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Episode 71 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Friday, September 30th (since Thursday, September 29th).

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Sooo, It’s Friday.. And we’re back with the weekdays episodes of the First Roll and the document I have to write sure looks friendlier than it did the last week. I made a wrong choice, simple as that. Thought the new ways would help me clear out some time, but it did the opposite. Anyway, busy day yesterday (yes, from now on I am going to start the show with a little bit of personal stuff): it was the last day of the old format which meant i spent 4 hours of writing a single podcast and after that I had an interview with Ed Jowett from Shades of Vengeance (Proud Sponsor of the First and Final Roll) about his Era - The Consortium Expansions campaign AND the first official release of his company’s comic division called “Penumbra”, which is part of a series in his Superhero Universe of ‘Era - The Empowered’. It looks very good, but needs a little bit of funding so go check it out! I added a link to all the places you can read and listen to this show, so go check it out!

Penumbra - An Era: The Empowered Comic:

Other than that, I caught up on some !MPACT wrestling, with ‘Bound for Glory’ coming up this Sunday. I must commend the one that came up with how this ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy stuff is played out, I love it when wrestling doesn’t take itself too seriously, it opens ways of entertaining which otherwise would be impossible to pull off. Also… Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow (or Aron Rex as he is called now) should be proper acquisitions for the Franchise.

On a different, Patreon related note, I added a new level for people who want their kickstarter campaign featured as a returning sponsor on the show. If you plan on running a kickstarter which starts somewhere in the month of November you can have it featured at the beginning AND the end of the First Roll Podcasts. Pick one of the five shows (Monday through Friday) and for as long as your Campaign is active (up to a maximum of 30 days, but it could run well into december) each Monday (for instance) your Campaign will be noted as Sponsor of this show at both the beginning and the end! It’s not expensive either! So check it out on

Enough! Let’s start with the show, here’s the Games that are new on Kickstarter since Yesterday! (It’s so good to be able to say that again).

Miniature Related Projects:

Dwarves at Arms:
One Miniature Project: Dwarves at Arms. Macrocosm Miniatures is bringing the Crusades to your tabletop, only a little shorter. On the other side there are the Normans, also not a force to underestimate (or sell short… Bad Pun Friday!) I really like the Crusade ones and might jump on that commander pack, just for fun. Anyway, the dwarves come in packs and start at 8 GBP.
Ends 10-30


The Key's to the Kingdom
Boardgames! The Key’s to the Kingdom (yes, that apostrophe is there… I am just going to assume that the title of the game is ‘The Key is to the Kingdom’ … works for me! Though it probably isn’t). Anyway, it’s a fun educational aid to teach the learnings of the bible. Get Love, Joy, Robe and Crown and make sure you have no chips left and win the Key to the Kingdom. It’s 34 USD
Ends 10-29

o’Hewa - Climate Oasis:
The other board game today is o’Hewa - Climate Oasis. A Collaborative Euro-style board game set in a climate-changed future. Complete missions and avoid detection to end Corporate Rule and Free the People. A slick-looking game board takes you to the year 2070 where droughts, super-storms and fire-nados are the norm and the All$eed Corporation is running everything! Escape to o’Hewa, where things are good and try to stop the All$eed Korp. o’Hewa is 65 USD.
Ends 11-25

Card Games:

The Old Ball Game
Card Games! The Old Ball Game is an authentic baseball simulation for 2 players. Card based pitching and hitting will have your swings and misses resolved instantly, making for a fast-paced game! The creators of this pitching-dominating baseball game are looking for funds to get the artwork up to scratch, so if baseball is your thing (and you don't mind supporting a Blue Jays fan) This one is for you! The Old Ball Game is 26 CAD and that includes Shipping!
Ends 10-29

Dead Cat: A Quantum Physics Card Game
The other card game is Dead Cat - A Quantum Physics card game! It’s all about the famous Schrodinger's cat theory, which means that if you put a cat in a box and close it (without air), because you don’t know whether it’s still alive or it died, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time until you open the box. But so far for the science lesson, In Dead Cat you get to bet with your friends whether it’s alive or dead and how long it has been dead. Dead Cat is 4 GBP for a PnP and 12 for a physical deck. Did I Mention the cats look very stylish?
Ends 11-01

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Scenario Society (NSFW):
Scenario Society is a NSFW game that is a little rude, nasty, inappropriate, disturbed… but completely hilarious. Pick a card from each of the four piles and try to make the most hilarious, ridiculous story with them to entertain (and disturb) your fellow players. Scenario Society is 45 AUD.
Ends 10-28

RPG related Projects:

The Folio 11 - Adventures from the Emerald Serpent:
The New Folio is there! Number eleven is called ‘Adventures from the Emerald Serpent’ that takes you to the world of Nameless Realms and Taux, City of the Cursed Stone. Characters, Places, Plots and intrigue by award-winning authors. The Folio 11 is the first part of a Trilogy called ‘The Ghosts of Taux’ in both 1st and 5th Edition rules.
Ends 10-14

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Bear Vs. Gorilla Vs. CEO Vs. Hippie Extra Things Expansion (Relaunch):
The Bear vs. Gorilla vs. CEO vs. Hippie EXtra Things Expansion Relaunch is already successful, which isn’t that hard with a funding target of 10 USD. The multi-race battle card game’s expansion is 7 USD, combine it with an eco-friendly version of the base game for 17 or go for the pretty Big Black Box for 25.
Ends 10-14

Stay Out of My Dungeon! (Relaunch):
Another Relaunch and the final project of the day is ‘Stay out of my Dungeon’! The game of PO-ed goblins that just want the pesky humans out of their caves is already funded and I’m glad for it, because I liked the look of it when it came the first time around. Stay Out of My Dungeon is 45 USD.
Ends 11-28
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