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Subject: The lawful trio - Chapter one rss

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Andrea Florio
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Simeone has to bring a good dose of Law, even in Brimstone.

For this very reason, a new posse is formed:

Sheriff "Dirty" John Ackermann

U.S. Marshall "Wild Bill"

And the Preacher Endicott Peaboy

For starter, they decided in order to fight evil on same terms, they'll need some cash and dark stones. They heard about a rich deposit in an abandoned mine, and there they went.

Home Rules:

1. No Revive Token(s)
2. The Trio is forbidden to enter the Gambling Hall
3. The priest can't enter the smuggler's den, he has fame of being part of the Lawful Trio. He's considered "Law" only for restrictions.

For a few Darkstone More

The Trio entered the mine. Everything seems quiet at first, but not so long after they got ambushed by Void Hounds!

The Trio was not unprepared for such encounters, and they were able to easily take care of the Hounds.

However, those two Hounds were nothing more than scouts of a bigger group! Just few rooms after it, the heroes had to face two Void Sorcerers and three Void Hounds altogether!

The fight was extreme, Endicott blessings and Ackermann's use of his Sheriff's badge were crucial to the resolution of this fight. The heroes won but with a bad wounded Sherif Ackermann.
Thankfully, there were no more encounters for a bit, giving enough time for Endicott to treat the John's wounds.

Proceeding deeper into the mine, the Trio was surprised by a Slasher and three Hellbats.

Endicott's blessing instantly improved Wild Bill's reflexes (+3 Initiative), letting him shoot down an hellbat before it was too late.

Endicott engaged the "blessed" Slasher (-2 Defense) and was lucky enough to end the fight without any injury.

The Trio proceeded with the exploration, and when they finally found the Darkstone deposit, they realized it was not left unguarded! Members of the Scafford gang were trying to fight an Harbringer guarding the deposit, but upon the arrival of the Heroes, the Harbringer and the gang decided to form an alliance of convenience!

The atmosphere in the mines was DREADY! (I grit canceled one of the cards)

Endicott immediately inspired Dirty John to do an heroic action! (+3 Initiative). John decided to throw his dynamite toward a group of Scafford's!
The explosion killed two of them, making the mine crumbling on the heroes! (Double 4!)

Immediately after throwing the Dynamite, John decided to try to use that weird ancient scroll he had found in the body of a Void Sorcerer... However he was not able to figure out how it really worked! (Rolled 1 and 2 to hit)

The Harbringer was disturbed by the explosion, and flew over the heroes, to engage in melee U.S. Marshall Wild Bill.

Bill was lucky enough to avoid the Demon's first set of attacks.

While under heavy fire from the Scafford's, Wild Bill decided to throw his dynamite as well, killing more!

After realizing the Scafford's where almost all dealt with, the Harbringer decided to attack the Sheriff! Scoring 10 wounds out of 12! (And the Sheriff already had 1 wound, almost dead!)

It was time to use the Marshall's badge! Both the Sheriff and the Marshall finished the Scafford's and wounded the Harbringer, that was killed by an amazing melee round of the Preacher! (Harbringer had -1 defense and Endicott scored 4 hits out of 5, with these damage rolls!)

At the end of the mission, the Trio reached a city where they sold their dark stone and other goods. John Ackermann was able to buy a second Peacekeeper Pistol. Nothing new for Wild Bill and Endicott.

The Preacher reached leve two though, rolling the a natural 12 on the upgrade chart! (+1 faith!) and getting a new judgement (Smite).

The Sheriff and the Marshall were at... 495 exp each! (No kidding)

Final stats:

Lawman John Ackermann (LV:1)

XP = 495
Dark Stones = 0
Corruption = 1
$ = 170

New Items:
Peacekeeper Pistol

U.S. Marshall Wild Bill

XP = 495
Dark Stones = 0
Corruption = 0
$ = 1170

No new items

Preacher Endicott Peaboy

XP = 495 (!!!!!!)
Dark Stones = 0
Corruption = 3
$ = 1010

New Items

Cursed Coin
Amulet of Heinghal
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Steve R Bullock
United States
Palm Coast
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I really do need to get my game out and set up a solo play, but I am holding steadfast at waiting for my Minecart to arrive before I do...

Thankfully I have Mansions of Madness 2e to keep me occupied while the final months dwindle by.

Great read, and love that you supplied some photos.
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Adam Mitchell
United States
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Thanks for the excellent session report, and kudos to whoever came up with the Preacher's name! It sounds very appropriately Wild West to me.

He wound up with a CURSED coin, though? That doesn't sound good . . .
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