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Subject: Fresh Meat: 1800 Game rss

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Patrick Hill
United States
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"I do whatever the voice in my head tells me to do."
"I'm an equal opportunist."
An eleven-player, low-complexity game of Werewolf!

Good Roles:

- Each night receives a vision of a target player and learns the players nature (Wolf/Not Wolf). The seer receives a vision on Night 0 of one randomly chosen player that is not a wolf. Thereafter, the seer chooses which player to view. If the seer is not present / does not give an order, they will receive a random negative view out of all players who were alive after lynch.

Hunter - If only two players remain in the game and the hunter is one of those players, then the good team wins even if the other player is a werewolf.

Martyr - Each night, may choose one player, and if that player is targeted for night kill, the martyr will die in his place. The martyr may choose the same person consecutively without restriction. Notice that martyr does not work to stop lynches.

5 Villagers - Ordinary villagers with no special powers or traits.

Evil Roles:

2 Werewolves
- The werewolves know each other's identity and may chat without restriction. Each night the wolves choose one target player to kill. There is no kill on Night 0. If there is a werewolf alive, the last night kill order will go through - even if the last player to place a night kill order has died since the order was given. (Example: Player A and B are werewolves. Player A selects a Night Kill target during the day, but is lynched. If Player B is still alive and has not put in a more recent Night Kill order, Player A's Night Kill order will be carried out.)
Notice: In the case where the only surviving Werewolf player has been put up for replacement (whether voluntarily or via the Proof of Life rule), the moderator will enact random NKs from all available non-wolves.

Sorcerer - The sorcerer wins with the werewolves, even if dead. Each night, he may view a player and be given the target player's exact role. He gets a random N0 view of a villager. If the sorcerer is not present / does not give an order, they will receive a view of a random villager (one they have not already viewed).

Victory Conditions:

Good - All good players win if all werewolves are eliminated, or if the last two players remaining are the hunter and one werewolf.

Evil - All evil players win if the wolves achieve parity: if at any time the number of wolves remaining equals the number of non-wolves remaining. However, if one wolf is left with the hunter, then good wins.

Lynch Rules:

Each day players vote for one player to be lynched. The player receiving the most votes is killed. If there is a tie between two or more players, the tied player with the longest held last vote is killed. For an example of Longest Held Last Vote, please see this article.

Lynch time is 06:00 PM BGG Time. Votes cast with the lynch time time-stamp are counted. Votes cast after this time are invalid. Votes made during the night phase are invalid.

All votes must conform to the Cassandra Vote Tally System rules. (Will be posted once the game starts). If enough living players vote night fall, it will speed up the dusk.

Night Orders:

Wolves, Seer, Martyr, and Sorcerer must all submit their night orders by Dawn. Dawn will be at 07:00 PM BGG time. Players can do this by using the Cassandra Game Order system in the Cassandra Chat System. If you cannot access the Cassandra Chat System, you may geekmail your orders to your moderator. If you would like to use conditional orders, this is permitted as long as you understand that conditional orders can only be used on information that is available to the player at the time the order is due.
Hypothetical conditionals for a Seer / Sorcerer:
A. "If Snaak is lynched, then please view Raid1280." is a valid conditional game order.
B. "If Snaak is night killed, then please view Raid1280." is not a valid conditional game order because the player will have no knowledge of whether or not Snaak will be night killed before his game order is due.

If all living players (including those with out night actions) click on the 'Lock Game Actions' button it will speed up Dawn.

Role Reveal:

All roles will be revealed on death (regardless of method)(Full Role Reveal).

Replacement / Posting Rules:

This is not a "Post For Your Life" game. However, anyone who does not communicate a sufficient amount during a Dawn - Dusk cycle will be put up for replacement. Valid communication includes:
Posting in the thread,
Talking in your Modchat in Cassandra, or
Geekmailing the moderator.
Exceptions will obviously be made for anyone that announces ahead of time that they will be away from the internet.
Players will be allowed to replace themselves (clicking on the replace icon indicates that you are near the internet - right?).

Please do not sign up for the game if you do not plan on being an active player. Thank you.
You are required to show a proof of life prior to dusk.

Please don't post after the Dusk/Dawn deadline, even if the mod has not told you to stop posting.

Making out-of-game promises to other players in order to influence their actions in a game is against the rules, so is quoting something told to you by the moderator directly from your hidden modchat, unless the moderator has given you explicit permission. Paraphrasing such things is usually allowed. Quoting anything you have added to modchat (or fake-quoting) is frowned upon.

Personal attacks or offensive language will merit a warning. Second offense will get you replaced out.
Police yourselves, please.


1. Brand new players will be provided the opportunity to have an in-chat advisor/mentor, who will only have as much information as the player. This other player will have read-access to the thread and can talk to them in modchat.
If you sign up for this game and would like a mentor, please geekmail me as soon as you can. Not everyone can have a mentor; final judgment is with the moderator.
Any reference to your mentor (or other people's mentors) in-game will be highly frowned upon. They are meant to provide friendly assistance and nothing more than that.

2. Editing posts is discouraged, but in most cases, it will not elicit anything other than a "tsk, tsk" from another player. Regardless, please do not edit your post. We will forgive any lapses in grammar or spelling mistakes.
3. Deleting posts is considered very poor form. Unless you are deleting one of two identical posts, just let it go.

Important Information:
Lynch time: 06:00 PM BGG Time
Night Action Deadline: 07:00 PM BGG Time

Weekend Policy: No game actions will process over the American weekend, although players will be free to post and use chats as desired.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

This game will start on 21 October.

As an FYI, here's Snaak's "Guide to Playing Werewolf on BGG!" (now maintained by PeteVasi).

Here is a Dictionary of terms that are used often in our BGG WW games: /wiki/page/BGG_Werewolf_PBF_Dictionary

BoardGameGeek and thecassandraproject both base their time functions on THIS server:
It doesn't account for your personal delay in posting, but it will help show you what time it is in BGG-land. Use the information as you will. (Basically, sniping is not forbidden, but if you mess it up, bad things happen.)
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Cassandra Project
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Player List According to Cassandra:

3 players are signed up.

To sign up for this game go to
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Bishop of East Anglia
New Zealand
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I'm, I'm afraid there's been a mistake. The man who has been speaking to you is an impostor. He is not in fact the Bishop of East Anglia, but a man wanted by the police. I am the Bishop of East Anglia and anyone who doesn't believe me can look me up
Think of me as the Bishop of East Anglia
I just signed up on Cassandra.
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