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Subject: Some Combat variants for solo play rss

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Julian Jimenez
United States
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A few ideas I had for more interesting ways to use combat in a solo game of dungeonquest.

1. Since the game comes with combat counters for each enemy, you could just mix them all up, choose your action then draw from the main pile to see what the enemy action is.

2. You could also pick your action then roll 1d6 and consult this table.
1 - 2 = Mighty Blow
3 - 4 = Slash
5 - 6 = Leap aside
Then consult the combat table on the board.

3. I also have a system that I used for my game called Damnit DUngeons. It adds a little more strategy in picking your moves. It could be changed and adapted a little more to work with Dungeonqueast I think.

Try this.
In combat, choose one of the following actions then roll 2d6. (could probably work with 1d10 or 1d12 too with minor adjustments.

1. Stab: Roll 6 or higher, do 1 damage to the monster. You take 2 wounds if you miss.
2. Slash: Roll 8 or higher, do 2 damage to monster. You take 3 wounds if you miss.
3. Mighty blow: Roll 10 or higher do 3 damage to monster. You take 4 wounds if you miss.
4. Defend: take 1 wound, on your next attack roll add +1 to your roll.
You can defend a total of two turns in a row, thus allowing you to add +2 to your next attack roll to further increase your chances of hitting the monster. Whenever you roll a 12, you automatically do 1 extra point of damage to the monster. A roll of 13 or 14 will do 2 extra points of damage. When defending, you must still roll 2d6. if you roll 6 or higher, you succeed. If the roll is lower than 6, then you fail and take 3 wounds and get no bonus on your next attack roll.

Margin of success damage: If you roll the target number exactly or one above (Example if you roll a 6 or 7 on a stab attack) you take 1 wound. If you roll a 12 or higher, you take no wounds, if you roll a 2 or 3, you take one extra wound in addition to wounds already inflicted. This rule does not apply for defending.

Please let me know what you think if you try one of these out.

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