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Episode 60 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Thursday, September 29th & Friday, September 30th

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Introduction Overview:
It’s Wednesday! The Work Week is halfway done! I hope you are all having a good week and you all had some time to play some games… or was able to back some cool projects online. Anyway, it’s the new format so today’s episode will contain the games that will end their kickstarter on Thursday and Friday (September 29th & 30th) CEST. Somebody (probably my sister) gave me a horrible cold, so the voice is still not what it should be, but we’re stumbling through...

Miniature Related Projects:

Tengu Miniatures Re-releases:
First, Harwood Hobbies is re-releasing the the former Tengu Miniatures. The Tcho-Tcho’s (which look like very angry leprechauns), 1920’s zombies and some very disturbing Zombie clowns are the main body of this campaign. There is however, a complete back catalogue of miniatures can be added on, including some very nice ones so check out this campaign for yourself.

Mounted Renaissance Knights:
And the other miniature project is Steel Fist Miniatures’ Mounted Renaissance Knights. Six different 28mm scale knights on their horses for which you can randomize the heads amns plumes as well, so there’s many options even if you order a lot of them! The knights are 16 GBP a pair or a set of all six costs 45.

Board Games:

Bethel Woods
The board game Bethel Woods is almost doubling its initial funding target. Enter the thick forest around the orphanage of ‘Bethel Woods’ and repair the machines before an ominous force finds the technology hidden there and uses it for things less than good. Bethel Woods is 60 NZD

Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty’s Web:
Next, Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty’s Web! A collaborative, moving-board board game about solving crime (What else would you need Sherlock Holmes for) and trying to keep away from ending up in Professor Moriarty’s Web. What I like most about this is how the whole style of the game matches the darkish theme perfectly, it looks really good. It’s still a little short on funding so check this out! You can be a detective for 40 USD for the standard version and 90 for a deluxe one.

Card Games:

Card Games, or actually one! Nightmarium, the game about conquering nightmares where you assemble nightmarish monsters from different body parts is about to end tomorrow. I really dig the artwork style of this one… A Lot! The graphics are gorgeous. The game is already a huge success in Russia and Eastern Europe and now it comes to the rest of the world. Nightmarium is 10 USD for a PnP or 15 for the physical copy.

Sad Kickstarter Story:
I’m dropping the Sad Kickstarter Story because I feel like I’m repeating myself, there’s a few (i don’t know if I should call them mistakes) things that keep going wrong with most of the failed projects. So Maybe I’ll replace the Sad Story with a little series of pieces of advice for kickstarter creators, but I’ll have to think about how to set that up.

RPG Spotlight: Deadlands Classic - 20th Anniversary Edition & Good Intentions
A bit of an unusual RPG spotlight, because it’s on two campaigns: The Deadlands Classic 20th anniversary edition & the good intentions supplement for said Deadlands. Raising over 210K combined it is an example of how to run two related Kickstarters next to each other to make them intertwine and maximize income. Anyway, anything you want when it comes to this Savage World setting you can get in either campaign, and I do suggest you check it out! The RPG spotlight: Deadlands Classic - 20th anniversary edition and Deadlands - Good Intentions.

RPG related projects:

Luminous Echo - The World Compendium:
Other RPGs then! Luminous Echo is about a world, divided into two sides. The Dream World & Mhodica. One made of dreams, one made of matter which are about to collide. The book is basically Half RPG Manual, Half ridiculously goodlooking Art book! If at anytime there was an RPG sourcebook that would convince me to buy it just on looks alone… this would be it. I’m not an RPG player, but I sort of want this book. It’s 20 CAD for a digital version or 55 for a sweet hardcover version. Maybe I should start playing RPGs…

Tiny Frontiers - Mecha & Monsters
And the Final RPG is another Tiny Frontiers edition by Gallant Knight Games and this time it’s ‘Mecha & Monsters’. For those not familiar with the Tiny Frontiers, it’s a rules-light system filled with little examples called ‘micro-settings’ and it’s chock full with Mecha & Kaiju Science fiction this time. Tiny Frontiers - Mecha and Monsters is 10 USD for a PDF of the core rulebook and 25 for a soft cover which comes with a LOT of extra goodies! There’s also an even more complete hardcover for 60.

Expansions, Reprints, relaunches & Upgrades:

Epic Dice - Tower Defense (Relaunch):
Epic Dice - Tower defense, currently at 666 backers has a pretty successful relaunch, though they’re still shy on funding and it’s still a pretty big leap. Anyway, It’s a strategic dice game that combines your craving for dice rolling and tower defending. It has pretty cool artwork and a LOT of custom dice, but those dice do come at a price (as usual, maybe I should do one of those advice bits about custom dice, because they are a bottleneck sometimes). Anyway, Epic Dice - Tower Defense is 59 USD or 83 when you’re in the EU, but that latter pledge includes shipping!
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