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Subject: A few dumb questions rss

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Adam Gemmer
United States
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Just played a few learner rounds with a buddy. A few things came up.

1. Do you get prestige for taking Syracuse? I'm guessing so because it tells you to treat it just like any other battle.

2. General strategy question: Because it takes 4 swords to take syracuse is that usually the goal of the Roman player the first time through the deck?

3. The printed VP icons by the cities are only relevant at the end of the game, right? In another question thread someone said that if the Carthage player can burn through their deck before Rome can take Syracuse that will cost them 3 VP.

4. I remember something in the rules about strategy cards having a maintenance cost but I can't find it again. How does that work?

5. Can you only play 1 card to reinforce a land battle per action (so max 2 per turn) or can you dump several for 1 action?

Thanks for the help.
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Manhattan Reject
United Kingdom
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Hi Adam,

I'll have a go at answering your questions and try and be as helpful as others have been to me.

1. You don't get a prestige point for Syracuse, it is a neutral city.

2. Could be. Also there is the option of Rome expanding into Corisca on their first turn to keep Carthage guessing as to their intentions.

3. No. At the end of each round you get the VP from the locations you control that either are of your enemy's colour or neutral (grey or yellow). At the end of each round you do not score the VP for cities you control of your own colour.

If the Roman player doesn't take Syracuse in the first round it will cost them 3 VP in the sense that they won't gain 3 VP from controlling (yellow) Syracuse. But they may well have moved into Aleria at the top of Corsica, score 2 VP for that and by doing so confused Carthage and made them rethink their naval strategy making them withdraw from Sicily, allowing the Roman player to then move in with control of the sea. It's a great game of push and pull with many strategies and bluffs.

4. This is with the mini expansion and is explained on the separate expansion rule sheet. There is a replacement set of strategy cards. They have a maintenance cost in the top right corner (green circle). At the end of each round you multiply this cost by the number of rounds you have had the strategy card (first round is 1x, second 2x, third 3 x etc) There are red and blue circular tokens included in the base game to mark how many rounds you have had the cards. These tokens are not used for anything else in the base game.

Obviously this increasing cost does not apply to the strategy cards in the base game.

5. Correct 1 card per action to battle. Although some leaders are a free action during battles, and you can gain an additional battle point by combining arms (playing heavy infantry, light infantry and cavalry to the same battle).

Well I hope firstly this is all correct and secondly it is of some help!
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