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Players start with no asset cards (except the CDR who has Emergency Funding asset card). The CS and CO start with 3 tokens each.

The CDR shuffles the asset cards and groups them face down in a deck, including the continental asset related to the location of the X-Com base, then shuffles the sat and scientist tokens grouping them in another pile. During the refresh phase of each round (including the first), the CDR takes one asset card and one token and gives them to the appropriate player.

When testing this variant, It is recommended to play the game using a D10 alien die.

Tested (ordinary D8 alien die):

1) Skyranger: the Skyranger mission can only discard the last card of the crisis deck at the moment the Skyranger is loaded. If the CDR draws 2 new cards, the active card on the deck is no longer an option. This means the decision to launch the Skyranger must be taken as soon as the CDR puts the undiscarded crisis card on the deck (and before he is called on a new choice).

2) Missions:
2.1) The CO may ABORT the ongoing mission by pulling out all the committed soldiers (as per standard rules). An aborted mission is DISCARDED (any success is lost). The SL can NOT choose a new mission if there's still one underway.
2.2) If all soldiers committed die, the mission is FAILED and is discarded (any success is lost).
2.3) Any surviving alien at the end of the SL mission resolution phase is DISCARDED.
2.4) During the next SL mission selection (if the mission is still active), new face-down aliens are inserted in their alien task. Their cards will be turned face-up at the beginning of the upcoming SL mission soldier deployment phase.

If you fail or abort a mission, the panic of the continent the mission took place in, increases by 1.

Bottom line: you can opt to wait and have the alien replaced (and lose any success you previously had scored on it). While this doesn't grant a weaker alien will replace it, you can bring in reinforcements and that's what the alien card replacement does for the alien too. In the meanwhile, you'll have wasted a round... which is something the X-Com can ill afford.

Are you going to push for it and take the high risk or wait and see what happens?

Let me know how it goes for you.
The tested variant works like a charm here.
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