250 and the Armored Unit set is 390.
Ends 10-25

Printable Armies:

The Next range of minis you can print yourself! Printable Armies.com offers a 28mm sclae armies to be printed on your home 3d printer. There are several army commander pledges which will get you a completely printable army (like elven, dark dwarves etc.) for 50USD.
Ends 10-30

Corvus Corax - Reinforcements:

Corvus Corax is bringing the best fantasy miniatures that you didn’t know existed (probably). There’s some pretty cool miniatures in there and some I wouldn’t know how to describe, which does not mean they’re bad btw! The goal of Corvus Corax is to eventually bring a full-blown wargame to your tabletop, so let’s see how it goes. The minis are 130 SEK each, but get cheaper fast when you order more!
Ends 10-09

Castle II:
The Miniature Building Authority is back, this time with a pretty nice Castle range made out of different pieces, the centerpiece being a modular tower piece which looks really good. Most of the models come pre-painted so you’ll just have to put them wherever you want on your table. There is however a gazillion things to choose from so check the campaign out yourself
Ends 10-17

The Devil’s Dungeon - Nightmare Creatures:

And the final minis project is The Devil’s Dungeon - Nightmare Creatures (designed by Boris Woloszyn) and they sure honour their name: they’re pretty scary. There’s monsters of all kinds and sizes available and they start at 6 GBP.
Ends 11-01


Board Games then, first: Warlures. It’s exciting arcade WWII combat, on your tabletop, with planes / fishing lures that look a lot like fishing lures / planes (or however you want that twisted around). Use fighters, Bombers, artillery and a lot more in this pretty good looking battle game. Warlures is 49 USD or 75 for a US exclusive limited edition.
Ends 10-21


Next, Druids. A beautiful wooden abstract strategy game. If someone could explain to me what an abstract game is, that would be nice. Anyway, it does look pretty! Capture all three druids your opponent brings to the field and Win! Not as easy as it sounds of course! Druids is 50 USD and is only available in the states and in limited numbers only.
Ends 10-08

Star Saga:
The next board game is Star Saga: A tactical, story-driven miniatures Sci-fi dungeon crawler board game set in Mantic’s Warpath Universe. Take on platoons of minions and powerful bosses and unravel the story where you’ll quickly find out that there’s more to the story than you were told in the beginning. Star Saga is 100 USD.
Ends 10-22

Zupper Dolls
From Hong Kong there comes a board game called ‘Zupper Dolls’. It’s a family friendly game about dolls saving the earth from invading aliens, which sounds a lot harsher than the artwork shows, because it looks pretty cute! Travel the board, beat bosses and make sure the Earth is Safe in Zupper Dolls. It’s 184 HKD, which is about 23 USD or 20 EUR.
Ends 10-31

War Titans: Invaders Must Die!
Another invader story (though completely different) comes with War Titans - Invaders must Die. Choose a pilot, take control of your colossal robot and clear out the invader’s threat. A pretty cool-looking miniature board game that can be yours for 70 EUR.
Ends 10-26

Walk the Plank!
And the final board game is Mayday Games’ Walk the Plank, the game with the dumbest pirates ever. The prequel to the award-winning ‘Get Bit!’ is about a pretty angry captain deciding that he will only take two members of his current crew to take the ship back to port and the rest… Well, life’s no good for them (though it’s gonna be very short as well, so…) Try to survive in ‘Walk to Plank’. It’s 20 USD for a standard edition or 28 for a KS-exclusive Limited Edition.
Ends 10-19

Card games:

Card games next! Starting of with Zomburbs. A unique and highly replayable deck building game where the suburbs are all filled with zombies (hence the title). Shoot zombies, build a fort and help your neighbors… until it’s time to screw them over. Zomburbs is 35 USD.
Ends 10-26

There’s Canasticus, a fantasy card game played with 108 cards which include Wizards, Elves, Assassins and you! Because you’re drawn into the game! Based on Canasta, which swept the world in the 1950’s but with pretty art and exclusive characters. 10% of net proceeds go to cancer charities as well! It’s 19 GBP for a generic ‘standard deck, which includes 15 characters or 26 GBP for a full deck of 108 different characters.
Ends 11-01

La Cosa Nostra
And the final card game (this is turning into a pretty big episode as well!) is ‘La Cosa Nostra’ a title that makes sure with what you are dealing: Mafia! My fellow Dutchmen from Quined bring a slick looking game where you are a mob boss and you’ll have to weasel your way through life and outsmart your opponents. Do you have what it takes to become El Capo di tutti Capo? La Cosa Nostra is 25 EUR.
Ends 10-27

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Mathtornado is a game about the wondrous world of Matematics, but do note that it is NOT a learning game. It’s aimed to be entertaining for both adults and kids but it is still straightforward competition, really trying to challenge everyone involved, no matter what age. Mathtornado is 15 EUR but that includes shipping to most of the world.
Ends 10-12

Court of Kings

And then there’s Court of Kings! A social Argumentation game where the King has died without an heir and of course, his advisors are all keen to take the job position. Try talking your way out of all the scenarios, trying to solidify your own agenda. Will you take the throne? Court of Kings is 19 USD.
Ends 10-26

RPG related projects:

The Zombie Squad

Finally, RPGs! In the zombie squad you are a Death Row sentenced person with only one choice: Either be executed or join the Zombie squad (which is basically just another way to die). The game was released in 2015 for free and now looking for an updated version and even print copies! The Zombie Squad is 10 GBP for the Core rulebook as PDF and printed pledges start at 30.
Ends 10-25

Project Orbis Glaucus:
Project Orbis Glaucus is an innovative Dark fantasy / Sci-fi RPG set on a devastated world. Risk your lives at every step you take while you explore a world where most of the people live behind big city walls and what’s outside is unknown to them. And for good reason. Project Orbis Claugus is 20 EUR for the core book as a softcover and 40 for the hardcover version.
Ends 10-26

Gattaibushido - Fusion:
Next, Gattaibushido - Fusion. A story-driven RPG about badass mecha pilots who combine into totally sweet ultimate robos and save Humanity from Big Giant Monsters.What else do you need to know? It’s 12 USD for PDF and a hardcover version is 60.
Ends 10-28

The Adventurer’s Guide to Dungeons:

The Adventurer’s guide to Dungeons is an easy way to create dungeons on the fly. 54 double-sided tiles of almost 3 x 3 inches to make a cool-dungeon. They’re 15 USD.
Ends 10-26


Manastorm is a new campaign setting for Pathfinder which takes you to the magical world of Shin’Ar, somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy. 16 playable races, each with hybrid options as well, 10 expansive regions to explore. Should keep you busy for some time. Manastorm is 18 for PDF or 40 for a softcover, though there’s Early Birds left.
Ends 10-27

Blade Bind

And Finally, Blade Bind - A storygame of Sword-Powered Tragedy is a card-driven dueling RPG. A setting where duels between Chosen (the Players, bound to an ancient supernatural Blade) are fought out by a regular deck of face cards. You’d better make sure you take care of what you do, because if the blade has enough… you’re in trouble.
Ends 10-27
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