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Subject: Cardboard Warriors IV rss

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Colin Raitt
United Kingdom
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Fall 1939. Faster Me109s were researched. Hungary allied. The entente cordiale was rekindled. The Kriegsmarine languished peacefully in Kiel, Jon is a coward at sea. The luftwaffe pasted Poland's airforce on their bases. Panzers overran 2 corps and Warsaw went down fighting in regular combat, no need for exploitation. The German army transferred to the West. Eastern Poland and, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were occupied by the soviets without a shot being fired. Romania initially resisted Stalin's demands but caved in when Hitler refused to back them. The red army remained on its western frontier rather than threatening Finland. The BEF and Canadians manned 120 miles of the western front. Thin compared to the French line but it isn't the direct route to Paris.Commonwealth troops flooded into Egypt. Britain mobilized TAC rather than armour.
Winter 1939. Bad weather delayed the attack on France for a season. Sweden suspended iron ore shipments.

Spring 1940. Sweden continued her anti-Nazi stance. The French airforce fell back to Paris. Belgium and Luxembourg fell. The RAF bolstered Sedan and the Hague, taking the hits on planes to hold the line. Rebuilding was expensive but they saved BRP by only doing an attrition offensive.
Summer 1940. The Luftwaffe tried to catch the RAF at Harwich and Great Yarmouth but spread themselves too thin. The Netherlands was conquered yet not 1 inch of french soil was surrendered thanks again to the airforces. German losses in tanks and planes were so high they couldn't be promptly replaced. Russia fortified the Dnepr-Dvina gap. He had a double line, one along the frontier and the other behind those 2 rivers.
Fall 1940. Germany tried to break the French line again but had no luck. France inexplicably declared on Italy against the advice of Chamberlain . The Regia Marina intercepted invasion fleets off Syracuse and Salerno. For once the allies' old, slow battleships from WW1 were in the right place at the right time ripping apart the modern Italian ships. Carrier air strikes inflicted more damage. The Regia Aeronautica could have saved the day except it was far to the south in Tobruk. France landed south of Naples and the British took Sicily. Italian East Africa was forced to surrender with little actual combat so parlous was their supply. Along the Rhine allied airforces went hunting for the Luftwaffe. Russo German tensions allowed the soviets to mobilise.
Winter 1939. Germany's attack was weaker and easily thrown back. Neither side fancied attacking across the Alps. Lack of fuel in Libya grounded the Regia Aeronautica though the ground troops advanced to the Qattara depression. Attacking bravely they found themselves outnumbered and perished vainly in droves. This allowed 8th army to advance rapidly, bypassing Tobruk and Benghazi. An Australian corps landed at Tunis and advanced on Tripoli from the west. The loss of Taranto to ground troops forced his fleet out to sea and another unwanted battle against long odds. Nothing made it past Messina. Britain's carriers redeployed to Scapa Flow, they'll strike Kiel next turn if the Luftwaffe is fully committed to the battle in France.
The axis gave in, there being little prospect of taking France. If Tripoli fell Libya would be unsupplied and Italy would soon capitulate. Franco-British co-operation was unbeatable. Thanks to Jon (Germany), Andrew (Italy) and Simon (Russia & France) for a good game. New opponents is the best part of a con.
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