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Episode 61 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Saturday, October 1st to Monday, October 3rd

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Introduction Overview:
Alright, Final Roll Time! I am changing things up… again. To keep my sanity I will now take the (three to five) projects in each category that I like most, cover those and then do a shortlist of what’s left. I will still give these other projects some facebook & twitter love as usual, but I won’t write any bits for them anymore! It was necessary but also hard, because this weekend has a lot of very cool, successful projects, but it had to be done!

Anyway, the games that will end their kickstarter funding in the upcoming weekend (and Monday)!

Miniatures Related Projects:

Female Fantasy Miniatures:
Ok, the Kev White does Matt Dixon - Female miniatures campaign is raising a ludicrous amount of money for a miniature campaign. Maybe that’s because there are good-looking naked women featured? Pledges start at 27 GBp for 6.

Bombshell Babes III:
An equally well-performing campaign for female miniatures is the Bombshell Babes III, doubling their funding target. Equally pretty, less naked. Bombshell Babes are 8 USD each.

The Quest:
Next Up, the Quest. ‘Enhanced’ Fantasy miniatures in 35 and 70mm scale and boy do they look tremendous! The 35mm should be included in every game, while the 70mm scale miniatures are a painter’s dream to work on. The campaign is raising next to 8 times its initial funding target, reaching nearly 40K. The 35mm ones start at 13 EUR each and the 70mm start at 39.

Klip’N PLay Scenery:
And the final miniature related project I’ll cover is the Klip’N PLay scenery sets. Easy to assemble, no glue needed scenery that will look very good on all your wargame tables. There’s a factory (including real sliding door), fitting walkways with stairs and a good looking set of ruins available on this campaign, which I suggest you’d check out!

Star Troopers Too:
Shortwars: Halfling & Goblin Miniatures:
The Icarus Project Starter Sets:
The Knights of Gnar fo Wasteman:


Dig a Dino
There’s only two board games this time, so this was easy for me! The first one is ‘Dig a Dino’ by Dave Cordell. It’s a bone-digging, worker-placement micro-game where you get to unearth your inner paleontologist and dig for dinosaurs and dirt! It looks like fun but it’s at 75% funding so these guys need your help! Dig a Dino is 3 GBP for a PnP and only 10 for a physical copy so go grab one!

Impact - a Foresight Game
And the Other board game is ‘Impact - A Foresight Game’. It’s a foresight board game that teaches you to think critically and imaginatively about emerging technology and the future of society… for kids as well! Wow, the only upsight in having skipped a few first rolls is that I can copy-paste a lot without duplicating what I’m about to say… but I digress. Impact is 25 CAd for a PnP or 65 for a boxed copy which includes shipping to the States and Canada.

Card Games:

Fate Foretold:
Card Games then! First Fate Foretold. I’m a visual guy and this… just… wow! It looks tremendous! Anyway, fate Foretold is a tarot inspired card game where you and your friends play their cards so they can take control of Fate itself (which is not possible because of the way fate works… but that’s a discussion not for here, I had it with Ed last night and it might make the interview that’s coming up.. But I digress… AGAIN). Back to Fate Foretold. The goregous game of Fate foretold is 25 USD but only available in the United States… And that’s Sad.

Hmm… Sad Kickstarter Story After all! I would’ve loved to make this my 125th backed project, but alas…

Go Nuts for Donuts
The other card game today is ‘Go Nuts for Donuts’, a sentence that most people can relate to (how can you not like donuts?). Pick a donut (with a point value) and hope no other player wants it as well, because if so… nobody gets it. Go Nuts for Donuts is 8 USD for a PnP or 16 for a physical copy.

RPG Related Projects:

Trudvang Chronicles:
Role Playing Games then! Because lately this seems to be the topic that gathers a lot of interest, I will run them all by you, in a fast, compact manner… Here Goes!
Starting off with Trudvang Chronicles, which raised over 2 Million.. In swedish Crowns, but that’s still over 200K! The award-winning fantasy roleplaying game based on the mysterious and dark Nordic and Celtic sagas and myths’ translation to english can surely be called successful. A lot of different pledges, so check it out for yourself!

Kaigaku, a Samurai RPG:
There’s Kaigaku, an original system Samurai RPG that’s complete and fully downloadable for free if you want to, but the creators are looking to turn in into a pretty full color book! The Core Book is 10 for a PDF and 20 for a print at cost ticket.

Demon Gate:
Demon Gate is an Apocalyptic dark fantasy RPG that places heroes and villains into a brutal world of ruin and adventure where you must destory the gates mentioned in the title. 15 USD Digital and a lot to be added on!

Dungeon Fantasy
Steve Jackson Games is celebrating the 30th birthday of the Generic Universal RolePlaying System (or GURPS for short) with a huge range of Dungeon Fantasy material. Pledges start at 50 USD for the game.

Hands of Destiny:
Hands of destiny is An open source, pick-up tabletop roleplaying game with an emphasis on story and characters over complicated rules...with playing cards! The Rulebook is only 6 USD.

There’s Inheritance, the unorthodoxly playing RPG about two viking families who need to get into family-counselling. No, they need to be vikings and claim what’s rightfully theirs! Inheritance is 25 for a digital copy and 65 for a paper version.

Are You Mental?
And finally, ‘Are You Mental?’ a crazy tabletop RPG about lunatic superheroes on absurdly awesome adventures! No prep, all your dice, $1 PDF! What do I need to add?

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Confessions - a Game of Secrets and Lies
Two successful relaunches this episode. A quick runthrough! First, Confessions - the game of Secrets and Lies! The most awkward adult party game you’ll ever play is making it this time around. Get a question card, answer it and your friends will have to guess whether it’s True or a Lie. Confessions is 20 GBP

Uber Epic (Relaunch):
The other relaunch that’s successful is Uber Epic. Even though the page left something to be desired, I’m glad this project made it, because it looked pretty well… Epic! Uber Epic is 65 USD!

Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black
The rest of the category then! Tiny Epic Galaxies - Beyond the Black is raising nearly (and probably over) 400K! Which is insane! The base game was already a must have and this expansion makes it even better (according to a lot of sources on the internet!). The expabnsion is 24 USD but you can combine it with the base game for 46.

Red Dragon’s Lair Booster:
The Red Dragon’s Lair, the fantasy adventure where you become a Magician, Rogue, Warrior or Paladin on a quest to slay the Red Dragon get its 12 USD Booster Pack! Enough Said!

Devil's Run - Hell's Highway
And finally, The Devil’s Run - Hell’s Highway. A standalone expansion to Devils Run: Route 666. A miniature card battle game that makes me wish I had a little bit more cash laying around so I could pick this one up and then some.. So much expansions, add-ons and whatnot… Shut Up and Take My Imaginary Money! The Core Expansion is 40 GBP.
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