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Episode 70 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Thursday, September 29th (since Thursday, September 27th).

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Introduction Overview:
Alright, everything changes again. I’m going back to doing the First Roll 5 a 6 times a week, depending on football season. It does mean that there’s more changes coming to the Final Roll, because I still need some time left to do other stuff. If I break down the First Rolls into smaller pieces there will be more daytime left… Simple! Anyway, Yesterday was a pretty good day! Had the podcast done in reasonable time, spent the night finishing watching WWE Clash of Champions, which was an okay, but not too much of an exciting show. Also, I welcomed another Patron, Thank you very much, Ed from Shades of Vengeance with which I will record an interview later today about his campaign for the ‘Era - The Consortium’ Expansions and his comic ‘Penumbra’, of which the first issue is being funded on kickstarter right now as well.

So for the last time a two-day show, it took close to 4 hours to write alone (so maybe you can see my problem here). Anyway, Here are the games on kickstarter since Tuesday!

Miniature Related Projects:

Mobilescape Adventures:
There are two terrain ranges New on kickstarter today, the first being the Mobilescape adventures. As the title implies it is very mobile: all the pieces are flat, printed on both sides and are put together by little clips. Perfect if you want to take your adventures on the road. The system comes in packs starting at 20 USD.
Ends 10-27

The Lost Keep:
The Second terrain range is The Lost Keep by Strategic Gaming Systems. It goes along the same lines, being modular, flat and double sided. The lost Keep is being held together by cinderwood corners instead of clips though. There’s a lot of combinations possible so check it out for yourself. Mind though that it’s only available in the United States.
Ends 10-28

Fiendish Fanatics:
The final miniatures projects is a 28mm scale range of ‘Fiendish Fanatics’. Blind Beggar Miniatures is back with a new set of cultist, looking vaguely familiar like some other cult most people will know. It is a good addition to their universe though (of which the minis, featured in previous campaigns are available as well) . The Cult is 27 GBP for all 15 of them.
Ends 10-12


Boardgames then! MIND the Fall of paradise is a game of space colonisation where you must build your colony, send out your colonists to gather resources and invade the other civilisations. The game is divided into 4 different factions, each with their own gamebox. Will you have the best colony? The boxes for MIND - The fall of Paradise are 19 GBP each, but come with a free bonus-box (whatever that means)...
Ends 11-02

True Messiah
Next, True Messiah - A Strategy game of surreal religious horror. Years ago, scientists successfully constructed the Belief Engine, a machine that warps reality based on people’s strongly held beliefs. Which went Wrong, obviously… Now there is a new messiah...Evocative, bizarre, horrifying. True Messiah is 50 USD.
Ends 10-27

The Football Game:
And the final board game is ‘The Football Game’! A game where you get to manage a team in the most glorious of sports! And since most of my listeners are American, no not that one! THE one. Just kidding… anyway, this game actually looks like it might bring to the table what most football fans have been missing… A proper football game! Manage your team to the top but beware of the inevitable scandals. The Football Game is 33 GBP.
Ends 10-27

Card Games:

Card games then! Starting off with Hypnose - a Battle of the Minds. A deck-building game in which you play dueling hypnotists. Can you resist the assault on your brain? Hypnotist is 5 EUR for a PnP or 23 for a physical copy.
Ends 10-25

Burn - The Card Game:
Next, Burn - The Card Game! Your goal is to keep as many cards in your hand while ‘burning’ away the other players. It’s a matching game with a lot of twists and should provide good family fun. Burn is 20 USD.
Ends 11-11

Presidential Knife Fight:
In Presidential Knife Fight you must stab your way to victory and become the Supreme President of of the States in a ‘take that’ style game. You must take clones of all 43 presidents (each with unique abilities) into the Arena of democracy and have them battle it out with just a knife… Sounds like a good way to find a president! But I digress… Presidential Knife Fight is 5 USD for a PNP or 20 for the physical copy!
Ends 10-27

Backyard Birds
Next, Backyard Birds. A Set collection game where you must claim territories by collecting the right birds. Of course, all these birds have abilities that can either help you or completely mess up your game plan. This pretty looking game is 24 USD.
Ends 10-27

Great Comics Adventure
In the Great Comics Adventure - Part One you must be the first superhero to save three cities to be declared the Greatest Golden Age Superhero. Get the right cards to claim your city, but be aware of everybody trying to stop you (as is the case with most superheroes’ lives). Great Comics Adventure is 26 USD.
Ends 10-26

Eyeball Boxing
In Eyeball Boxing it is an Eye for an Eye… Quite literally. Take your one-eyed, four armed egg (??) into the boxing ring and beat the living daylight out of your opponents, either by legal or illegal moves, just don’t get caught by the referee. Eyeball boxing is 20 USD for the states or 30 USD for Canada and the EU, but it includes shipping.
Ends 10-27

Next, Pathogenesis. A deck building game where the players are bacterial pathogens attacking the human body. Breach the defenses of the human body, fight the immune system and take those bodies down! Pathogenesis is 39 USD.
Ends 10-28

Breakaway Football
And the final card game is Breakaway Football! A two player, strategy football game where you're the Head coach. Call the right defensive and offensive play and make your way across the field! No Dice necessary. Breakaway football is 25 USD for a cora game PnP, 45 for a PnP of the core and the expansion teams and physical copies start at 50 USD.
Ends 10-28

Dice Games:

Epic Roll: Eclipse
Two dice games this time, starting with Epic Roll - Eclipse. It’s a stand-alone expansion for the Epic Roll series, combining a dice-based combat system with card effects and inherited abilities. Vanquish the light and conquer the kingdom. Nice guys finish last in this ‘push your luck’ dungeon crawler. Epic Roll - Eclipse is 20 USD or 40 if you want the original Epic Roll (including veterans pack) as well.
Ends 10-27

Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants
And the other dice game is Problem Picnic. This new game by Scott Almes is a dice-rolling dexterity game where you play as ants trying to steal away the picnic supplies so you can have them for yourself. Dice ANTics for the whole family (see what I did there?). Problem Picnic is 29 CAD.
Ends 10-27

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

The Bead Game Box
Something quite unique comes in the form of the bead game box. It’s a box that contains 108+ games from around the world, which you can all play with the beautiful beads that come with it. Modular boards allow you to play any game in almost every variation. Despite its simple concept, this might be one for ages of replayability. The Bead Game box come in all kinds of sizes starting off at 36 GBP.
Ends 11-05

Orphanage of Fear
In Orphanage of Fear, children are going missing and the adults are doing nothing to stop it. A hidden identity game of children, toys and boogie men with a very eerie vibe around it. Orphanage of Fear is 5 USD for a PnP or 15 for a boxed copy.
Ends 10-28

RPG Related Projects:

Shadow, Sword and Spell:
RPG’s Then! The second edition of shadow, sword and spell is everything you need to run pulp humanistic fantasy games. Inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and H.P. Lovecraft, Shadow, Sword & Spell is fantasy of a different nature: humanistic. Your heroes seek out to carve their own trail, and the threats they face are outside the scope of humankind. It’s 10 USD for a digital version, 45 for a softcover and 55 for a hardcover edition!
Ends 11-01

Game Master & Campaign Journals:
Next is a nifty little project: The Complete Game Master & Campaign Journals. A big book filled with session sheets, NPC sheets, Monster Sheets, City sheets and a LOT more templates so you’ll never forget where your game-session ended the last time you played. There’s two different books available (Game Master’s Journal and a Campaign Journal) and they start at 5 USD for PDF, 40 for softcover and 60 for hardcover versions of both books!
Ends 10-27

MASHED is a Korean War RPG based on the once very popular (and pretty funny) tv-series. Be part of a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (never knew what MASH meant, thanks for that) and live life on the compound. The surgeries are compressed into short events so you can focus on life in the Korean sun, far away from home. MASHED is 10 USD for PDF, 28 for a softcover and 38 for a hardcover (those are all USA prices btw).
Ends 10-26

Salt in Wounds:
Salt in Wounds is a gore splattered, monster-fed, city based dark fantasy setting for your favorite Tabletop RPGs, 5E and Pathfinder specifically. Salt in Wounds is a city whose culture, economy, and existence is beholden to the reality of the giant, regenerating kaiju called the ‘Tarrasque’ which is imprisoned within the city center so it can be butchered over and over again. Damn… Salt in Wounds is 20 USD for PDF and pledges go up from there!
Ends 10-27

Reckless Deck:
Next, Reckless Deck. A card deck that fires your creativity by generating genre-crossing, totally original characters for your sci fi, fantasy, & comic art. Use these cards to have your characters up and running in no time! The Reckless Deck is 20 USd, but you can add on kinds of cool stuff!
Ends 10-28

Hudson and Brand - Inquiry Agents of the Obscure:
Hudson & Brand - Inquiry Agents of the Obscure is a sourcebook for Cthulhu and details a ready-made anti-Cthulhu Mythos Victorian organisation. The first in what the creators call the ‘Safe House’ series to give Cthulhu players a homestead to work out of. Casefiles, NPCs, PLans and a lot more! Hudson & Brand is 10 GBP and physical versions come from 20 GBP.
Ends 11-02

A Truly WIld Magic Deck:
The final RPG related projects is a Truly Wild Magic deck for your tabletop RPG. A fun set of optional rules to bring Wild Magic to the table. The cards are all illustrated in a cool anime style (which is a nice change-up from the usual ‘serious’ fantasy stuff) and look pretty nice! The Truly Wild Magic Deck is 10 USD for a PnP and Digital Deck Art or 15 for a physical copy.
Ends 11-02

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches and Upgrades:

Ok, this is not a new project on Kickstarter, this was released when i was on my little hiatus. The project’s creator however asked my if I could still squeeze it in somewhere and since I am a Nice guy (sorry for tooting my own horn) Here it is. It’s Hibernation, a strategic deck building game about being a bear! Compete for enough food to sleep all winter. Fast paced, easy to learn & educational. Time to layer up! Hibernation is 25 USD but only available in the USA and Canada.
Ends 10-24

Survive a Tiger Attack (Relaunch):
Survive a Tiger Attack (quite a macabre title) is back for a relaunch! The card game has a title that leaves little to the imagination. Survive a tiger attack is a thrilling card game with a surprising amount of gameplay, strategy and fun. In a real tiger attack situation, if you look weaker and smaller – chances that a tiger attacks increase. Similarly in this card game, if you fail to use proper strategies or play improper cards, then chances of survival are less. It’s 19 USD.
Ends 11-26

Pirate Plunder (Relaunch):
Pirate Plunder is also being relaunched and is already funded! It’s a game about building your own pirate ship, recruiting a crew and make sure you score the most points with the biggest ship! Pirate plunder is 12 AUD!
Ends 10-28

King of the Skippers (Relaunch):
And the final relaunch, and also the final project of the day is King of the Skippers. A light, party friendly card game featuring lively characters from the Jungles of the 1920's Age of Adventure. Go back to the Golden ages of adventuring and make sure you are the first to lose all your cards! King of Skippers is 18 USD but only available in the United States.
Ends 10-12

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