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Subject: First Play - 2 Players rss

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Justin Moore
United States
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So my buddy and I sat down to play Mexica, excited because we typically love Kramer/Kielsing games. So we went through rules all right. Checked BGG for some clarifications, and got ready to play.

I went first and accidentally set him up perfectly to found a 9 section district. I also managed to do this on the second turn. This next was a 12 and we spent a large number of APs battling over this 12 tile. Probably more than we should have.

He went on to found a few more districts and then I was able to get 2 founded in one turn to steal some points.

We played catch me if you can for a few moves trying to make it as expensive as possible to move. So we were both out of buildings and we had 2 more districts to found to complete the first scoring phase.

He founded one but realized then that his best option would be for me to found the second so he could warp back to the starting locations on his then last turn. I didn't want him to do this so I didn't want to end the round either.

We sort of discussed how given this scenario it was entirely likely and perhaps even practical to not end the first round and just take as many Action disks per round as we could and then just build canals. At some point thought it would have just amounted to us moving around the board to avoid the ending.

Not really interested in a stalemate, I founded the last one, he jumped to the center and scored. I think at this point he was ahead by maybe 8 points or so.

At this point we both decided to stop playing. Neither of us liked the fact that you could have a stalemate like this. Why design a game so that it can be made to not end? Is there something we missed in the rules to prevent this? This left a really bad taste in my mouth for this game.

I want to like this game. Someone tell me what I don't understand...

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Ben Hardy
United States
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I have played this game many times and have never come across a situation where it is advantagous for me to not end the game or the first scoring round for that matter (in favor of doing nothing). If you are that concerned about the 5 points for being in the middle, set it up so that you can both create the last zone and make it back to the center tiles. I have never had all/both the players run out of temples and have another zone to be made. Usually one player builds more zones while the other(s) build more temples. This is both helpful and hurtful to the player making the zones. They get the points for making the zone and the first chance at placing in a zone to cap it out (aka, fill up all the spots so there is no room for second majority). This gives you a 3-5 points during each scoring round straight off the top. It is hurtful because while you are using actions to create zones, your oponent is using actions to get majority. But as long as you are able to get second majority in each zone you create, it evens out to the same number of points as only getting majority (more for odd zones).

My suggestion for you is to play a bit more cut throat for the district points so that you start building temples after 4-6 of the initial 8 zones are created. Then the final small zones are an alternate option for something to do if you want to hold out to see where your oponent is going to build there 3 or 4 temple. Then swoop in and retake the zone once they leave. The game is better as a 3-4 player game, but it has its merits as a 2 player.

This is probably the best game of it I have had 2 player. I ended the first round with a big swing of points because I placed more palaces where as he built more zones, but he caught up in the second round because he had more large temples left over to take majority with and his strategic pawn movement to block me off from the places I needed to go.
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