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Subject: Fresh Meat: 1000 Game rss

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I am the one thing in life I can control. I am inimitable, I am an original.
Born to be a king, I ask one thing in return: a front seat to watch Earth burn.
This is mod!LJ’s standard rules post. Some of this might not apply. Ignore it if it doesn’t.

Friendly Game: First and foremost, this is a friendly game. Don’t be mean to people. Things like name calling and personal attacks will not be tolerated and may result in a perma-ban from my games if I tell you that you are crossing lines and you don’t stop. If you feel like someone else crossed a line, let me know, and I can talk to them for you.

Conditional Orders: These are accepted for orders, views, kills, et cetera. They can be things like “If Irina flips Seer, NK Belash instead”, “If 4th is lynched, view Lemon”, or even “Consider Ziilch my perma-backup view if I don’t have a valid order in.” They can’t be things like, “If someone hard claims Seer between now and dawn, protect them.” If you’re unsure, just ask!

Deadlines: All deadlines are X:X0:59. That means that if dusk is at 2pm, any posts with 2:00pm timestamp are valid. If Dawn is at 12:30, orders with a 12:31 timestamp will not be accepted. If a deadline happens and I don’t call dawn/dusk/give results/etc, hold the horse. I’ll be there shortly.

Brutal Orders: Brutals are mandatory unless otherwise stated. If you are brutal and do not have a valid order or conditional in place, your brutal will take out someone from your own team. So be sure to use orders and add conditionals if you might have a brutal.

Speeding Things Up: Nightfalls are valid options. If nightfall votes happen such that lynch results are locked, I will process dusk. If this is a game with vote manipulation, I will not unless there’s enough of a margin that any voting manipulation will not be given away. Unless I say otherwise, locking your game orders at night will speed up dawn.

Minimum Requirements: This falls between a Post for Your Life and a Proof of Life game. There is no minimum posting requirement, but if you’re not engaged in the game, I might replace you out. If you’re only going to make 1 post each day, they better be good posts. Likewise, if you miss a set of night orders, you can’t make them up, and I will replace you out. You don’t have to be omnipresent, but you need to be playing.

ModChat Information: Doing anything akin to flipping your card or talking about the color of your hat will result in a modkill. This includes: directly quoting modchats, using or faking screenshots of anything in Cassandra, or having people verify information by giving out the 10th word or letter that they get. This could also include things like, “LJ was late giving out views. Tell me what time she gave them out.” For more information and clarifications on this, please see this post.

Starts When Full: If this is a starts when full game, as soon as the game fills, I will post a message saying that it’s full and giving people warning that I will put it into start mode the next night. The exception to this rule is a game that fills the week that it’s put up. Those will start immediately.

Deleting/Editing Posts:
Do not ever delete a post. It may result in a modkill but will definitely result in a loss, even if your team wins. Please do not edit posts too often, and be sure to indicate what you changed. If you edit a vote, you will be considered to have voted there, especially if you nightfall.

Other: If something comes up that I don’t address in the rules, I will use my best judgment when resolving it. If the Lynch/Night time are different in the OP and Cassy, assume that Cassy is right. If I screw something up, I will retcon or change things to even it out with both sides. If it’s pre-D2, I may re-roll.

You may be interested in this game.

Don’t be a dick.

Have fun!
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Cassandra Project
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This post is where the player list will be updated as players sign up using Cassandra. http://www.thecassandraproject.org/jeremy/werewolf/game/1646...
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