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Angry Augury
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After the last game, my wife wanted to try out Jack again because she felt it was more fun and there was less to keep in mind than playing as the police. Plus I'm quite sure she wanted some revenge after losing from her own mistake in the last game. It was fine with me because I need practice on playing both the police and Jack.

Dramatis Personae

Jack the Ripper - (The Missus)

Investigators - (me)

Hideout: Location 129

Night One: Hell

Head of the Investigation: n107
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Location 83
Time of the Crime: Space II

Jack waited one round before making the kill. I moved the pawns a bit closer to my starting police but it wasn't long before there was a corpse on the sidewalk.

Night One: Hunting

After killing, Jack headed up to 82 before using an Alley to sneak back to the main street at Location 120. As the police, I started to close in on the area, hoping to find a clue but it would be a while before I actually got anywhere.

Jack continued on to Location 123, 125 and 142. It wasn't long after that I finally found the clue at 120, realizing that Jack headed south. By the time the police figured out that she headed to Locations 123 and 125, Jack had moved to 143 and 144 before finally announcing that she had returned home.

Wow! I didn't get very far in the investigation for the night before it was over. I knew I had to pick up the pace on the second night if I was going to have a chance at catching her.

Night Two: Hell

Head of the Investigation: n107
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Location 20
Time of the Crime: Space II

Jack waited a round again and I was hoping that the position of the next victim would be a lot more conducive for me finding clues. I hoped for another wait but Jack made the kill and this time in the far corner of the map.

Night Two: Hunting

With my only hint from the night before being that Jack had moved from Location 83 to 125, I had no clear idea of where her hideout was except that it was likely not north of Location 82. I figured that Jack would be heading to either the east, south or south-east of the map. I needed to do a lot of work to narrow it down this time.

Jack, however, had different ideas. The Missus took one Alley from the crime scene to Location 57 then used another Alley across to 70. From there she moved to Location 87. Just as the police got close enough to discover she had been at Location 57, Jack made the single move from Location 87 to her hideout at 129.

Just ONE clue this time! And I thought I did bad on the first night. This did NOTHING to help me narrow down where her home was. With the number of movements from night one combined with the Alley use in night two, the possible locations were too numerous to figure out without more information. This was going to be hard.

Night Three: Hell

Head of the Investigation: n107
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Locations 29/84
Time of the Crime: Space II

As this was the first time The Missus had a third night as Jack, I spent some time reminding her of how dangerous it could be. I told her to learn from my mistake in Game 01 to prevent a first turn arrest and she said she understood. So she set up her Wretched Pawns and decided to wait one night. I moved the Wretched Pawns and she made the kill. I realized that I could only reach the pawn on Location 84 which meant that she had to be at Location 29. Time to finally get some clues, if possible!

Night Three: Hunting

As the police get the first move, I needed to close in on Location 29 but I would be remiss if I didn't at least try for the other crime scene, Location 84, as I could actually get there. As I moved Edmund Reid to Location 84, my wife let out a laugh and hung her head.

"No... You can't be there!" I said incredulously.

My wife just shook her head in disbelief.

"Arrest at 84," I said.

"Yeah," she answered.

Even after all the preparation before the round started, she still made a mistake (even bigger than the one I made in Game 01) and got herself arrested.


Final Thoughts:

We had a good laugh about it afterwards. My wife said she wanted to kill close to her home for the escape and completely ignored the fact that I could get to Location 84 and that she'd be safe at 29. Although it was a mistake, it was still a learning experience for her and she still had fun playing Jack.

I was really impressed with her ability to keep me off her trail in the first two nights. I think that if she had chose Location 29 instead, she would have stood a strong chance of cleaning house and taking the game effortlessly. Instead, a novice error puts another win in the police column. And, once more, my victory comes via a mistake rather than skill on my part. That's not too encouraging.



Jack the Ripper - 0

Police - 3

n107 (2)
The Missus (1)


Ripper Case File

Game 00: One Night Only
Game 01: Til Deaths
Game 02: The Tables are Turned!
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